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Comment Re:Come on Sony! (Score 1) 508

...One thing that might have Sony worried is that the PS3 is technically a software Blu-Ray player, and having this key might make it possible to hack that functionality to allow more widespread copying of movies, too.

Yeah, like the hacking of Blu-Ray is going to happen anytime soon...

Comment Re:Hurrr (Score 1) 455

__Delete them and let the users make new ones with the same content.

_That's exactly what will happen...

Remember the bad old days of Napster's end how people were renaming all their files with strange crypto.

Reversing the file name was common as well as renaming the file and metadata as coming from the Dave Matthews band.

I never could figure that last one out.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Best SF Comedy?

Matrix2110 writes: I09 And others including Wiki have failed to produce a serious list of SF comedy's movies. The interesting thing is the gray area between Science and Comedy. You really have to find a Science Fiction in an old comedy to submit a film to the list. That Wiki is ripe for a redo /. style. That last link was buried fast by io9. (Echoing Slim Pickens war cry on the way down.)

Comment Re:Horse Hockey (Score 1) 890

The one constant, in my experience, is that the pastor never has access to the offering figures and that information is always closely held. ... and have never had any idea who gave how much. Nor did I want to know.

Thank you for writing this, IMHO and experience we might peek at the others in our row out of curiosity but never ever held it my mind as this person gave this or that. The tithe is completely up to the person. On a funny side note I was interning for my pastor in a small church and looking through the single filing cabinet trying to find something and ran into a large coffee can two thirds full of coins. That kind of struck me in that the pastor had to deal with it and there were not many pennies.

Totally forgot about it till your post reminded me.

Perhaps some uber-geek can calculate the value of 3/4 large coffee filled with say 95% silver random mix coins.

On another side note, When I was like 8-10 years old I remember attending a fairly large church (They used to give us rides in the scoops of skip-loaders. I would make that a pretty awesome church!) that had a club you could join for like 3 bucks. They had little flyers stuck in the back of the pews for like weeks I asked my father if he could lend me the money to join because I felt sorry for the (Church/Club/Whatever I was 10 years old Dammit!)and slipped the envelope into the offering tray. Next sermon I was summoned (very scared) to the pulpet and the pastor gave me a card with membership number one and had the deacons co-sign. I was very relieved, I thought I was gonna get a spanking or something.

Again, thanks for your words!

Comment Re:Fuck Republicans (Score 1) 381

I understand the sentiment, but the correct answer is "I will never vote for any politician who puts corporate interest ahead of the welfare of citizens and neither should you."

This is why the founding fathers were drafting well respected citizens to share the concerns of the public ABOVE PERSONAL GAIN! Sorry for the shout but it is something we need to revisit lest we fall into the path of history.

Comment Re:Wow! "Metadata"! (Score 1) 197

A judge used the term "metadata" correctly. That is a good technical concept to grasp. We geeks and our friends like NYCL (who may also be a geek - not trying to exclude) have been bandying it about for years, but to 99% of the population it is a pretty foreign term.

Each example like this implies that the judicial is growing more familiar with technical concepts. That makes me happy. :)

To quote WOW players: WOOT!

Comment Re:Thoughts.... (Score 1) 197

.. WTF? How much value do you put on your time and frustration? Just buy the bloody stuff already!

Already have.

This is a major point, how many times do I have to pay for a format transfer? How long do I have to keep my 33LP records to prove I own the music?

At what point does the iconic music from childhood pass into the public domain? (classic rock)

In my lifetime working with media I thought the turning point in my life in the media industry was when a geek friend of mine introduced me to mp3's.

I literally could not believe you could compress so much information into a small file and generate a faithful reproduction.

Once you make that transfer you are not reliant on the media ever again.

Thus, I stop spending money on the media and it really pisses off the *AA's. (Breakage Fees are history)

Now suppose I want to lend a friend a copy to listen to?

Do I drag out the crusty old 33 record for him to listen on his non-existent player?

Nope, Gonna hand him a stick with the file or email it to him.

This is what you call sharing.

Generally, The friend would like my recommendation and seek more and if they like it would acquire more of the same on there own. IE. Buying the CD or DVD for themselves.

Generating money for the artists (cough) and everybody's happy except my friend and myself don't really much incentive to do a format change.

This really pisses off the *AA's.

Further, Following the simple logic of my example of one sharing with my friend and he does whatever he does and multiply that by the power of the internet, the lack of control must be truly breathtaking. (Lack of Breakage Fees)

This truly why they angry.

Does that help?

Comment Re:End of an era? (Score 1) 128

...Someday someone will figure out how to do untraceable swarm downloading that works at an acceptable speed, it will be easy to use, it will gain critical mass, and then it's all over.

That will be the deathblow.

Ahh, but you forget past nuclear standoffs between superpowers.

I am sad about the verdict but the sheer controversy over the implications to the likes of Google and any other search engine out there being liable for an errant link to gosh knows where?

I don't know about you all, but I predict that social media (Twitter Et all) will triumph over folk that want to hijack culture.

Look at what happened when Microsoft tried to bundle its dialup service to the OS Win95.

Yes it was new and exciting at the time.

Three months later you are calling tech support trying to get out of an agreement that you did not read the fine print.

Shame they got your credit card info in the transaction. :P

Comment Re:Huh. (Score 2, Interesting) 1297

...They made him watch a TV show that makes fun of him. It's a little childish, but I really don't see what's so reprehensible about that.

Guessing that you have never seen the movie! :P

Seriously, if I had to watch it over and over again at high volume it would probably get to me after the 40th or 50th showing but I am one of those nerds that goes to conventions and such.

As for Saddam, I think he deserved what he got in the end. However, I was sickened by the example of the new Iraqi rule of law as practiced under supposed guidance of American law.

As we all know it was not a pretty image.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Prevent Gmail From Emailing Under the Influence 258

mikesd81 writes "Google has developed 'Mail Goggles,' a Gmail add-on that makes sending email from Gmail more difficult during certain times (which you can set). If you have Mail Goggles installed, it will force you to answer a series of math questions before sending out any new messages. You can adjust the math difficulty and times this option is in effect. If you get any of the questions wrong, Mail Goggles will say, 'Water and bed for you. Or try again.' Of course, if you set the math settings too high, you may have a tough time solving some of those problems in under 60 seconds, even when sober. Then again, if you're sober, you could just turn Mail Goggles off and hit send on that impassioned letter to your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend or that flame to your boss."
The Internet

Submission + - Legal Case Threatens Internet Freedom of Speech

Jumbled writes: An Australian ISP, 2Clix Australia Pty Ltd, has launched a legal case against a respected online forum, Whirlpool Broadband News, attempting to claim damages for negative reviews posted on the forum by users. 2Clix have described reccommendations that broadband customers avoid their service as "false and malicious." Whirlpool's founder, Simon Wright, intends to fight the accusations. He has observed that the case could have huge consequences, potentially threatening the rights of internet users to engage in free discussion. A more detailed report has been published in the Sydney Morning Herald.

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