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Comment Re:Who are these people? (Score 2) 347

Science tells us that "species" as a term is highly overrated and grossly misunderstood. But by no definition are different kinds of humans anywhere near to being different species. You might describe them as different varieties, at most.

This is the type of meaningless, muddying-the-waters handwave I was talking about. It doesn't matter what you call the different animal group: species, haplogroup, ethnicity, race, "bunch of people who vaguely stayed in this geographic area for this length of time." At the end of the day you have a group of animals to which a different selection pressure was applied over tens of thousands of years, which results in different traits.

Unless of course, man is some kind of magical animal where populations can be separated by 50,000 years plus, and yet have the only changes be cosmetic. How did that happen? Was it God?

The things about them that needed to change will have changed. The things that didn't mostly won't.

Intelligence is good for you no matter what your situation, and strength and speed don't preclude intelligence.

Intelligence being good for you is not the same as stupidity being bad for you. We generally talk about selection pressure working against a trait, not for it. A seasonal climate with harsh winters that needs to be prepared for selects against those who cannot engage in long term planning. In a temperate or tropical setting with food available year-round low intelligence isn't selected against.

Also, stupid people have intelligent children, and vice versa.

What is regression to the mean.

For instance, in the United States the average IQ for blacks is 85, 92 for Latinos, 100 for whites, 108 for asians, and 115 for Ashkenazi Jews. This correlates very well to income levels for each group.

Correlation, he said, is not causation. That's a sophomoric error.

But correlation is required for causation. Are you suggesting intelligence is irrelevant to income-earning potential for most people?

Is this just a kiddie troll?

There's that ad hominem. Please argue science instead of your politics.

Comment Re: meh (Score 1) 320

but what are the chances of finding a good vintage of scotch to go with all of this breaded goodness they are going to be having up there?

Alcohol is definitely going to space. Ballantine's zero-gravity glass is made in cooperation with something called the Open Space Agency, which also has a design for an automated Dobsonian telescope. Ardbeg is going to space. And a vacuum still is an old science-fiction trope.

Comment Re:Everybody should be prepared to die. (Score 3, Funny) 320

Out of several tens of billions of humans, only a fraction have not yet died, and of those who died, only a small percent of disputed cases indicate recovery.

On the contrary, I have never died before and rumors that I would do so are spread by fact-checkers of the liberal press and corrupt global warming scientists.

Comment Some Artistic License (Score 1) 320

I like the part in the SpaceX video where the rocket lands, and the door opens on magnificent desolation. This is artistic license. Obviously the material for a habitat would precede the arrival of people.

But yes, a first-try planetary colony won't necessarily work. Getting there is dangerous, and once you're there being able to continue to provide the population with air, water, food, shelter, and energy is going to have significant risks of lethal failures.

Comment Re:Cool, but how does that help anything? (Score 3, Interesting) 445

In terms of mining, I'm curious about mineral concentrations on Mars. On Earth billions of years of geologic, hydrologic and biologic processes have concentrated minerals for us to mine. What about a geologically dead world like Mars? Same thing with people talking about asteroid mining. Yes, there's millions of tons of platinum on that there asteroid. There's an atom of it over there, an atom over there, an atom over there...

Comment Re: So are we... (Score 1) 445

Then, we want to fill the universe with everyone else.

I'd be curious to see what happens when the space SJWs get involved, furious because there aren't an equal number of midget lesbian Eskimo Electrical Engineers and transgendered Australian Aboriginal neurosurgeons on the Mars colony. And what about the space Muslims?

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