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Comment Re:If the point was ... (Score 4, Insightful) 308

There's no proof that it has anything to do with Wikileaks, but in a world of IoT devices with no thought toward security, anyone who cares to do so can mount DDOS with the power of a national entity.

What's the point of doing what Assange and Wikileaks have been doing without any moral position? He isn't helping his own case.

Comment Re:Legal? (Score 2) 241

No, of course it is not legal to set a trap to intentionally hurt someone, even if you expect that the trap could only be activated by the person committing property theft or vandalism. Otherwise, you'd see shotguns built into burglar alarms.

Fire alarm stations sometimes shoot a blue dye which is difficult to remove or one which only shows under UV. Never stand in front of one when pulling the lever! But they are not supposed to hurt you.

And of course these booby traps generally are not as reliable as the so-called "inventor" thinks and tend to hurt the innocent.

Comment Re:Resonating with Americans (Score 1) 171

If you want change, vote for Trump.

Even if you think America isn't exactly doing great at the moment, you have to ask yourself whether the path that Trump wants to take the country down actually leads to greatness. I don't think anyone actually wants change for the sake of change. They want change that leads to positive outcomes.

Comment Re: OMG that's a dodgy check (Score 1) 323

Here's the problem I have with this:

Program Expenses
(Percent of the charityâ(TM)s total expenses spent on the programs and services it delivers)

This doesn't say exactly what those expenses ARE, because it could well be that they spend 95% of their "program expenses" on admin, salaries, bribes, and various other overhead, and that only 5% actually trickles down to the nominal recipients.

This is something I became aware of while perusing tax info from a particular class of charities -- where "administrative expenses" is typically charity-speak for "owner's salary"... explaining why "administrative expenses" tends to be an upper-five to lower-six figure number even for charities that are basically one-man bands.

Comment Re:Different election this time? (Score 1) 323

Someone pointed out that if Trump actually had a proper collection of skeletons, they'd already be on parade... if one jock-talk tape is the best they can do (at least, with documentation so the tale can't be promptly refuted by genuine witnesses) there probably isn't anything all that terrible waiting to be unearthed.

Comment Re:Lighten up .... the people reviewing the photos (Score 1) 97

I'm pretty sure most nations find breast cancer and chemical warfare offensive. The problem is the policy, not the definition of the word. What Facebook wants to block is titillating images, not offensive ones. But then they really do come across as prudes if they call it what it is.

Comment Re:Account Recovery (Score 1) 105

The answers are almost always easy for an attacker with a little bit of information about you to find,

Which is why I always give false info to answer the questions. The problem is you don't need to answer security questions very often, so when recently, for certain types of transaction my bank suddenly started requiring an answer to a randomly picked security question from the 5 I had to give them 8 years ago when I set up internet banking on that account, I had to start visiting a physical branch to do my regular banking again.

Comment Re: Can't read my posts either. Strange obsession (Score 1) 546

Nope, just tired of crappy ad hominem arguments that don't actually say anything beyond "we're right, you're wrong". Give me reasons and rationale and hard data (and I don't mean conveniently doctored data, like Mary Koss did), not just BS, and I'll listen. I might even change my mind, like I did on basic income -- once hard facts got laid out, not just leftist whining about their mythical notions of equality.

But hey, keep that bag over your head and complain how everyone else is in the dark.

Comment Re:Ignores the issue (Score 0) 114

I was surprised by Hillary getting full questions from CNN and topics from Fox before debates. I mean, I should know it's all just a sham. The media, the government, and the DNC are just a puppet show. Lies, brainwashing and propaganda. And democrats are totally fine with this because go blue team go.

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