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Comment Re: Oh boy (Score 1) 357

But that's how it's =supposed= to work. As someone once pointed out, the Founders *designed* the system to promote legislative gridlock, under the theory that the less legislation gets passed, the less *stupid* legislation gets passed.

My feeling is that even if Trump sucks, it's better to have someone who will argue with Congress, rather than a rubberstamp for every lunacy that comes down the pike, as I expect would happen with Clinton in the office.

Comment lot of technology to reduce show costs and speed p (Score 2) 85

Rodenberry said in his book The Making of Star Trek that he eschewed shuttles and invented transporters to cut the cost of filming and avoid the extra time it would take to depict a shuttle in the show. Ditto for many of the other devices. Constrast this to the Iron Man movie why they glory in showing expensive FX gizmos.

Comment Re:It can be fine... (Score 1) 463

Whew! For a minute there, I thought Slashdot, which was full of cutting-edge techies when I joined something-teen years ago, had become the domain of crotchety old curmudgeons. Glad to see someone still acknowledging that progress can exist.

Plenty of other technologies have given way to newer ones in the time this site has been around, and in most of those cases, there's been a period where technology B didn't work well with technology A and wasn't universal, and then after a bit manufacturers supported it and life went on.

If this sort of wailing and gnashing of teeth happened every time - and was actually successful - we'd still be using 5.25-inch floppies, MFM/RLL drives, keyboards with "AT" connectors, EGA graphics, token-ring networking over coax, long-distance communications through DB-9/DB-25 serial ports limited to 56K, and so on.

Even if a new standard is developed, there's a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem, in that somebody has to be the first to adopt it, and during the transitional period there's less motivation for industry to make things for it. Just look at USB in the '90s. That was a standard, developed by IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Compaq and others, which should have had enough weight in the PC world, but rather embarrassingly the first mainstream product to use it was the iMac - and Apple wasn't even involved in creating the standard.

Five, ten years from now, I anticipate we'll all have USB-C headphones (except Apple users, who might have something non-standard), and there will be USB-C ports everywhere, and we'll look back at this thread and laugh.

Comment Re:Question (Score 1) 457

Because girls aren't interested in a bum who collects social benefits and doesn't work. This incentive will never change.

It really depends on what you mean by "work". I've had a relationship go down the drain, largely because of work that took too much of my time and energy. At some point I decided I'm not going to let work ruin my life again. I now pursue my own thing in art and science -- with a journal article and a conference talk coming up, I guess I'm doing something right. The girls don't seem to mind all the fun and interesting projects I'm doing instead of a soul-crushing day job.

Personal stuff aside, a discussion such as this should get its definitions right. Most people are doing all kinds of interesting and useful things all the time, but outside of a defined "work" -- think open source software, for example. Or raising children. It's more or less arbitrary which part of this great human thing goes under the "work" umbrella, which I define by getting paid for it. Traditional economic theories only seem to care about things that involve money, ignoring the big picture altogether. This is exemplified in the following bit of the article.

  1. Shorten working hours, bringing supply down to meet demand, and improving the quality of life by providing more leisure time.
  2. Invent—or import—new things for people to buy that will improve their quality of life.

To me, having to choose between these seems rather silly. My general idea of life is to get more leisure time, in order to do/invent fun things for me and others to enjoy. "Work" with its schedules and bureaucracies just isn't very compatible with my creative wants. Besides, I'd expect real communists to ditch this idea of money/buying/selling for good.

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