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Submission + - Steve Gibson Discusses Software Patents

MasterOfMagic writes: On this week's episode of Security Now, Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte discuss software patents, how they are different from trademarks and copyrights, and why they think that they are bad. The actual discussion about software patents starts 15:50 into the podcast. They also discuss IBM's patent portfolio, the RIM patent matter, and the Novel-Microsoft pact. As a bonus, they discuss Apple's Airport responding to request to closed ports instead of ignoring requests to them, and a follow up to the allegation that The Geek Squad used SpinRite without permission. While I know that software patents is a quite divisive issue on Slashdot, the discussion is a good introduction and refresher for people that are 'new around here'. IANAL, nor is Steve Gibson or Leo Laporte, but their discussion is a good starting point.

Submission + - Debian Developers Fork cdrtools

MasterOfMagic writes: As reported over on the LXer newswire, the maintaners of the cdrtools package in Debian have forked the cdrtools package over licensing issues. Their replacement, called cdrkit, with a new burning program called wodim, is avaliable in Debian unstable and is slated to replace cdrecord and the associated tools. With CD burning such an important function for users and with the change in license for cdrtools, where does this leave regular users when it comes to reliable CD burning?

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