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Journal Journal: watching Taken

Watching the second episode of Taken on my TiVo. This series better get more interesting or I will have to cancel my subscription :) It is alright, but seems tried before. Nothing like X-Files.

Oh well.

Ikea sucks...they seem to be out of everything, including in their L.A. Depot...arg.

Oh, and to let you all know, working at my company has proved to me that corporate America is so messed up that they cannot do anything bad or good intentionally...they are all just messed up with process...

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Journal Journal: Work is so boring 2

wow, work is really boring. I wish I could work on something cool.

Anyways, that is all.

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Journal Journal: Working hard

The party on Saturday was a lot of fun. We played a game called Cranium which was interesting. Sorta a hodgepodge of games like Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, the Dictionary game and charades.

I stayed over at J's place and did not get home til 10AM, and then realized that it was actually 11AM due to Spring Forward.

The week started off pretty good. Got a bunch done on Monday. Today has sorta dragged.

Looking forward to heading down to San Diego this weekend. That should be fun, but then I gotta drive back with a bunch of furniture from my Dad's place, so Sunday will suck...

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Journal Journal: Off to going away party

My friend J is having a going away party tonight. She is moving to San Diego. I am about to take off for that.

Earlier today, I got my oil changed in my car and SpeeDee forgot to attach the kick plate under my car all the way. While I was driving up 280, it came off half way and started scraping the road. I pulled over and called them. The manager drove up and reattached the plastic with some quick ties. He said that he would replace the plate, but since the parts department at VW was closed on the weekend, I would have to wait til monday. Arg.

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