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Comment Re:Obama.... (Score 5, Insightful) 296

The internet isn't being taken over. All ICANN controls is the DNS subsystem. If it becomes abused - the internet will treat it as a failure and route around the failure (ie. One of the alternate DNS systems will become popular instead). How simple is it to route around this failure... Run your DNS resolver and adjust the root hints file to point to somewhere other than the 13 DNS roots out there.

This is a non-event at worst

Comment Re:Culture (Score 1) 201

Lower the drinking age to 16 years, and raise the driving age to 18 years

Worst idea ever. Why do we need to raise the driving age to 18? If you have a teen age child - you know how hard it is to get them to all of their activities, school, friends, work... The easy solution is to have them get their drivers license and get them a car to use. If they want to do anything somewhere else all you need to provide is the gas money - not take time off of work, or make them stay at home and do nothing.

I do agree with lowering the drinking age to 16. Much better that kids learn to drink around their parents that can monitor and encourage good behavior. Nothing like getting your kid to appreciate a good 20 year old single malt - no way they can afford to binge drink that in college.

Comment Re:Does Zoning Abrogate First Amendment? (Score 1) 305

This is what I've never quite understood: why does it seem that zoning laws are allowed to ignore constitutional freedoms? Banning research and development, "including software coding" would seem to ignore the right to free speech, free assembly and the right to privacy (if it's my property and I'm not doing anything dangerous toward my neighbors, why does the city care what I'm doing inside?)

Look, I understand that we don't want coal factories building next to residences. That all makes sense to me, and I could see an argument that this doesn't restrict constitutional freedom. But where does a city get off telling a person they can't run a business (e.g. sole proprietorship) out of their home?

So while I'm afraid that Palo Alto could follow through on this threat, it boggles the mind how it could in the USA. I also think it would be royally dumb for them to kick out all of these businesses too, but that's a different discussion.

You missed the correct amendment. It is the 5th amendment... Very specifically the taking clause that would prevent Palo Alto from taking the use of my property without compensating me for it. I don't think Palo Alto could afford to pay companies for their now worthless buildings as what else could you use them for?

Comment Re:The cost of fiber optics is growing? (Score 2) 31

You are kidding right?

This isn't a telco play (2km doesn't get you anywhere... Plus who needs 100G to the home today - I would settle for 1G) - it is a data center play. 2km is a data center distance, large clusters are easily hosted in rooms of this size - and even inter rack distances can get into the 10's of meters. Frankly others have had 100G silicon photonics out for a while (read about a year).

Comment Re:$78,000,000,000 (Score 1, Interesting) 102

You don't plan on retiring?

A 5% return on 1,000,000 is 50K a year. That doesn't go very far when you have to cover your medical expenses, housing, food, and hopefully seeing your grandkids.

1,000,000 dollars isn't really all that much. Take an average 40 year working life, invest/save 25K a year - 40 years later... magic 1,000,000. Rather than complain about someone who provided value to millions of customers - why don't you go after the football/basketball/baseball players that get paid millions a year to play a game.

Comment Re:Retail investors (Score 1) 192

Retail investing should be banned. Unwashed masses should only be allowed to by index funds.

Wow - this has to be the stupidest thing I have ever seen.
Please lets start with a few problems:
1. Please define Unwashed Masses and give a definition that will show who is in/out of the group that isn't allowed to trade
2. Please define index fund - separate an index fund from something like Magellan which is one of the larges funds in the world, but is far from an index fun

Now that we have that out of the way, explain how making choices for myself should be made unlawful? Are you going to ban the lottery that has an even lower payout? What about my 401K plan, what choices am I allowed to have in my 401K... Is this different than "retail investing"?

Comment Re:Just ban them (Score 1) 1144

The sale of automatic weapons is highly regulated and almost impossible to purchase on the civilian market. To be fair, semi-automatic weapons are far more accurate causing a significantly higher fatality rate. If you want to lower the number of deaths in a mass shooting, allow shooters to purchase fully automatic weapons, after the 3rd round - the rest of the bullets go into the ceiling causing very few fatalities as they run out of ammo faster.

The problem with an unarmed populace is there is no way to revolt from an unjust government.

Comment Re:Inflation, anyone? (Score 1) 1052

No inflation isn't a problem... Assume that I am given 2000 dollars by Y Combiner. This is taxable income. Various governments will easily take 1000 a month off the top. Now, lets assume that Y Combiner needs to come up with this money - they will have to apply for a government grant for 3000 dollars per person, allowing them to pay various people 1000 a month to cover overhead and "profit", 2000 to the lucky recipient. So the government looses 2000 dollars. Now the government will need to raise taxes (or increase debt spending) by 5-6 thousand a month (again to cover their overhead - you think this stuff is free). This will cause a net loss in income of 4000 dollars to give me 1000 dollars a month to spend.

Oh Wait - you thought money grows on trees?

Comment Re:The tax rate is not competitive (Score 1) 392

Actually they are Lets buy america. Almost impossible to move your company to canada - very easy for your company to be "bought" by a canadian company. Burger King was bought by Tim Horton. The sad thing is once you are purchased by an overseas company it is easy to move the money into the US Tax free to spend on things like hiring employees, buying infrastructure, and general investing needs. Many of these large tech companies are borrowing money in the US so they can spend it here. It is cheaper to borrow money in the US than bring cash from overseas that comes with a significant penalty. This is just stupid.

Comment Re:ideas (Score 1) 474

I assume payroll is tax-deductible

It is not that it is tax deductible - it is that it is a simple expense. Frankly, trying to do what you suggest is crazy complicated. Now you have to define what is a payroll expense and would count against earnings, and what it a outsourcing contract that wouldn't count, and what is an outsourcing contract that would count (I assume that is someone like IBM/HP/EDS comes in as a US company that would be Ok, right?)
Now that we have to define these things to the point where they are crystal clear - what happens if EDS uses a worker that is based in India? What happens if Wipro uses a US hired worker? Do we go racist and say that if they hire a Caucasian it is fine, but hire an Indian that got the MSCS here at Berkeley it isn't fine?
Please god quit trying to use the tax code to get the behavior that you want - you won't get it, and you will only make things worse for most of us that aren't rich enough to hire 10-12 tax accountants

Comment Re:Dealing with the devil (Score 1) 284

They can't even afford to build new public schools.

So, first off - the school district isn't "owned" by the city council. As far as I know - the city doesn't pay a dime for the schools here, it is all funded by a block of money from the state from property taxes that is used to pay for the school system.
Second off - the Cupertino schools consistently rank as the top high schools in California. To say that there is a lack of funding would be a travesty. The schools appear to be adequately funded and staffed with a superior outcome.
Third - if the schools needed operational money, that is very different than needing capital money to build a new school. Frankly - poking around in Cupertino, I am not sure there is a suitably large property that could be bought and developed into a school. So that leaves us with expanding existing campuses. My daughter's school just had a new building added 2 years ago - cafeteria, physics classrooms, etc. that was needed. This was simply budgeted and spent. I believe the other high schools have similar programs to build classroom space as it is needed.
So in conclusion - that statement doesn't apply. The schools are great here, please don't imply it is apple's fault that the schools are so great

Comment Re:Driving 100mph (Score 1) 496

Depends on the car you are driving. My last car was a Mercedes SLK convertible. It easily went 80, you could not pay attention on the highway and find out you were doing 80 in a 65. 100 was easy (again on a straight highway) - I didn't feel safe at 120, the car was fine though. I couldn't imagine doing this in your standard Toyota, mid range sedan.

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