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Comment Re:unrealistic expectations (Score 2, Interesting) 128

What do you mean XP?

Lawyers are the only remaining people using wordperfect. The legal profession is so antiquated because any efficiency isn't needed. They bill by the hour - so if they worked twice as efficiently - they would have to increase their clients... What a sham of a profession.

Comment Re:what's this about? (Score 2) 56

Yes, if they brought the 90 Billion into the USA where it is needed they would have to pay taxes on it. Makes more sense to sell bonds in the US and leave the money "overseas" invested in US treasuries for the rest of eternity.
Got to love our stupid tax code at work - creating inefficiencies the world over

Comment Re:Edward Snowden as well (Score 1) 384

Perhaps a more interesting poll would have been about who President Obama should pardon. While I agree that the whistle-blowers should be pardoned, I think it would be much better to pardon all of the people who are in prison for marijuana-related crimes in jurisdictions where their crime is no longer illegal. Seems to me like a form of post facto punishment, and such a blanket pardon would REALLY piss off #PresidentTweety.

You do understand that there isn't a jurisdiction in the USA that Marijuana is legal?
There are a few places where state and local authorities have decided that they won't prosecute, but the federal law is still in place that makes manufacture, distribution, and sale illegal in the whole US territory?

Comment Re:charging available only at power stations? (Score 1) 198

Just plant it next to your brand spanking new Nuke reactor to power this. Looking on the web, the most powerful Nuclear site contains 3 reactors generating 3,937 MW of power... Quickly divide this by 328KW leaves us with abut 12K cars super charging at once.
If you have 3500 acres to spare you could go with Solar. The largest solar plant produces 400 MW, dividing by 328kW leaves us with a little over 1000 cars during a sunny day.

Comment Re:Obama.... (Score 5, Insightful) 296

The internet isn't being taken over. All ICANN controls is the DNS subsystem. If it becomes abused - the internet will treat it as a failure and route around the failure (ie. One of the alternate DNS systems will become popular instead). How simple is it to route around this failure... Run your DNS resolver and adjust the root hints file to point to somewhere other than the 13 DNS roots out there.

This is a non-event at worst

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