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Comment I know I shouldn't feed the trolls (Score 1) 459

but trades are all well and good for physically strong men. She's got a raft of health issues (which will also preclude military, else I'd send her to the Navy). Even if she didn't she's never going to be a welder or a plumber. She's not physically strong enough.

She works her god damned ass off. Harder than me. A lot harder.

And why the fuck shouldn't everybody win? Why the hell does society have to be dog eat dog. Better question, who gains from it? It sure as hell isn't me and it sure as hell isn't anyone with a real job.

Comment I don't think many apps use multi core (Score 1) 267

And besides Ashes of the Singularity I can't think of any that use more that four. Heck, Far Cry 3 only needed four cores because the devs bound to core 3 by mistake. There was a fan patch that forced it to bind to core two and got it running on dual cores. Multi core programing is dammed hard. It hasn't been worth it except for a handful of apps like video encoders...

Comment I don't care about the average (Score 4, Insightful) 459

I care about me and my family and we're not doing so hot. Income inequality is a hot button issue with me because the gains since 2008 have all gone to the upper class, of which I am not. My kid just hit college and she'll not only spend her life making somebody else rich but the first 10 years paying them for the privilege. I'm struggling and she's going to struggle. Putting it in historical context doesn't make my objective reality any better.

Maybe if you're in Europe things are getting better. Here in the States millennials make 20% less than boomers adjusted for inflation. We're losing ground while our ruling class is gaining. Those aren't feelings. Those are cold, hard facts. 20 minutes in google will prove that.

I want Americans to stop settling for less. I want us to stop fighting among ourselves while the ruling class take everything. Everything you just wrote and every sentiment you just expressed makes it that much less likely that they will.

Comment The thought had crossed my mind (Score 1) 505

but it's kind of a juvenile and derogatory term. It's also one of those terms that's been used too often to exaggerate lunatic conspiracy theories (kinda like "Study it out!").

That's one of the biggest problems we have. When there is an actual conspiracy (e.g. more than one person getting together to do something bad) nobody believes you because of decades of denigrated crackpots. So when you point out that the Tea Party was a conspiracy of wealthy business men to trick people into unquestionably supporting tax cuts it doesn't matter if you've got evidence or not or if a 5 minute google search would prove your point. You've already been lumped into the same boat as JFK nutters and Alien abductees.

Comment is gunning for them (Score 2) 183

they're an eCommerce outfit formed by an ex-amazon guy. Got a lot of capital so they can spend a few years trying to beat Amazon at it's own game of loss leading and .0001% profit margins. It'd be nice if somebody managed to compete with Amazon. I'm not looking forward to a time when they're literally the only retailer in the world.

Comment It's a dead end for a career (Score 1) 162

because you'll never have much in the way of networking opportunities. Sooner or later a bean counter will lay you off and you won't be able to shuffle onto another department because nobody knows you.

I guess if you're OK with moving from job to job, but as you get older and can't work the 10-12 hour days most companies get out of a programmer these days you'll hit a wall in your mid 40s and end up screwed.

Comment It's the other way around doofus (Score 2) 505

we're upset because after nearly a decade of the right chanting Lock Her Up that resulted in the worst presidency in history (and we're 30 days in) we're damn well going to point out that the right are a bunch of hypocrites. Nobody ever cared about the emails. They hated Hilary. What bothers me most about the Hilary hate is it was mostly manufactured. A bunch of wealthy and powerful men decided the country was going to hate Hilary Clinton and it did. We all did exactly as planned. My God, we're a bunch of shleps...

Comment What the devil are you on about? (Score 3, Insightful) 387

I think in your own rambling way you're trying to say that without the struggle for survival folks will fall to Ennui. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. There's plenty of things folks can do to amuse themselves. And 99% of us are just fine wearing the same cloths and watching the same things as everyone else. Have you checked what the top websites are lately? There's not that many of them.

You yell out loud that the Utopia can't exist but you haven't given a lick of evidence. Meanwhile I can point out that folks who are independently wealthy do just fine at finding stuff to do. People don't need to worry about where their next meal is coming from to be content. If they did the Netherlands would be a wasteland.

Comment You're not thinking it through either (Score 1) 387

the point is the phase "Robot Tax". It's simple, easy to understand and feels good. We're not taxing Job Creators we're taxing those job stealing robots.

If you're interested in the welfare of the average citizens one of the most important things you need to figure out is how to get them to accept the help they so desperately need. To put it another way: Ayn Rand would have died homeless if a friend hadn't convinced her to accept Social Security.

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