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Comment Is there anywhere on Earth (Score 4, Insightful) 70

Where demand for skills doesn't outstrip supply? Also, why do I make such crap wages with so little training opportunities that aren't paid for out of my pocket if supply is such an issue. It's almost as if somebody with a vested interest in having a bigger labor pool is pushing some kind of narrative. But they wouldn't do that, would they?

Comment I want one (Score 2) 52

I never liked the 2DS because I wanted the clamshell design to protect my screens. But the 3D is useless to my eyes. It just gives me headaches as I try to focus it. $150 is a bit more than I want to spend but if history is any indicator these'll be $100 come November.

Comment Re:Ah yes, Facebook (Score 1) 107

[S]imple confirmation bias will ensure that you disproportionately trust things you already believe. And there's nothing you can do about it. Our brains are just wired to work that way.

I don't disagree with the general tenor of your argument, but to this I must object. There's plenty we can do about it: it starts with honestly questioning ourselves as to whether we are letting our biases colour our understanding, and it proceeds by the applying the evidence in attempts to rebut those presumptions ordered thinking demands. Even if few people are motivated to do it, dispassionate fact-checking is possible. While here is no guarantee the conclusions will always be correct (Type I and II errors suck!), we can adopt correct methodologies, which, it is hoped, will draw correct conclusions more often than not and which, most importantly, allow for subsequent correction in light of the evidence (as methodologies built upon poor presumptions may not).

Comment Well, bye. (Score 3, Informative) 273

Seriously, the last thing major investors (the kind that run Goldman Sachs) want is disruption. Just keep the gravy train going and fire off a little war every now and then and they're happy. Nobody wants another Google, Netflix or Square changing the landscape. Well, nobody Congress is listening too anyway.

Comment Trump is blowing smoke (Score 2) 288

if he was serious he would have rescinded the Obama Executive Order allowing spouses of H1-Bs to work in America signed in 2015. Trump could do that today. The fact that he hasn't isn't an oversight. He's just telling people what they want to hear, but in the end he will side with big business because he's one of them. Always was.

Comment I know you're just trolling (Score 4, Interesting) 288

but it's not poor Indians coming over here. It's their middle class. Somebody might read your BS comment and think there's something to it and that would be worse than useless. You're not hurting Indian tech workers by making them stay in India. Not very much anyway. Now, that's not to say their country isn't a hell hole that could use improvement. But the thing is, let _them_ fix it. Not because I'm being as ass, but because they're their countries Middle Class. They're the only ones with any power to effect change. The poor can't. It's all they can do to survive (many don't). The rich won't. They like slave labor. That leaves the Middle Class. They have a responsibility to their country and right now they're shirking it.

Comment That's actually debateable (Score 4, Insightful) 288

the CEOs of the outsourcing firms have been caught a few times complaining about lazy Americans. And frankly he's right. By Indian or Chinese standards our 50-60 hour work weeks make us lazy. The H1-Bs I know regularly put in 80 hour work weeks. They're young and disposable but they don't care because currency exchange means they're earning a fortune working here. Best case they get a greencard and start doing the 50-60 hr work weeks of Americans, worst case they go back home flush with cash.

The moral? You can't compete with India. You can't compete with a country that has a literal cast system and effective slavery for millions of their citizens. End the H1-B program. Start calling your congressman/woman/thing and ask them why they haven't ended the program. There are other programs for rural doctors. The program is for replacing Americans. Call your congressman and ask. Remind them you and your family and your friends won't be voting for them in their primary. Make sure you say primary. They've gerrymandered the districts. After their Primary they'll win. But they're vulnerable in the primary.

Comment You've got competitive markets (Score 1) 201

there's plenty of alternatives for Internet Service. Some are better than others. There's cell phones, Satelites, etc. You can also move. And that's not me being flippant, Ajit Pai himself suggested it.

The Republicans also argue that we'll see innovation out of this. That as prices skyrocket new services will move in to compete (balloon delivered internet?).

Now, the other side would argue that we don't need innovation here. That we have an optimal solution and should rely on that and support it with municipal efforts. But that's the other side. We didn't elect the other side last time around.

Comment Let me play devil's advocate here (Score 1) 137

AAA development keeps pricier. Cliff Bleszinski just wrote an article saying it's unsustainable. For every GTAV we get two Medal of Honors a Darksiders franchise and a Shenmue. Prices need to be raised, but folks wont' pay more than $60. Before you balk at that consider what a $55 copy of Lotus RECS for the Sega Genesis cost in 1992 adjust for inflation. It was about $110 bucks in todays money while Forza 5 sold for about half that and had hundreds if not thousands more features (especially if you count all the advanced graphics as individual features, which if you're the engine programmer/3D Artists makes sense).

Arcades had this problem in the late 90s when they needed to raise the price to 33 cents a play and couldn't. It eventually killed them.

Comment Your point about tuition isn't true (Score 1) 540

And I wish people would stop repeating it. It's one of those lies with just a little truth in it. Yes, tuition at private for profit Universities is affected by secured loan programs. That's not true for public Universities. The 538 blog has an excellent article on it but I'll save you the time and cut to the chase. We slashed federal subsidies to public Universities. That money had to be made up somewhere. College really is that expensive. We were hiding that expense to encourage a well educated population.

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