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Submission + - Palm Trees Sprout in Moscow (

Martin Hellman writes: "Moscow demonstrations protesting recent elections didn’t portray Russia as heading toward another revolution, so Fox News substituted video footage of violent demonstrations in Athens, complete with scenes of streets on fire. A major clue was the appearance of palm trees in Moscow."

Submission + - Ubuntu 11.10 Without Unity Shell Shock (

DeviceGuru writes: Although it's not without passionate supporters, Unity, Ubuntu 11.10's new default user interface, has generated lots of controversy and consternation among faithful Ubuntu users. For those who prefer a traditional Gnome desktop, its relatively easy to setup and configure a Gnome Shell-based Ubuntu 11.10 Linux desktop, making migration from earlier versions of Ubuntu a snap.

Submission + - Senator McCain Threatens Putin (

An anonymous reader writes: Today’s Moscow News quotes Senator John McCain as warning Putin that he could meet Gaddafi’s fate. I was so shocked by such an incendiary remark from a former presidential candidate that I checked out the alleged threat on McCain’s Twitter feed. Unfortunately, it checked out.

Submission + - Do nuclear weapons really deter? (

Martin Hellman writes: "In my Stanford seminar, “Nuclear Weapons, Risk and Hope,” I argue that much of the risk stems from a lack of critical thinking – accepting conventional wisdom on key points of national security, even when it is wrong. Much of the hope therefore lies in applying critical thinking to root out fallacious assumptions that form the foundation for our world view. One key assumption that deserves greater attention: Do nuclear weapons act as a deterrent? And, if so, what do they deter?"

Submission + - Leave Nuclear Deterrence To The Experts? (

Martin Hellman writes: "Sometimes it is claimed that we should leave nuclear matters to "oethose who know better" because classified information allows the experts to make better decisions. While I don'(TM)t have direct experience with classified information related to nuclear weapons, a very similar argument --" later proven to be false — was made repeatedly with respect to my work in cryptography."

Submission + - Michelle Bachmann prays for Minnesota to Burn ( 1

Martin Hellman writes: "Michelle Bachmann just won the Iowa Republican straw poll. How concerned should we be that she gave a 2008 sermon which seems to look forward to Armageddon? In her own words: “the harvest is at hand. and I thank you, O God, that you are literally right now by faith you are lighting a fire – a fire of the Gospel – that would sweep this city, but even more so that it would sweep Minnesota, and that Minnesota would just become a burning incense, a sweet smelling incense of praise and sacrifice into your Kingdom.”"

Submission + - The Risk of "Multiple Improbable Factors" (

Martin Hellman writes: "On June 1, 2009, while en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, Air France 447 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean for no apparent reason, killing all 228 passengers and crew. A massive search recovered the “black box” flight recorders this May, and a just released report shows that a “combination of multiple improbable factors led to the disaster.” As explained in my recent blog post, unless we start to pay attention to similar dangers in our nuclear weapons strategy, another “combination of multiple improbable factors” could lead to the loss of all 7 billion passengers on space ship Earth."

Submission + - LED High Bay Lighting: Reduce Risks Involved With (

rodsheppard821 writes: This is because the LED bulbs use little energy as compared to the incandescent bulbs or the CFL bulbs. This is one of the main reasons that can help you understand how retrofitting is beneficial.

Another benefit of using the LED bulbs for outdoor lighting is these lights can last for 75,000 hours. On the other hand, the normal incandescent bulbs and the CFL bulbs do not have such a long life and need to be replaced in every few months. This leads to extra overhead charges. On the other hand, since LED lasts for many years, the overhead cost is reduced and one does not have to worry about the maintenance charges.

When it comes to environment then again the LED bulbs are preferred over the normal bulbs. The latter not only uses lot of energy but also emits lead, carbon and heat which is harmful for the environment and increases the pollution level. On the other hand the LED lights are environment friendly as they do not emit any pollutants and heat. This helps us to reduce our carbon footprints.

The outdoor LED lighting is especially very useful in industrial units or commercial units. Opting for LED retrofits can help them to bring down the costs and reduce the overhead charges and can thus help in reducing the cost of production. Thus there are a number of benefits of opting for the LED retrofit.

Many companies are now providing with led retrofitting and have different kinds of lighting with them. For instance, which deals in LED retrofitting, offers customized lighting solutions and offer stylish landscape LED lights, garden lights, bollard lights, projector lights and other kinds of fittings.

If you are worried about the installation charges then you can choose companies that offer flexible plans. There are zero out of pocket expense programs wherein you can get the LEDs installed at no extra cost and have the flexibility to pay back from the savings that are incurred on the electricity bills.

Nowadays many of the commercial and residential buildings are also opting for LED Retrofit. They are not only using them in the building but in the gardens and for billboards as well. It is a great way to save your environment and helps in reducing the expenses.

In a workplace situation, industrial lights are a key component. This information will give you an overview of the different types that are available, a little information on how they operate, and the ways is which they are used.

There are many different applications for lighting in the industrial world. Spray paint booths, and damp environments need special lighting that is designed for those areas. Some industrial lighting is explosion proof, and marine lighting is also an application that is needed.

The three main types of lights that are made for industry are LED, halogen, and tubular fluorescent. We can look at each one and get a bit of knowledge about how they work.

Light emitting diode, or LED lights come on a variety of colors. Some are red, green or yellow. These lights are almost indestructible and they use a minimal amount of electricity to run. They contain positive and negative diodes which allow the current inside to flow from positive to negative, creating light. Industrial Lights And How They Are Utilized

Submission + - Inadvertent Erections Could Cause Nuclear War (

Martin Hellman writes: "Les Earnest is well known to digital cognoscenti for his contributions to artificial intelligence, robotics and the Internet, but few know of
his warning that inadvertent erections could start a nuclear war:

In the 1950s I helped design the SAGE [Semi-Automatic Ground Environment] air defense system when we reviewed the BOMARC [Missile] launch control system, one of our engineers noticed a rather serious defect: if the launch command system was tested, the “test” switch was then returned to “operate” without individually resetting the control systems in each missile that had been tested, they would all immediately erect and launch! Needless to say, that “feature” was modified rather soon after we mentioned it to Boeing. The official name of the first BOMARC model was IM-99A, so I wrote a report about this problem titled "Inadvertent erection of the IM-99A.""


Submission + - Russian Censorship (

Martin Hellman writes: "The way Russia is portrayed in the mainstream media, it sometimes feels as if the old Soviet Union has been reincarnated, where any dissent from the party line invited harsh repercussions. While Russia certainly has its faults, a recent editorial in The Moscow Times provides a valuable window on the true situation. For details, see my excerpt and commentary, which includes a link to the full article."

Submission + - N Korea Might Consider Nuclear Disarmament (

Martin Hellman writes: "Today’s Global Security Newswire reported: “Former U.S. President Carter on Wednesday said North Korea would not consider shuttering its nuclear program without a security pledge from the United States.” While, on the surface, that sounds different from this post’s headline, rephrasing it produces a much more hopeful perspective: “Former U.S. President Carter on Wednesday said North Korea might consider shuttering its nuclear program if it could obtain a security pledge from the United States.”"

Submission + - Programmable Magnets Win SME Award (

Martin Hellman writes: "Back in October, Slashdot reported that Popular Mechanics had given one of its Breakthrough Awards to Correlated Magnetics for their "programmable magnets." A recent press release adds yet another honor: the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) named this technology as one of seven "Innovations That Could Change the Way You Manufacture." Instead of a single North or South pole, the technology utilizes an array of small North and South poles. By creating a matching array, the company's patented technology is able to effect a number of unusual behaviors. Of greatest interest to SME, is the ability for parts to self-assemble, with the magnet arrays mating in a precise configuration — all on their own."

Submission + - How Risky is a Nuclear Doomsday Machine? (

Martin Hellman writes: "How risky is it to build a nuclear arsenal that has the ability to destroy civilization? That is the fundamental question raised in my paper “How risky is nuclear optimism?” in the current issue of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. While nuclear deterrence is not usually referred to as a Doomsday Machine, its other name, Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD), brings out its similarity to the contraption in Stanley Kubrik's 1964 movie Dr. Strangelove. It is time to start Defusing the Nuclear Threat by dismantling our Doomsday Machine!"

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