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Comment New Zealand has couple of big fat pipes (Score 1) 147

I think a combined 1000gbit/sec dedicated connectivity to West coast us. So for 4.5million population makes huge sense to make best use of it.

Amazing how much lit and unlit capacity is being strung around world. Once it was cheaper for us to do back haul between continents and back than worry about cross country xfer.

For apps with not big requirements for low Latency changes where you stick the edge nodes. Imagine one factor behind Netflix and amazon launching in 100+ countries in past 18 months.

Comment Single data centre for critical resource? (Score 2) 239

Blimey I wouldn't do that and running a bog standard stream service never mind an airline with 100 million a day of revenue.

500 servers is about 50 racks. About 500,000 a year plus about 2,000,000 for kit and 4,000,000 for software and licenses and 250,000 for interconnect . So capex 6,000,000 and opex call it 1,000,000 per annum.

I normally rate a major dc failure ( more than 10min ) at about once every 5 years.

Easy business case.

Also generator and ups fail over is tough to test with one dc. Which hit this one bad.

Comment Putin could do a nasty (Score 1) 296

Insist all Russian sites use a set of authorised ssl certificate authorities. Then insist Russian we browsers honour that list ( as internationally they would be de registered / not trusted in pem list ). Then the agency can spoof / proxy https traffic with access to cert authority private keys.

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