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Comment Putin could do a nasty (Score 1) 296

Insist all Russian sites use a set of authorised ssl certificate authorities. Then insist Russian we browsers honour that list ( as internationally they would be de registered / not trusted in pem list ). Then the agency can spoof / proxy https traffic with access to cert authority private keys.

Comment Solar storage well known solutions (Score 1) 231

1) pump hydro ideal for Chile. Find a mountain with 2 lakes 1000m vertical apart. Pump water up at peak solar. Same turbines pump power onto grid after hours.
2) solar thermal - use mirrors to heat liquid salts from nominal to up to 800 degrees Celsius. Give you up to 6 hours outside solar hours to use tradition steam turbines to generate.
3) more long term - use batteries in vehicles and houses to charge in day and release outside solar hours
4) old school - use cheap power in daytime to power power intensive processes such as aluminium smelting
5) basic - heat up water in black bins on roof to provide hot water after hours

Comment A few problems with fingerprint authentication. (Score 1) 106

1) common condition as people age is loss of fingerprints
2) very easy to spoof - various techniques to both record and then make a plastic overlay
3) worst case fingers can be detached from person

All forms of biometric Id suffer from above to greater or lesser extent. They make great form of Id but any form of authentication ultimately needs some additional data in head

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