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Comment It's a shame about Ray (Score 1) 203

Kurzweil is getting worse. He wants to be taken seriously, but then he says things like "99% of land is not used". That's pretty fucking stupid, Ray.

Couple of years ago he said all you need to make a brain is the few bytes you find in the DNA. Uhhh... No, Ray. Embryology. The brain has to interact with a real environment in order to develop. So it takes waaaaaaaaaay more information than the DNA code itself.

I've no doubt he is/was a smart guy but he keeps talking shit.

Comment Re:Outdated DNA (Score 1) 203

Depends what you mean by "beat" nature. Nature isn't trying to do anything in particular. Random mutation is acted upon by non-random selection. That brought us along, but it took quite a while, didn't it? If we have a specific thing in mind, natural selection is a SLOOOOOOOW way to get there (if you ever get there).

Comment Re:Machine Intelligence and God (Score 1) 203

Physicalism is about as scientifically sound as any other fundamentalist religion-type view.

The view that the mind is what the brain does (materialism) is supported by evidence. Tons and tons of evidence. So.... you are wrong.

At this point Science does not have any insights into what consciousness, intelligence, intuition, etc. actually is. In particular for consciousness, there is simply no mechanism in Physics, but it looks more and more like intelligence on the level of a smart human being cannot actually be done with computing machinery in this universe either, not enough matter and energy available.

You seem to be arguing that there is something magical about the human brain. It is an information processing machine. It's a poorly understood one, but your claim that it is somehow impervious to physics is absurd.

It's possible to make a machine that does what the human brain does. Might be wetware, might be hardware, might just be software. We may not be smart enough to build it, but that doesn't mean it cannot be built. Brains exist already. That tells you something. They don't need gigajoules of energy either.

Comment Re:Encryption (Score 1) 315

Pretty much this. The Patriot Act was pretty much the defining moment where Congress felt they could undo whole sections of the constitution because "da tersts gunna git us boys" , it has set a precedent for organizations across the US government to completely ignore some of the most basic rights, especially to privacy, as laid out in the Constitution. There have been some recent privacy wins but it will take decades, if ever that the Patriot Act and it's knee jerk reaction always sacrificing freedom for fear is rescinded.

That kinda makes it sound like your Congresspersonages actually think terrorists are a threat, which I think is being overly generous. They know that they're a minmal threat, but the oppotunity to grab power presents itself very clearly to them.

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