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Comment Re:In the long run, China has a HUGE advantage (Score 1) 158

even after you launch a rocket from the moon, you're STILL almost as deep inside Earth's gravity well as you'd have been after launching from Earth.

This is either full blown wrong or an exceptionally egregious use of the word 'almost'. Don't have time to check which. ;)

Comment Re:Abolish NASA, and deregulate aerospace. (Score 1) 158

Seriously guys, this isn't hard to understand.

That'd be "understand" as in, not quite the average toddler's level of understanding. Thanks for your valuable input.

Let's wheel you in to one of these meetings so you can stun everyone with your five words of sheer intellectual brilliance.

Comment Re:So give us your tax money (Score 1) 158

And what is the economic case for this? And reading propaganda about space from Space Nutters is not very enlightening. We've been promised space-based manufacturing since the 1960s. And every time our technology got better and we simply don't need space.

Face it, it's over.

I haven't seen you for ages, "Space Nutter" dickhead. How's it goin. Still getting mad about human activity in space? lol.

Still bizarrely capitalizing 'space nutter' as if it's a thing?

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