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Comment Re:Lighten up (Score 4, Insightful) 410

Nobody gives a fuck about whether humanity is going to another star. Sending a probe there is possible. Some far-flung descendant of humanity could probably go there. You claim to know exactly what's going to happen or not happen, and that doesn't make you reasonable, it makes you a fucking crank just like the 'space nutters' you rail against. Being on the polar opposite end from 'too fucking optimistic' doesn't make you reasonable, it just makes you a fucking grind.

Comment Re:Prove your assertion (Score 1) 151

Technological progress is slowing down. We have hit a dead end with digital computers and batteries for example.

I don't necessarily disagree that progress is slowing in certain areas. Those are shit examples though. Batteries improve incrementally all the time. Ditto computers.

A big breakthrough in batteries is yet to happen, but it still might - your crystal ball notwithstanding.

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