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Comment Re:I can think of a few rea$on$ (Score 5, Interesting) 573

That's my take on it as well. You can kill the demand for any product by pricing it high enough.

Most of these providers are run by folks with the old time telephone company mind set: if it's more than tip and ring, charge for it. The less it's like tip and ring, the more you charge for it. To them, that much bandwidth must be for business use, so charge'em business rates.

In the 90s, GTE was thinking about offering the ability to check your account and pay your bill online. They had the ability but were stumped about how much to charge the customer to do so. They were thinking about charging the customer $8.95 a month for the privilege of checking and paying for their account online. They finally dropped the idea as their studies showed no interest in accessing accounts online for that price. It never occurred to them to offer it as a benefit of being a GTE customer.

Most of those folks are still running the industry in that manner: everything not basic should be offered as a premier option.

Comment Windoze an issue again? (Score 1, Insightful) 144

Okay, insert obligatory "One more reason not to use Windows" comment here, after all, this is Slashdork.
      Yup, Linux and OSX can get infected as well, but it's harder to do so. Especially if you approach it from the point of view that it can happen to you. If you just have to use a Windoze tool, do it via a VM of some sort, pick your fave brand of VM to do so. Some tools (native VMware VI management tools) are only available for Windoze, so I use a VM to run those tools. Other than that, there are options, even for those poor admins that are CLI challenged, for managing stuff without using Windows.
      If you just have to use Windoze because all us Linux g33ks are really l4m3rz and Windoze really is the sh1tz, then Obi Wan, use your mastery of that platform and show us that you're not just all hat and no cattle. Put in the extra time and effort to use your platform of choice without contributing to the delinquency of those less enlightened than you who think that your site is safe.

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