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Comment Re:If Microsoft didn't collected so fucking much d (Score 1) 102

"Send Microsoft info about how I write to help us improve typing and writing in the future" specifically says "send information about how I write", not "send what I write" and while we could speculate on or argue the difference it's irrelevant because it appears next to a checkbox, so just turn it off.

Yeah. I have turned it off.

But then I also don't get an improving dictionary (maybe), Microsoft doesn't get information about issues with my setup (maybe), and so on.

Comment Re:source (Score 1) 88
Says 2 million years ago.

Also what about these "species", are they different species for real or are they just different looking humanoid apes they have found over time?

They haven't tested whatever they can mate with each other?

Someone recently was like bla bla left Africa 70 000 years ago, "I'm black" so to say. SJW.

But are we just even the latest model and that came exclusively from Africa or is it just that we've evolved over time and when they have found something different they have made up a name for it even though it may not be a different species? And aren't we supposed to have some DNA from other humanoid "species" too as in cross-breeding even with those supposedly different "species"?

Not that this "Since my ancestors come from Africa 70 000 years ago everyone need to be welcomed here and be free to live of us" make any sense regardless.

Comment Trump is an idiot (Score 1) 372

The thing is just that all the other politicians in the western world is so terrible that he seem like the best choice.

Sure if we could have had Putin that would had been better.
And maybe Hitler would had been better still.
But Putin is good when the competition is Merkel, Löfven/Reinfeldt, whatever trash they have in France, ..

Comment Re:If Microsoft didn't collected so fucking much d (Score 1) 102

Without this FUD starts about keyloggers and web tracking that may or may not be happening in reality.

"Send Microsoft info about how I write to help us improve typing and writing in the future"
(Sure, keyboard vs touch-screen possible.)
May just be for dictionary, but anyway:
"As part of that service, we also collect information from the user dictionary created on your device. This user dictionary stores unique words like names you write, which helps you type and ink more accurately. Both the voice data and the user dictionary are used in the aggregate to help improve our ability to correctly recognize all usersâ(TM) speech."

From the same page:
"If youâ(TM)ve allowed Cortana to do so, Microsoft also collects information about your Calendar and People (also known as contacts) to help personalize your speech experience, and to help Windows and Cortana better recognize people, events, places, and music when you dictate messages or documents. The information Cortana collects will help personalize your speech experience on all your Windows devices and Cortana apps when you sign in with the same Microsoft account."

"Microsoft Edge saves your browsing history, which is made up of info about the websites you visit, on your device. If the Diagnostics and usage setting is set to Full, this browsing history is sent to Microsoft, which helps us find and fix problems and improve our products and services for all users."

Comment If Microsoft didn't collected so fucking much data (Score 2) 102

.. they could had gotten my usage data.

Why can't Microsoft test the trillions of hardware configurations before releasing an OS update?

I'd totally be willing to let them collect SOME data to improve their product assuming they wouldn't pass it on-wards but when they want to log the keyboard and shit (and likely see visited urls, ran programs, get identification data, ..) then no.

Comment Re:Unimpressive performance. (Score 1) 143

Awesome - I can replace my 2TB spinning drive with a Samsung SSD of the same size for 77 USD?

You can likely get 64 GB of 960 Pro space for $77.

Intel had HDD cache on SSD with previous motherboards and there's some software for doing it too though I don't know how well that one work.

It definitely could be done with SSDs if they wanted too.

However I think access-time is even lower on Optane than on the HDDs plus it will hold up to wear better.

Comment Re:Free still means freedom to some of us (Score 1) 237

I found this headline confusing, because when I started out here on Slashdot many of us used "free" to mean "available under a license that preserves your freedom to view source code, modify, and redistribute for any purpose" rather than merely "gratis."
There doesn't seem to be a license or source code available, so I'm thinking the article just means available with no charge.

Non-alcoholic version:
Free as in liberty, not socialism.

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