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Comment Re:Just call a spade a spade (Score 1) 434

NSDAP where socialist. Learn to accept it.

They were for national socialism rather than global socialism but they were definitely socialist.

And they didn't act all that different to other socialists, like the democratic people republic you mention.

As for the democratic peopleÂs republic of Korea it's a "people's republic" where the idea is that the people wants/benefits from a Marxist-Leninist system and hence it's in their interest and such a system is the "people's" choice or way. It is a socialist shit-hole. Just like all the others.

Seem like you actually get to vote in North Korea.
There's just one name on the ballot and you get the choice to be happy with that or go to a special booth to cross the person out if you don't want to vote for the person in question. You have to vote so .. It's a slight bit worse than the democracy we've got here in Sweden. Back in reality it has turned out that people care more about whatever they have competent rulers than whatever you got to vote or not. If you end up with a shitty government even if you voted people aren't happy .. I'm not suggesting the rulers of North Korea are good I'm just stating how it has turned out.

If communism (or Islam) was the best system people would be happy with it even if they didn't hadn't voted for it.

The largest problem with it is that it's not. Not whatever people got to vote or not. Though voting in North Korea doesn't change anything.

Marxism is trash. We already know that it perform awfully vs a freer economy and still a whole bunch of idiots want it because some people have done better than they have.

Comment Re:I buy lots of ebooks - Cheap "unix" books on HB (Score 1) 46

I use Opera 41.0.2353.56 right now.

I don't know how it works for you because they may remember my chosen charity but in my case 50% of the charity part of the money goes to Code for America which is the pre-chosen one and then maybe you have another one which you can change I don't know how it works maybe they always remember the option I've chosen before and always let me use that one. The second one for me is the nature conservancy - I have no idea how good that one is but I guess to privatize nature and then just decide to do nothing with it is the most powerful way to preserve it in a nation where ownership is respected. I don't know if that's how they work but it's likely why I picked it. Supposedly you can pick among thousands of charities but that's the one I picked at some time for .. likely pretty random reason (searched for nature or something?), so you can give it to lots of different charities but I assume if you haven't chosen something then maybe all of the charity part or half of it went to Code for America:

I would had recommended Vivaldi, Chrome or modern Opera if it wasn't that mine have used around 1 TB of my SSD on three different occasions by swapping around like crazy. I don't really know how to protect against that.

If you pay at-least $1 you get the first 5 books.
If you pay at-least $8 you get the first 12 books.
And if you pay at-least $15 you get all 16 books.

If you have paid any amount you AFAIK can increase the payment up to a week after the bundle have ended to beat the tier you want and the additional content will unlock. It used to be 30 days and they don't specify for how long any longer but in my experience it's one week and possibly one week and almost 15 minutes. Maybe some bundles work differently but that's my experience.

Comment Re:I buy lots of ebooks - Cheap "unix" books on HB (Score 1) 46

Google + pdf most often end up to links to YouTube videos or Google docs or something which looks like a blurred PDF reader which suggest you register for a free (for some time?) account by giving them your credit card data or some usenet page. None of it really gives you the book.

Sometimes you actually can find the book though.

Pirate bay doesn't have all the books and comics which are on HB they may have some. The prices are very fair on HB anyway.

Mobilism I have no idea about. Maybe I should check it out.

Comment I buy lots of ebooks - Cheap "unix" books on HB (Score 3, Informative) 46

I don't know where to find all of them and if they are fairly priced I may buy them.

Anyway what I really wanted to point out is the current book bundle over at https://www.humblebundle.com/b...
It beats 50% off.

UNIX presented by O'reilly:

For free:
* Ten Steps to Linux Survival Excerpt

* Unix in a Nutshell, 4th edition.
* sed & awk, 2nd edition.
* lex and yacc, 2nd edition.
* Learning the Bash shell, 3rd edition.
* Linux pocket guide, 3rd edition.

Pay $8 and you'll also get:
* Bash cookbook.
* Classic shell Scripting.
* Learning GNU Emacs, 3rd edition.
* UNIX power tools.
* Learning the vi and vim editors, 7th edition.
* Bash pocket reference, 2nd edition.
* Learning UNIX for OS X, 2nd edition.

Pay $15 and you'll also get:
* Essential system administration, 3rd edition.
* TCP/IP network administration, 3rd edition.
* DNS and BIND, 5th edition.
* Network Troubleshooting Tools.

All in all 16 books for $15.

Comment Re:Just call a spade a spade (Score 2) 434

Even if I were a Nazi claiming I'm a Nazi isn't a counter argument by itself.

Sure I hate a lot of people and idea. The left do to.
Sure I don't want a whole bunch of immigrants in the country (the left doesn't really either, like, ask them if they want nationalist east-Europeans, Russians or maybe even work immigration, or ask the Muslims if they want non-Muslims in their land.)

So fucking what?

This is Sweden. It was inhabited by Swedes. Swedes owned Sweden. Sweden was supposed to be a democracy One way or the other the will of the people should had ruled the nation. Today they call that populism just like you call the alt-right Nazis and as such want to make the case that it's wrong because of that. How the fuck is the will of the people wrong because it's the will of the people?

The way I see it is that the time they stopped listening is the time their mandate to rule the nation on our behalf ended.

I don't give much/any benefit to the fact that they let the immigrants in, that they gave them permanent residency permits and citizenship and that they added a bunch of positive human-rights to our constitution, put multiculturalism in there and if they decided for incredible stupidity in doing the childrenÂs convention part of it. As long as that wasn't argued and supported by the people.

I don't see the right of theft or slavery no matter whatever you even voted for it or wrote it down in your law.

Comment Re:Popcorn time! (Score 1) 1321

Here in Sweden what you vote for is secret but you take the ballots in an open space where they all sit before going to the screen of place to put it in an envelope.

You can take multiple ones but for some reasons that may be enough to not to want to around looking for "the bad party" I guess.

With electronic voting maybe you feel safer in that others aren't looking? I don't know how it works in America. Is there a chance people just felt more secure voting Trump when voting electronically?

Comment Re:Why LEGO? (Score 1) 17

I doubt it's the charity which decide.
Someone wanted to sell their content and Humble bundle was ok with it and maybe matched them with a charity or maybe the seller of the books made the choice of the charity.

I doubt the charity choose the content providers.

But I don't see why this is on Slashdot since I buy a lot of Humble bundles and there's always charities and sometimes EFF and those don't make it..

Who cares really?

Also some of these books has been before and I paid then so I won't buy it again.

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