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Comment Re:by 10 full seconds (Score 1) 270

Blender + Handbrake
1700X $399 vs 6800K $430+ on Intel ARK.
91.6 vs 112.1

You are correct. My listening comprehension especially on English numbers aren't the best especially when it's use names like tens (78 hundred for instance.)

20.5 seconds lower, 112.1*3/4 = 84.1, 84.1/91.6 = 8% faster if viewed as per core and if 8 core Broadwell-E would have had the same clock-rate as 6 core Broadwell-E, which realistically wouldn't had been the case.

So a very similar performance per core and clock on Ryzen vs Intel Broadwell-E and Skylake though with more cores and threads at the same or lower price than the Intel chips. Better for multi-threaded tasks, possibly worse for single-threaded.

Comment Re:FINALLY! (Score 2) 270

It's not ALL that much though.

Like the 1700X vs 6800K both at $400.

One finish in 100 seconds the other in 112 seconds.
That's 11% faster, but with 33% more cores and a lower / core performance.

The major advantage there though is that a B350 motherboard you will likely be able to get for $100 whereas a X99 one will cost $200.

1800X vs 6900K is half-price for similar performance so that's of course massive but they aren't all that much faster than the cheaper processors. AMD just doesn't charge as much premium for it.

Ryzen 7 1700 vs i7 7700K at about the same price.
8 cores at 3 GHz vs 4 cores at 4 GHz.
You get 46% higher multi-core performance, expected at same IPC and clock would had been ~50% so very close performance per clock and core but then there's the fact of the clock speed difference and hence the 7700K most likely being faster in single-core tasks. So the question then becomes if you want 25-26% lower single-core performance or 46% higher multi-core performance.

It's good competitive products and very nice processors for multi-threaded tasks and needs but there's still room for Intel to be relevant at-least.

Comment Re:Ryan and Rand (Score 0) 387

Yeah, that sounds about like the plan I want for Sweden.

They whine about asylum and open borders.

Sure. You can have that. Without any national tax-paid welfare.
Just remove all the welfare and you can let people in. Those who are poor can't afford live here and we'll live without them and the rich and performing can help and maybe improve society.

Sounds good. No need for any "racist" border-controls. It will sort itself out with no need for that. Make no fucking sense offering tax-paid welfare for anyone who want to come though. As people are already here this is what should be done and if that force a bunch of Somalis and Afghans and what not to leave that's great!

Now some leftards will claim this will lead to criminality but the solution to that is of course to simply deport all criminals with immigrant background; win again!

Comment Re:The Herd (Score 1) 181

On top of that they avoid the expense of having a CEO - salary, car, expenses etc.

On the other hand wouldn't the expense be employees occupied * time units * salary / time unit?

Sure they need no CEO but if you keep 5 people occupied with a task instead of 1 are you saving money?

It democratize the decision-making though.

Three Swedish news items in ~24 hours. Same submitter or how come?

Comment Re:Iconic feature! (Score 2) 95

God. Has Slashdot descended to this? Get a life.

I'm nothing but a man; no matter how brilliant my ideas may be.

Anyway, I assume what you mean is to "get a wife", I've tried but they don't want me!!

(I even got stuff which vibrates for the object in question but of course I should had understand that in this day and age with smartphones and learning machines even that is too simple.)

Comment Re:What's stopping other countries? (Score 1) 652

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