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Comment Re:Still think Wikileaks knows what they're doing? (Score 2) 632

Sir, You've nailed the point. People are too worried about correcting the symptoms, even if it involves doing wrong things. Here in Brazil, there's huge support for a quite unconstitutional law that prohibits politicians under investigation to be candidates. The problem is, unless you've gone to trial, you're supposed to be innocent. What people should be questioning is why it takes so much time to condemn corrupt public agents. Governments got their secrets, but the kind of secret a government has is the real problem, if only crooks involve themselves on the political process, if only crooks get elected, you've got crook's secrets, no matter how much you scream on twitter or Facebook. Really, if you really want to change the government, you've got to seriously consider being part of the government, or at least thinking on supporting directly people you trust. Electing a president is not enough, you've got to be part of lowest level, from city councils up.

Comment Re:Still think Wikileaks knows what they're doing? (Score 1) 632

You have a point when you tell there's a huge trust problem with our current governments, but I don't think wikileaks is the solution. We've got watergate without wikileaks, we've got iran-contras denounced even before most people had internet connections. But we've had it all without a guy that blackmails governments and corporations. See, we don't live in a democracy, it's a republic. We don't need systematic leaks, we need laws to protect the free press, we need people who are a lot more responsible before voting. I find it funny that people that never bothers even to see what the congress is doing, that never bothers even to go voting, think that the solution for the problems caused by their lack of involvement is to fuck the institutions. Things are not like they are because there was no wikileaks, things are what they are because people think that posting some sarcastic quote on twitter is political participation. Do you things to improve? Involve yourself locally first. Most bastards on the high echelons started their political careers on the city council level. So what? you go there and make sure people like you are represented on the city council. It takes work? it takes time? yes, it takes! But that's how a republic is supposed to work.

Comment Re:Doomsday Machine (Score 1) 638

Those are wide claims you're making here. Given that the propension to violence nowadays in the third world is no different from what it seemed to be in the past, would you mind if I asked you from some reasonable proofs to sustain your emotionally loaded rethorics? Ok. They have AKs now instead of bows. But, when in history humans didn't fight most of their times?

Comment Re:Apps (Score 1) 139

Not to mention companies that spend a lot of money with VPN solutions with two factor authentication, and at the same time leave ssh outgoing unmonitored on their firewalls.
In this scenario having remote access to your network is just a matter of issuing

ssh2 -R 1234:localhost:23 username@host

And now, all traffic which comes to port 1234 on the server (host) will be forwarded to port 23 on the client (localhost).

So, again, there's a lot of people out there using linux without actually knowing shit about security and how linux works. These people like to boost how secure they are just because they are using linux (even if their boxes and networks are badly configured and full of holes). Those people are lamers.

Comment Re:Apps (Score 2, Insightful) 139

Consider this:

I've seen lots of companies using local authentication for their linux boxes, along with a supposedly secret root password configured in every machine. There are a lot of centralized directory and authentication options for linux. But, how much people use it? But, they do know how to setup Microsoft's Active Directory and setup clients to use it.

Linux has ACLs for some time know, something that is way better than the old permission schemes. But, again, I've never seen it widely deployed across a large network. ACLs are the default file permission scheme on Windows.

No to mention that lots of linux and servers desktop out there are not configured with a password on GRUB to avoid people booting into single mode and getting root credentials.

So, while linux is as corporate-security capable as windows under a administrative point of view, most corporations and system administrations are not aware of that. And even when they are, the tools for managing such things are not as straightforward to use as Active Directory;

Being less sucetible to exploits is not the whole game in security. It doesn't matter what is your operating system, a badly configured operating system is insecure no matter which kernel do you use. And at this point, ease of management becomes very important.

Comment Re:The US isn't all first world. (Score 1) 337

I hate to tell it in such way, but your post tells me more of American's absolutely insane eating habits than anything else.

I think it's a bit rude to tell it, but eating only processed food, is expensive, and a sure way to lack a good nutrition and leading to problems such as what you have mentioned. I can't even fathom how do you manage to eat canned food.

Have you ever thought about eating vegetables? If you do, you could even support small scale local farming, thus, generating more jobs, depending less on fuel to transport processed food.

I agree that, of course, Brazil has not the same standard of living as the US, but definitely, our cities are not rotting (on the contrary, we are slowly improving), and even our poor have access to a healthy nutrition with vegetables and fresh foods.

Our biggest health problem nowadays is obesity. And that obesity has been caused exactly because we started mimicking your eating standards.

Comment Re:The US isn't all first world. (Score 1) 337

May I add that as a Brazilian I am deeply disgusted with you, the Americans, having stop exporting jobs for us and had instead sent all of them to China. Actually, not only the jobs, but the technology, the services, the whole fucking thing.

We never had nukes pointed at you. China had/has.

IMHO, you deserve what you have now by your poor choice of partners.

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