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Submission + - Edward Snowden says NSA engages in industrial espionage ( 2

Maow writes: Snowden has been interviewed by a German TV network and stated that the NSA is involved in industrial espionage, which is outside the range of national security.

He claims that Siemens is a prime example of a target for the data collection.

I doubt this would suprise AirBus or other companies, but it shall remain to be seen what measures global industries take (if any) to prevent their internal secrets from falling into NSA's — and presumably American competitors' — hands.

Your Rights Online

Submission + - Gory images, videos posted on website are art, jury decides (

Maow writes: The website was part of a personal project by [Remy] Couture designed to raise the bar of his make-up and special- effects work. Couture, who is self-taught, sought to bring a psychopathic killer character of his own making to life.

Couture described it as a sort of "fake diary of a serial killer," complete with his own universe inspired by horror movies and literature. But there was no victim in the case — all of the works were staged with willing actresses and a combination of fake blood, latex and silicone to create lifelike, horrific images.

The trial heard that Interpol received a complaint in 2006 from a user in Austria. The scenes were deemed so realistic that a pathologist in Europe couldn't rule out that a homicide had actually been committed. Montreal police began their investigation in early 2009.

Police officers who testified had doubts that Couture's work was real homicide, but still engaged in an elaborate sting operation with police posing as clients looking to do a gory photo shoot around Halloween.

"My objective was to create horror, plain and simple," Couture told the court.

It seems one cannot fault the police for the initial investigation, since we've now seen a Montreal snuff film posted on-line become the first indication of (an infamous murder).

Submission + - 'Rogue (wandering) planet' spotted 100 light-years away ( 1

Maow writes: "This object was discovered during a scan that covered the equivalent of 1,000 times the [area] of the full moon," said study co-author Etienne Artigau of the University of Montreal.

"We observed hundreds of millions of stars and planets, but we only found one homeless planet in our neighbourhood."

This planet appears to be an astonishingly young 50-120 million years old.

The paper is published at

Here's hoping the Mayan End-of-World-2012 people don't seize upon this as some kind of impending rogue planet on a collision course with Earth, but one can expect it'll be bantered about on such forums.


Submission + - B.C. woman sues Apple over iPhone data ( 1

Maow writes: A B.C. woman is suing Apple Inc. alleging the company has violated the privacy and security of users of its iPhones, iPads and iPods that are using the iOS4 operating system.

(Yeah, IOS4. Continuing:)

Amanda Ladas, of Surrey, has filed the lawsuit under the Class Proceedings Act in Supreme Court of B.C. Ladas’s claim alleges that in addition to the violation of security and privacy, Apple has “engaged in deceptive acts or practices” that entitle her and anyone who joins the suit “to aggravated, punitive and/or exemplary damages.”

Ladas said in a release Tuesday that she is concerned that, without her permission, anyone with moderate computer knowledge can find out where she’s been.

According to a report by digital forensics technologist Francis Graf, whose report is filed with the lawsuit, Ladas’s iPhone 4 contains location data, going back approximately one year, which was easily accessible using free tools readily available on the internet.


Submission + - Samsung Galaxy Nexus ban overturned by US appeals court (

Maow writes: The US Court of Appeals has overturned a ban on sales of Samsung's Galaxy Nexus phone, in a blow to Apple in the ongoing battle between the two rivals.

It said the district court in California, which had issued the ban in June, had "abused its discretion in entering an injunction".

Link to the decision.

I always wondered why the pure Google (Nexus) model was banned, and why Google didn't file an Amicus Curae filing in that suit...


Submission + - Mozilla Firefox browser upgrade (v 16) taken offline due to vulnerability

Maow writes: "The latest version of Mozilla's Firefox browser has been taken offline after a security vulnerability was discovered.

Users who had upgraded to version 16 were advised to downgrade to the previous safe release until Firefox developers released a fix.

Indeed, checking the Firefox download URL, it shows version 15.0.1.

Expect an update tomorrow."

Submission + - Mozilla Firefox browser upgrade (v 16) taken offline due to vulnerability ( 1

Maow writes: The latest version of Mozilla's Firefox browser has been taken offline after a security vulnerability was discovered.

Users who had upgraded to version 16 were advised to downgrade to the previous safe release until Firefox developers released a fix.

Indeed, checking the Firefox download URL, it shows version 15.0.1.


Submission + - Google Nexis QC problems? Phantom keypresses & loose screen (

Maow writes: In what could shape up to be a big PR blow for Google, it appears there are multiple Quality Control issues with the new Nexis 7 tablets.

Reports of "loose screens" have begun occurring almost since the devices first arrived. Some users have complained that the touchscreen glass is slightly lifted around the edge of the device. In some cases that means that light seems to "bleed" into the display of a page, while others have said it means the screen actually moves.

I have noticed that the glass on the left side is separating from the case When you look at it from the side you can see the glass sticking up a bit and when you push it back down you can hear the adhesive grab on then it lets go

Possibly more damning is the video of a tablet accepting "phantom" keypresses. It's registering letters (mostly "J") when there is obviously noone touching the screen.


Submission + - Quality Control issues with Google's Nexus 7 ( 2

Maow writes: As someone with no interest in purchasing a "fondleslab", this is still somewhat sad news: It seems there are issues arising with the Nexus7 such as phantom-typing: a video at primary link showing the keypad actively accepting key presses with no user's hand nearby. Also a video showing the screen separating from the housing. Apparently it also allows light to leak from the edges.

Complaints are multiplying online about quality issues with the new Google Nexus 7 tablet, with a number of people complaining about "loose screens" which bleed light from the edges or move when touched.

This looks like an impending PR disaster for Google.


Submission + - Canada's Supreme Court ruling scraps fee for downloading music ( 1

Maow writes: Canada's Supreme Court has issued 5 rulings regarding copyright today.

The Supreme Court today scrapped the royalty paid to songwriters and music publishers for downloading music but maintained the tariff for the streaming of music.

Gamers might be interested in this part:

The court also overturned another lower court decision that allowed SOCAN to collect a tariff when video games are downloaded over the internet.


Submission + - Canada's Internet Surveillance Bill: not dead after all (

Maow writes: Despite a recent story claiming that Canada's Bill C-30, covering internet surveillance, has died a "lonely" death, the minister responsible claims otherwise.

"Public Safety Minister Vic Toews is denying reports that the Harper government intends to quietly shelve its controversial online surveillance bill, C-30. Speaking to reporters on Wednesday morning, Toews insisted the legislation was moving ahead."

This is the bill that you either support, "or you stand with the child pornographers."

Submission + - Security firm settles Ohio woman's privacy lawsuit (

Maow writes: "An Ohio woman who sued a Vancouver company for releasing to police explicit images from her laptop has accepted a settlement only a short time after the judge rejected a motion to dismiss.

One thing never made clear (to me) was: did they intercept her email and instant messages, or take the web cam shots themselves, coincidentally at the same time she was naked-chatting with her boyfriend.

One thing made explicit in aforementioned link is that charges of is that "But charges of receiving stolen property were quickly dropped.""

Submission + - Is Shroud of Turin a medieval fake? (

Maow writes: Scientists who recreated relic insist experiment proves cloth a forgery:

Scientists have reproduced the Shroud of Turin — revered as the cloth that covered Jesus in the tomb — and say the experiment proves the relic was man-made, a group of Italian debunkers claim.

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