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Comment Re:One of my favorite quotes (Score 3, Interesting) 321

I'm pretty sure that the likelihood of getting mod points is directly related to how much and how recently you spend reading stories (not on the front page, but the actual comment page). The number it gives out is probably based off of how many points it needs to give out compared to how many people it thinks are around to use them. So commenting won't help you, but opening each story and glancing over the comments might.

Comment Re:uhhh... (Score 2) 1027

Actually, using a single menu at the top makes it so that it is always in the same place, as opposed to floating, and having possibly several of them out at once, all taking up screen real estate. I'm not necessarily saying that makes it universally better (though I happen to prefer it), but saying that it is entirely form over function just because you don't like it and can't be bothered to see the function is disingenuous.

Comment Re:Time delay - info from the future? (Score 1) 465

Assuming you know enough information to determine that a particle has been disentangled (and I think that this is the case), then you have faster-than-light transmission of information.

I'm not a physicist, but the way I understand it, there's no way to tell if a particle is entangled without observing and comparing both particles.

Comment Re:Teleportation = FTL travel (Score 1) 637

I read this and the first thing I thought was, "Can you really grow cotton in Arizona?" I think something might be wrong with my brain.

If you accumulate enough ormus in your body, you'll be able to biolocate from one place to another, even between different planets, instantaneously.

Wasn't Ormus a character in Diablo 2? Kinky.

Comment Re:OK I'm confuzzled. (Score 1) 296

Copyright is a complex issue with many applications and rules, and even in this thread there appears to be very little agreement as to which parts, if any, do or should apply here, and whether one or both parties are doing something wrong. To ask whether all of Slashdot is for or against copyright is a gross simplification in several ways.

Comment Re:People who know my name can't find me on Facebo (Score 1) 315

I have the same problem. If you Google my name, you'll find a photographer, a musician, and some guy who flew across the English Channel in a jetpack. Sadly (especially in that last case), none of them is me. And yes, if you really wanted this post almost certainly contains enough information to identify my real name. Have fun with that.

Comment Re:I hide. (Score 1) 315

As a matter of fact, I think a parent should have the perogative to take his kid out at anytime during his life.

"Son, you're a scumbag, you've hurt too many people and you've been in and out of jail for the last 20 years. It's time for you to go." BANG.

The problem with this is, what constitutes "bad person" or "badly led life" varies widely based on the moral/religious/political beliefs of the individual. How many people would put "being gay" or "not being my religion" on that list? Hell, I bet there are more than a few who would put "advocating murder" on that list.

We have a justice system for exactly the problem you're trying to fix.

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