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The Internet

Submission + - Did iPhone Kill Mobile Wesites? (circleid.com)

penciling_in writes: Some have argued that iPhone's very capable browser eliminates the need for creating mobile version of websites. VP of the company that manges the .mobi domain which is aimed at making websites more mobile friendly explains why recent suggestions about iPhone effecting their business is not a concern. What do you think? Will light mobile versions of websites still be preferred if mobile devices have iPhone-type browsers?

Submission + - University boffins squeeze 500GB onto a DVD (theregister.co.uk) 1

JagsLive writes: theRegister reports, "The University of Berlin, with partners Budapest University of Technology and Economics and Universita Politecnica delle Marche in Italy, has managed to work out how to store 500GB of data on a regular HD DVD or Blu-ray disc. By applying wavelength multiplexing techniques to multi-layer disc structures, very high storage densities can be achieved, Professor Susanna Orlic told German site Pressetext. The 500GB prototype has 50 data-storage layers. Orl said the technology has the potential to store one terabyte (1TB) of data."
The Internet

Submission + - How the "Web 2.0 Effect" Experiment Fooled (devindra.org)

Tenken writes: "A few weeks ago a seemingly useful experiment, dubbed the "Web 2.0 Effect", set out to compare some entry-level shared hosting plans by flooding some test sites with tons of traffic. Burton Hosting ended up winning the test, and I found that very puzzling. How could a relatively unknown provider win this test? Why weren't the more popular providers tested? After some investigation, I began to uncover some oddities in the test, as well as connections to a web marketing firm. My findings led me to believe that the "Web 2.0 Effect" was actually an elaborate marketing plot."

Submission + - Steorn's Kinetica Demonstration Postponed (steorn.com)

ManoSinistra writes: "Steorn's public demonstration of their new free energy technology, "Orbo", has been postponed.

Sean McCarthy CEO stated that "technical problems arose during the installation of the demonstration unit in the display case on Wednesday evening. These problems were primarily due to excessive heat from the lighting in the main display area. Attempts to replace those parts affected by the heat led to further failures and as a result we have to postpone the public demonstration until a future date."


Submission + - Mozilla Firefox, eBay-edition released (ebay.co.uk)

snecklifter writes: "eBay have released a modified version of Firefox. According to the site: "Keep an eye on your eBay trading wherever you are on the web when you install the Mozilla Firefox eBay-Edition. It's a free tool built with eBay users in mind that will help you get more out of your buying and selling." There is also an extension for those running a vanilla version. More on the features here."

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