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Comment Re:Irresponsible disclosure (Score 1) 64

It depends on his motivations. He could be doing this to embarrass MS, but it may be that he's pressuring them to ensure that the patch gets released on Tuesday. He's been sitting on a 0-day for three months, so he could embarrass them at any time of his choosing. Why do it a few days before a patch Tuesday, i.e. when it will have the smallest impact?

Comment Re:OK, help me out... (Score 1, Flamebait) 834

Top bay area tech companies go out of their way to hire every qualified engineer they can get their hands on. American, Indian, Chinese, whatever. You're naive if you think the money matters. H-1B processing fees and minimum salaries are a joke to these companies; most already pay $5K referral bonuses just for submitting the resume of someone who later gets hired.

Yes, Indians are overrepresented compared to the bay area population, but that's what happens when you compare a metro area population to a bunch of globally recruited engineers. Indians, however, are pretty accurately represented when you look at the population mix of engineering applications, and that's obvious to anyone who isn't ignorant about the situation.

BTW, complaining about disproportionate representation is hilarious. Well, unless you're the rare xenophobe who also advocates for more representation for women, blacks, and latinos.

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