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Comment Red Hat updates... (Score 1) 142 not cripple your server with slowdown code. RedHat updates include backported security patches for older versions of their distributed software. From the RedHat wiki: "Red Hat does not update the kernel version, but instead backports new features to the same kernel version with which a particular version of RHEL has been released... Consequently, RHEL may use a Linux kernel with a dated version number, yet the kernel is up-to-date regarding not only security fixes, but also certain features."

The Android ecosystem desperately needs RedHat's model for security patches. The FTC should mandate GPL and CentOS updates for all future Android versions. This would have the side benefit of opening up a great deal of the OEM code as well.

Comment Re:Ignoring the point (Score 3, Insightful) 137

Likewise. I have a 12 Mbit business Uverse connection through AT&T. It has plenty of drawbacks - in particular the modem takes about 10 minutes to reboot/resync if the power blips, which happens several times a week where I live, and they can't decide whether or not I have problems with the physical line. One time they'll say, "oh yeah, we need to get that line replaced", and then the next it's "the line test looks fine to me". However, it's $65/month, I have 5 static IPs, IPv6 (finally) works well, and I can run whatever the hell I want on my connection. Every year or so, I get a quote from Comcast to compare. This year, it was $75/month for comparable service, plus another $30/month for 5 statics, plus $7.50/month for the modem rental (they won't allow customers to use their own gear with static IPs), and a $300 installation charge plus a 1 year commitment. I specifically told Comcast to contact me via email as I wouldn't be available on the phone during the day. Over a period of two weeks, three different sales reps called a total of 5 times while I was at work, and each time I responded via email and reminded them that they should contact me via that means. I never got a response, and eventually they just stopped calling. If that's how conscientious they are when trying to get my business, I shudder to think what the customer service would be like once they have my money.

AT&T sucks in a lot of ways, but they're cheaper, they're responsive, and if I have issues I can usually get in touch with someone that actually knows something instead of having to walk through a useless 45-minute script with some phone jockey. I'd like to avail myself of better/faster service, but Comcast seems to do everything they can to keep me from switching.

Comment Re:In Germany, lights work that way (Score 1) 203

I have no idea why the "yellow before green" or the countdown timers are not more common, or why neither is used in America.

Because you never should let the enemy know what you're about to do! Seriously though, a lot of the crosswalk signs in the U.S. do have a countdown timer, and if you can see them you can have at least some idea when the traffic lights are about to change.

Comment Re:What it will really mean (Score 1) 393

You think so? Apple has to license anything thats Lightning capable. Do you really think Apple will allow someone to sell a cheaper adapter then their own?

Unless Apple gets the entire U.S. Customs Service on board with it, there's not much they're going to be able to do, practically. Licensing has not been a particularly big concern for Chinese counterfeiters, nor has the Customs Service.

Comment Re: Clintons have killed tons of people (Score 2) 705

Here is a nice fact for you: "Responding to homicide allegations, an official of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology acknowledged that doctors initially were puzzled by a circular wound on the top of Brown's head when his remains were recovered at the crash scene. The forensic pathologist then consulted with others and took extensive X-rays. As a result of these consultations and full-body X-rays, we absolutely ruled out anything beyond a blunt-force injury to the head."

Comment unlock: GSM versus bootloader (Score 1) 122

An "unlocked" Verizon phone is allowed on a GSM network. It most certainly maintains a locked bootloader (and the stable of unwanted applications [NFL tracking being the most annoying]). All this bloat updates in Google play and otherwise uses up data unless they are explicitly disabled in a swindle to inflate your data usage.

Attempts to unlock the bootloader with the OEM (HTC, Motorola, etc.) are all met with the reply "this device is not eligible for bootloader unlock."

For unsupported phones, Verizon should be compelled to allow this activity. This is perfidious intransigence for profit and control.

Comment Stagefright (Score 1) 204

Bearing in mind how often we receive VLC updates, what is your opinion of Google's decision to "carve in stone" the StageFright media libraries into the /system read-only mount point on Android?

Stagefright patch breakdowns were of surprising number and duration: "...over the course of the last year of Android updates, Google has issued patches for 115 media server-related CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) flaws. Of those, 49 were found directly in libstagefright, with 35 in libmedia and 31 in libraries on which libstagefright depends."

A related question: if Google had approached you with the intention of burning the VLC player into the equivalent of ROM, would you have asked them to choose another player?

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