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Comment Re:Hmm.... (Score 5, Interesting) 275

Tada: it's a micronation... in space!

Of course it's unrealistic armchair-libertarian drivel: the magnetosphere is a harsh mistress, after all.

What's interesting about this development is that it isn't a nearly-entirely American endeavour, which is often the case with such ambitions; Asgardia seems to be Russian and the AIRC supporting it is Viennese. I suspect we'll see a lot more anti-authoritarian behaviour from Europeans in the coming years as a) the EU weakens, b) the Internet transmits political memes that were previously comparatively contained by media limitations like talk radio and poor English literacy, and c) people already exposed to (b) come of age.

The much more feasible version of "let's get off the Earth so we can get away from our countries' laws" is called seasteading, and generally involves a platform in international waters. There's one clear non-Libertarian, non-American example of seasteading (Sealand, UK) which is fairly old and unusually successful by micronation standards. These days, however, the idea is generally associated with these guys, who have been funded by Peter Thiel. They, unquestionably, are primarily concerned with ways to dodge regulation. Without a realistic means of building such a gigantic physical presence, though, they certainly aren't going to be doing much of that; at best they'd end up creating their own passports that no one would accept.

Comment Re:Energy density (Score 1) 89

I was hoping someone else figured this one out. I explain to non-technical people all the time that it's not hard to store large amounts of energy in a small space, it's hard to keep that energy from being released all at once in a KB malfunction.

The smart ones ask what KB stands for. The really smart ones figure out it means "KaBoom" on their own.

Comment Re:Who gives a shit (Score 1) 204

I love your double standards. Everything feminists want to blame on the current boogeyman is incontrovertibly the fault of that scapegoat. But when someone was so targeted by feminists that her mail was sent directly to a bomb squad, that she was forced to flee the country, and the threats against her are actually played out suddenly you can't accept it.

Comment Re:Who gives a shit (Score 1) 204

Gee someone whose mail had been sent directly to a bomb squad rather than her home due to the sheer amount of violent threats, who lived with constant abuse and threats of violence, who was forced to leave one country already due to those threats of violence and continued to receive them here in the US, finally had one of those threats made good on.

I wonder.

Comment Re:Who gives a shit (Score 1) 204

Finding her shooting is not difficult at all. As for the cute trick you pulled weaseling in the claim about wikipedia and "independent reliable sources" nothing could be further from the truth. Wikipedia's definition of a "reliable source" is any source which says something approved of by Wikiproject:Feminism. Personal blog posts and tweets are reliable sources for any claim if the person making them is someone like Zoe Quinn while third party newsmedia articles are unreliable if they dispute feminists' claims.

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