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Comment Re:Rule of thumb: believe the man (Score 4, Informative) 380

Stewart (1981)
Maclean (1979)
Gregory and Lees (1996)
Kanin (1994)
Jordan (2004)
Grace et al. (1992)
Chambers and Millar (1983)
Philadelphia police study (1968)
McCahill et al. (1979)

all rates from 90% down to 18% false. If you extend the floor to 10% then the plurality becomes a majority. The only people pushing the "false accusations don't exist" claim are the same people who support a reversal of the burden of proof, "listen and believe" lynch mobbing, and the mathematically absurd claims that virtually every woman in the united states has been or will be raped.

In other words ideologues who directly profit in money, prestige, and social influence by controlling women through fear.

Comment Re: Translation: More H-1Bs (Score 2, Insightful) 117

That won't make a meaningful difference, you'll still have companies crowding out American workers with much cheaper foreign labor. The best solution is to reverse the indeture. If a company REALLY claims that it's utterly impossible to find an American worker and they absolutely must bring someone in force them to pay that person a princely sum and killer benefits for a mandatory minimum period.

Make it so that bringing in an H-1B is outright painful. If they legitimately can't find an American worker they'll be willing to pay it.

Comment Re: Facebook is in the tank for the DNC (Score 2) 270

it's wikileaks having no clue what that means and noticing that it's become another substanceless way to virtue-signal among social justice circles.... a pathetically transparent smear campaign by the regressive left...

Thank you for demonstrating exactly what I was just talking about. The parentheses WERE anti-semitic, then people started using them on their own in protest, then it became nothing more than another way to virtue signal among regressive social justice warriors who are ironically enough one of the biggest sources of anti-semitism today.

Wikileaks came along well after that point and noticed that most of the shittiest people they were dealing with had parentheses on their names and problem glasses.

Comment Re:Facebook is in the tank for the DNC (Score 2) 270

That isn't remotely anti-semitic, it's wikileaks having no clue what that means and noticing that it's become another substanceless way to virtue-signal among social justice circles. The idea that it's anti-semitic is a pathetically transparent smear campaign by the regressive left against an organization that opposes everything they stand for.

If you want to see REAL anti-semitism just look at the regressive left's support for openly genocidal terrorist organizations, and groups which attack and harass jewish students.

Comment Re: Sorry, couldn't resist (Score 1) 328

Mate you're the one that needs to learn some history that wasn't written by Electronic Intifada. "Palestine" was what the romans called the region of Judea, which Jews are indigenous to, and the region was virtually uninhabited according to everything from the ottoman empire's own census to the peel commission report. Even firsthand accounts of travelers such as Mark Twain and Arab historians such as Muqaddasi and Ibn Khaldun describe in detail how the region was so uninhabited the mosques were empty, and that the Jews were the only real permanent presence.

If you go back before 1947 there is not nor has there ever been a distinct arab ethnicity called "palestinians". Yasser Arafat was an Egyptian, and executive members of the PLO along with many other major arab leaders and historians have all publicly stated unequivocably that "Palestinians" do not exist and are a political fiction invented to attack the Jews. The region was passed from conquerer to conquerer until the Jews started buying land from the Ottoman Empire, which itself fell and left the land to the British Empire, where the League of Nations and United Nations explicitly dedicated it to be returned to its native people.

Even IF we were to grant that such a thing as a "Palestinian" existed though then by definition every resident of Israel AND Jordan would be a "Palestinian". After all the British Mandate stretched from the mediterranean coast to the far border of what is today known as Jordan, and Jordan was created at the exact same time as Israel. So if you think Israel was "stolen" by its indigenous people from colonialist arabs then you must surely think the same thing about Jordan.

As for your claim that this has nothing to do with racism... I suggest you look up the Mufti's close alliance with Hitler, his tours of death camps such as Auschwitz, and the fact that from the very beginning the arab nations surrounding Israel have openly said (in arabic) that they simply want to murder all of the Jews and finish what Hitler started. They're perfectly happy to publicly admit this as long as they're talking in Arabic. There's a reason they chant "Slaughter the Jews" in the streets of Sweden.

Comment Re:Sorry, couldn't resist (Score 2) 328

Evidently you missed this little thing called "reconstruction". Also your metaphor sucks because there hasn't been a confederacy for over a hundred years. I chose pro-ISIS for a reason, it's a currently extant group which is actively attacking the US (and damn near everyone else for that matter).

Comment Re:Sorry, couldn't resist (Score 1, Informative) 328

Trying to pretend there's anything approaching moral equivalency between these two sides is simply absurd. Israel is tolerant to the point of allowing pro-hamas people to sit on the knesset, the equivalent of America having pro-ISIS senators, while even the "moderate" Fatah openly calls for total genocide and the total eradication of Israel.

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