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Comment Re:Who gives a shit (Score 1) 179

Finding her shooting is not difficult at all. As for the cute trick you pulled weaseling in the claim about wikipedia and "independent reliable sources" nothing could be further from the truth. Wikipedia's definition of a "reliable source" is any source which says something approved of by Wikiproject:Feminism. Personal blog posts and tweets are reliable sources for any claim if the person making them is someone like Zoe Quinn while third party newsmedia articles are unreliable if they dispute feminists' claims.

Comment Re:Feminist/SJW Echo Chamber Circling The Bowl (Score 1) 179

Schumer is a self-admitted rapist who has herself publicly told the story of how she raped a man too drunk to know where he was or who he was with, and Nyberg is a self-admitted pedophile and child predator who's been publicly given pictures of people's children for gratification.

Thanks for demonstrating exactly the behavior I just described.

Comment Re:Feminist/SJW Echo Chamber Circling The Bowl (Score 1) 179

1. yes

2. People who subscribe to a critical theory based ideology which rejects the existence of an objective knowable truth and empirical facts in favor of "lived experiences", ranks humans by their immutable characteristics (ie identity politics), and loosely follows marx's descriptions of class warfare and oppression only applied to gender and race instead of the original means of production/proletariat dynamic. In behavior SJWs are politically illiberal, dismissive of enlightenment values such as freedom of speech and even thought, hostile to dissenting opinions and cast disagreement as "harassment" and "violence", openly engage in racism and sexism but claim it "doesn't count" because of their own internal definition for those words granting them immunity, and generally hostile to the idea of the presumption of innocence. As a group the dynamic hits on basically every definition of a cult or abusive relationship and they respond with extreme hostility and often outright violence to anyone disagreeing with them, often verbalizing that they're allegedly being attacked and victimized even while they physically attack someone else. Given the cult-like nature of SJWism it's unsurprising that high ranking or profitable in-group members are given a pass for any level of misconduct, even for things like pedophilia and rape (sarah nyberg and amy schumer respectively), as long as they rank highly enough in the oppression olympics or continue to "kiss the ring" and bring in money or influence.

I could keep going into more specific ideological tenets common across the SocJus spectrum but these are the generalities.

3. Your entire post history is filled with rampant illiberalism, hostility to due process and the presumption of innocence, witch hunting, and the defense of in-group members for things you'd pillory outsiders over.

Comment Re:Who gives a shit (Score 1) 179

Enough of your bad faith shenanigans. I've linked you to her articles a fucking dozen times already, you've got her full name, you know what we're talking about, either go read your own old replies or google it. This memory-of-a-goldfish bent you and amimojo have gotten on recently where you demand things you've literally been given over and over again and pretend it never happened is getting old.

Comment Re:Feminist/SJW Echo Chamber Circling The Bowl (Score 1) 179

Because only things you agree with are facts. As usual. Then again one of the core tenets of feminism is the total rejection of the very idea of an objective knowable truth or the existence of empirical facts. The only that that matters are the "lived experiences" and feelings of the person with the most oppression points in the room.

Comment Re:Feminist/SJW Echo Chamber Circling The Bowl (Score 1) 179

Like amimojo you're engaging in the classic tactic of trying to make it impossible to even name the group or ideology at hand, thus silencing debate. Imagine trying to argue against republican economic policies when you're not even allowed to say the words "trickle down" or "neoliberal".

"Alt-right", like "reactionary", has no meaningful definition. SJW is the response to people like you demanding we stop calling SJWs feminists even though they self-identify AS feminists. It has a specific definition, and refers to tangible actions and a describable ideology.

Comment Re:Who gives a shit (Score 3, Informative) 179

these are the de facto leaders of the MRM. You'll notice that the majority are women, one's black, and one's a bisexual single mom. The elderly woman in the center is the woman who founded the very first domestic violence shelter in the modern world... and had a drive by shooting at her house for daring to shelter male victims as well as female ones.

The only people that can't stop being offended by women and minorities seem to be feminists and the regressive left.

Comment Re:Feminist/SJW Echo Chamber Circling The Bowl (Score 2, Insightful) 179

Two in a row, you're really doing a great job as a living example. "Alt-right" along with "reactionary" is just yet another smear word invented by SJWs to attack anyone committing thoughtcrime. EVERYONE they dislike is an alt-right reactionary misogynist gamergater MRA pissbaby fuckboy.

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