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Comment Re:Free market unleashed (Score 1) 365

That's pretty bad, considering there are only 50 states.

It's not that bad. States have multiple state universities. Here in Texas, you have University of Texas, Texas State, Texas A&M and then individual branches of those schools in various places, all which rank independently.

Comment Re:Free market unleashed (Score 1) 365

UTD for instance has some top 1-2% graduate programs of ALL out there

I can't take your word for that. Do you have some citation for that? Which UTD grad programs are in the top 1-2%? I know for sure it's none of their STEM programs. The MBA program is good, but MBA is kind of "grad school lite", if you know what I mean.

Comment Re:That's great.. (Score 1) 90

Luckily, we have a fair number of historical examples drawn from the lower-tech world of competition for the water of a given river between multiple parties that live along it.

Atmospheric moisture flows require more sophistication to track and exploit; but conflict patters should be pretty similar. Good thing land wars in Asia never go poorly!

Comment Re:Free market unleashed (Score 1) 365

Seems in Texas, "other people's money" hasn't been an issue. But we do not just hand out "welfare" to everybody who asks here...

Texas throws around a lot of other people's money to corporations. In fact, they lead the nation in giving other people's money to corporations.

Comment Re:Free market unleashed (Score 3, Informative) 365

In fact, here in Texas we do this tax abatements and subsidies all the time at the state, county and city levels of government and have successfully attracted some pretty big employers to the area with tens of thousands of jobs. Take a look at Texas' unemployment numbers of you doubt this works, also look at the state's budget surplus if you doubt it is good for the economy.

The problem is, you eventually run out of other people's money to give to corporations.

I live in Texas, too. That budget surplus, though. It has its downside:

Comment Re:Free market unleashed (Score 4, Insightful) 365

Like it or not the cost of everything in a country eventually lands on the shoulders of the productive non-business owner. It's just a fact in economy. Governments don't produce and companies can't eat costs for long or they'll cease to be.

Then wouldn't it make more sense to subsidize the consumer if you're going to subsidize anything?

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