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Comment images. (Score 1) 200

These fucking things called "emojis" are images and should be treated as such.

They have no business being added to Unicode.

And I can not believe that there is actually a "Unicode Emoji Subcommittee".

For crying out loud. What's this world coming to?!?!?!

Definition of Unicode:

Unicode is a computing industry standard for the consistent encoding, representation, and handling of text expressed in most of the world's writing systems.

Do you even remember what Text is? Can you even Write anymore?

Comment Re:Plausible? (Score 1) 164

It's almost as if that was a relevant fact that should have been included in the summary of the article.

Well - that's where Slashdot has gone downhill.

Same with the article about the gear shifter. What the summary should've mentioned is:

Though shift patterns â" things like P-R-N-D â" are standardized, the designs of shifters themselves are not. FCA's shifter was unusual in that it resembles a classic floor-mounted gear selector that can be physically moved between different transmission modes, but FCA's lever always returns to the center position, making it impossible to tell by feel alone which gear you're in.

It always returns to the center position. Why wasn't this mentioned in the summary?

Same as with this article's summary: why did it not mention that the filmmakers admitted that anybody in that foster care home could've downloaded stuff. And therefor this ruling makes sense.

Slashdot editors: do it right or don't do it all.

Comment Weird. (Score 1) 115

Don't you have those videos on your device so you can watch them any time you want to?

You paid money for them, right? Why aren't these videos on your device then?

Why do you people accept such a business model (i.e. renting stuff) in the first place?

Btw - the title is wrong, You did not buy anything. You don't own anything. You rented it. Your lease can and will be terminated anytime.

Why do people spend money on things they really actually don't like / want? Examples:
- cars with gear shifters that have a weird design and don't work right.
- iphones that can be controlled by 3rd parties with ir.
- media (dvd, etc.) where I am being told not to pirate even though I paid for it.
- etc.

Companies (Apple, Paramount, Universal, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.) - Your products suck! And I will not buy them until you listen to me. And do as I say!

You remember - Customer is King! Customer is always right! You seem to have forgotten that rule from a distant past.

Comment Not just TOR users. (Score 1) 116

I whitelist cookies and javascript as needed (my whitelist is very very short really).

And I just now was asked to "Please complete the security check to access" when trying to go to

Fuck em. You don't want me to look at your site. Then I simply don't. I don't give a shit.

A fucking "security check" to look at some desktop wallpapers??!!?? For crying out loud!!

The Open Internet is indeed getting smaller and smaller by the day.

Comment Re:Why oh why? (Score 1) 92

Belonging is important.

You have pointed out one of civilization's biggest problems - besides a few others.

People are afraid.

People are afraid of being alone; afraid of not fitting in; afraid of making decisions for themselves by themselves.

Which is the main reason for "social media" and "amazon reviews", etc.

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