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Comment Re:Yawn. (Score 3, Insightful) 149

Well, that's only valid if the 80% or more of the trip that it CAN handle are known ahead of time. If the 20% of cases that it can't handle are "surprise, there's a deer on the road ahead!" or "surprise, the guy in front of you slammed on his brakes!", then you still have to sit there 100% of the time ready to react.

you need 100% confidence that the care is fully capable of handling EVERYTHING that comes up for the next XYZ minutes/hours/miles/whatever to be able to really have a useful Level 5.

Personally I'd rather be driving the car than sitting there prepared to take over just in case something goes wrong. Until I'm not needed at all for driving, I'll keep the control thank you.

Comment Yes, but... Apple is a change agent. (Score 5, Insightful) 299

Apple has always taken the role of change agent. If you don't forcefully abandon the past, it drags on. You end up supporting legacy requirements forever.

They've always taken that approach (remember abandoning floppies on the iMac, and what a hoo-ha there was over that?). It's painful at the start, but it acts as an impetuous for change in the market. A year from now you'll see PC's with only USB-C ports, and you'll see a proliferation of USB-C devices... starting with USB-C to USB-A converters.

It's painful, but it drives progress. Apple is "brave" enough to take the risk of impact to their bottom line to lead that change.

Comment Re:News-speak at 11. (Score 1) 56

| OMG! If Snowden wiped his ass then it makes it REAL!

I think there are enough evidences to make this a real event. Now I didn't bring Snowden to give any ethical bias, just to highlight it is in fact very current and news-worthy.

The debate seems twofold: first of all why the chief of police gave orders to hunt on police sources / leaks in the media (on this topic it seems the mayor was putting a lot of pressure on the head of police), and then why municipal judges don't challenge such requests (on this it seems such judges are mostly municipal stamp pushers and underpaid 50% relative to their colleagues, and may have work-history related bias towards law enforcement).

The fact that a well-known journalist backed by its journal is involved makes it maybe a little more sensational than it seems. But for example, the first thing LaPresse did when learning about it was request a court order to censor all phone numbers in any documents from this operation, because if any of this is used in any kind of process, it could unintentionally unveil other hidden journalistic sources non-related to the affair.

We can be pretty much sure this guy won't have any more exclusive news for a while as confidential sources will no longer trust contacting him.

Comment Re:News-speak at 11. (Score 4, Insightful) 56

I am not sure if your comment is aimed at minimizing the impact of police spying over journalists (business as usual?), but you should note that this snippet from the article is completely unrelated to the main case with the Montreal police.

About the main case with the Montreal police, it is currently considered a big enough thing that it is monopolizing the news in Quebec and all government levels are actively seeking answers and solutions to this unprecedented abuse of power against freedom of press.

It now appears that Montreal police has started mass spying over journalists last spring in order to find whistle-blowers inside their organization (

Edward Snowden even twitted on the topic yesterday:

Comment Re:Would prefer a seperate app (Score 1) 89

> outside of some really non-professional home stuff

Who do you think Paint target audience is?

I think paint is quite effective for most Windows "household tasks" (converting images, cropping, resizing, writing annotations, combining, saving screenshots etc.)

I've used GIMP and Photoshop enough to know my way around but I've never been an expert. And opening GIMP for most of the tasks listed above is just troublesome (very long load time, bloated UI).

> MS Paint falls way, way, way short for illustration

Of course! That I will not deny.

Comment how tear/cut proof are these things (Score 1) 552

Either I would refuse to participate in such an event, or I'd immediately tear/cut open the pouch upon entry, sorry. Phones are for a lot more than just videotaping concerts - including keeping an eye on my kids via texts from my babysitter, etc. I'm not going to be 100% unreachable due to the artists' paranoia.

Yes, I fully agree with their right to ban videotaping and photography. But - locking away my phone like that bans a LOT of other stuff they have no fucking right to even think about.

I hope this falls flat on it's face.

Comment Re:Whiny Fanboy... but he has a point (Score 2) 260

I don't know why I think there's a difference between visuals and sound track, but it just doesn't seem as "bait-and-switchy" to use different music in the promo than in the film. Maybe its because they use music with all forms of advertising, and I don't expect the music to come with the product. (When I buy a new car, I don't expect the music soundtrack from the commercial to be playing on the radio all the time, etc.). But if they show me that the car has airbags in the commercial, they'd better damn well come with the car. :)

To musicians maybe that's a double standard... I know.

Comment Whiny Fanboy... but he has a point (Score 5, Insightful) 260

Half of me wants to say "grow the fuck up, you whiny little turd"... but the other half agrees that it's false advertising if those scenes were used to lure in audiences then not included in the film. If they're in the ad, then presumably they're some of the best / most enticing scenes... and to not include them seems like a bait and switch.

So, go get 'em, you whiny little turd. :)

Comment Is the B1 recalled too? (Score 1) 31

Their recall website says it's for the Peak recall "and B1 returns"... I've entered my data to return my B1 and it accepted it, but it doesn't say what the terms for that are (how much they'll refund, etc.). Everything I see online only mentions the Peak.

Does anyone have more info on the B1 return? I used mine for a while but really didn't like it for several reasons so it's been sitting in the drawer. It'd be great to get a refund so I can invest in something newer/better!

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