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Comment Re:Whiny Fanboy... but he has a point (Score 2) 260

I don't know why I think there's a difference between visuals and sound track, but it just doesn't seem as "bait-and-switchy" to use different music in the promo than in the film. Maybe its because they use music with all forms of advertising, and I don't expect the music to come with the product. (When I buy a new car, I don't expect the music soundtrack from the commercial to be playing on the radio all the time, etc.). But if they show me that the car has airbags in the commercial, they'd better damn well come with the car. :)

To musicians maybe that's a double standard... I know.

Comment Whiny Fanboy... but he has a point (Score 5, Insightful) 260

Half of me wants to say "grow the fuck up, you whiny little turd"... but the other half agrees that it's false advertising if those scenes were used to lure in audiences then not included in the film. If they're in the ad, then presumably they're some of the best / most enticing scenes... and to not include them seems like a bait and switch.

So, go get 'em, you whiny little turd. :)

Comment Is the B1 recalled too? (Score 1) 31

Their recall website says it's for the Peak recall "and B1 returns"... I've entered my data to return my B1 and it accepted it, but it doesn't say what the terms for that are (how much they'll refund, etc.). Everything I see online only mentions the Peak.

Does anyone have more info on the B1 return? I used mine for a while but really didn't like it for several reasons so it's been sitting in the drawer. It'd be great to get a refund so I can invest in something newer/better!

Comment Re:Good thing you have a choice (Score 4, Insightful) 537

It wouldn't be? As long as it's passive blocking (i.e. Faraday cage), and not active blocking (like a signal blocking device that transmits interference/etc) then I can't see how it would be illegal in the USA either.

There's nothing illegal about parking garages and other buildings that block cell signals... they're everywhere.

Comment Re:That's a funny new definition of "entitlement" (Score 4, Insightful) 438

Well, presumably that media is still available for Canadians to purchase in other manners. Maybe it's more expensive, maybe it's less convenient than their preferred option of a Netflix subscription, but they could still "buy" it on DVD or other services or whatnot.

So - it's a dubious argument that they're "entitled" to pirate it because Netflix doesn't want to sell it to them. But, it does highlight that people are willing to pay for content in a manner that's reasonably priced, flexible, and in a format that makes it easy and convenient to use... and if media companies won't provide that and get SOME revenue from it, alternatives like piracy will thrive.

Comment Why does the school have acct info in 1st place? (Score 1) 215

The first question is WHY does the school even have the students' social media account info in the first place? Why are they going out into the online world to track the students outside of school? That's like the principle showing up at my kids' birthday party to see what they're saying to each other about the kids that weren't invited... it's not their job to police that, and they should be bitch slapped for even going there.

The only exception I can think of is them monitoring social media posts that are made from the school computers or network. However, they should be banning use of these things on school computers in the first place.

Even PUBLIC posts on social media aren't the schools business - that's for parents to monitor and manage as appropriate.

WTF are we coming to?

Comment Re:what are they doing the rest of the year? (Score 1) 84

That means that they work 40 hours a year, for an average salary of 29k$, or around 800$/hr. Not bad al all :)

I would expect that the rest of the year they keep updated with research and systems, code their tools, search for vulnerabilities, find targets etc.

It's probably comparable to other fields where you spend 80% of your time finding clients and pitching projects to fill the 20% of the time you are actually getting paid.

Of course, at least they don't have to worry about PR, branding, cocktails and such :)

Comment Re:Microsoft Office (Score 5, Funny) 174

The real outrage should be that operations in Microsoft Office are measured in seconds and minutes instead of nanoseconds and milliseconds.

Well every time you type a key it must send it online for anonymous data collection, match it against a dictionary for instant grammar correction, save a copy of your modified file to your OneDrive online free storage space, run a few ticks into Clippy's neural network, send your typing statistics to Cortana, pass through 10 layers of automation & scripting support interfaces & abstractions ...

Ah and yes, eventually also update the output buffer with actual letter symbol to be displayed on the screen!

Comment First time I heard of VR filmmaking (Score 1) 24

I imagine that actors will be talking a lot to the camera like in the British sitcom Peep Show so it looks they are talking to us.
No more need for slopes in movies theaters.
No more annoying tall people in the front row or bright cellphone lights.
With binaural/HRTF audio and headphones, you no longer hear peoples making comments from the row behind you.
Looks a lot like a scene I remember from the Matrix ...

Only 75$ for the 2 hours experience.
(we promise not to harvest extra energy from your body without your consent, but if you want to we will provide complimentary popcorn!)

TV edit is done directly from the director's head.

Comment Re:3D... (Score 1) 117

Yes, it would be cool. The failing of many VR systems is field of view. With more resolution, you can increase the FOV while still having enough detail to look decent. I think Occulus Rift is one of the few doing it "well", but even they have a bit of tunnel-vision in their system.

I can't wait until there are VR systems that have FULL field of view, so even your peripheral view is addressed.

Comment Re:3D... (Score 1) 117

Just noodling on this - a fixed LCD barrier screen, combined with the selfie-camera could automatically adjust the underlying image to calibrate automatically for the inter-ocular distance of the user, no matter how close/far from their eyes they're holding the screen. 808ppi with a 80-100lpi barrier screen would give you tons of resolution to play with in this respect. It would be awesome. :)

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