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Submission + - Content Filtering Firewall options for the Home 1

MadCow42 writes: My kids are getting to the age of web surfing without my wife or I always hanging over their shoulder. Although they're still in the "innocent" phase (not for long!), it's time that I installed a better content filtering and firewall/spamwall/antivirus/anti-phishing solution on our (mostly wired) home network. I'm gravitating to an appliance-type solution and I'm not afraid to pay a small monthly fee for services if needed, but I'm also Linux capable and already have an Ubuntu server on my internal network (with things like Dansguardian/etc a possibility)... but I don't want to be spending hours manually updating and patching servers and block lists. What affordable solutions would the Slashdot crowd suggest?

Submission + - Environmental marketing that works

MadCow42 writes: I run the global marketing team for a large global B2B consumables business. We've already addressed all the low-hanging fruit for reducing the waste and environmental impact of our products from a materials, manufacturing process, packaging, recycling and logistics standpoint (although we haven't capitalized as much as we should on the marketing aspects of those efforts). We also have environmental issues high on the list for new product development. However, as our customers become more and more active in reducing their own impact on our planet, I want to take my company to the next level. Admittedly, this is an offensive/defensive move to grow our business and out-pace our competition — in the end, if there is no business benefit, very few companies will spend money to go beyond what's the minimum they must do. My question for the technologically-informed Slashdot crowd is this: what types of environmental programs, messages, or changes do you think would have the biggest real benefit for the environment, and just as importantly would influence the buying decisions of you and/or your company? Of course, we're also working with our customers on that issue, but many are just now waking up to the issue and aren't educated on what the real impacts and benefits can be. For example, does Carbon Offsetting really make a difference? How about sponsoring specific environmental projects around the world? What types of projects or programs? What is too abstract to be perceived as a tangible benefit to consumers? Where can I make the biggest impact for Earth and for my business with my Marketing dollars? (sorry I can't share more about the specific business... I know it would help)

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