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Comment Re: Good for greece (Score 1) 1307

Countries don't get to reduce their deficit from 7.x to 3.x % of GDP overnight without someone noticing there's something odd going on. For instance, a Dutch member of congress asked questions about this in the Dutch congress when the Euro membership of Greece was being debated but was completely ignored. Fritz Bolkenstein, at the time EU commissioner for the Netherlands, stated publicly that the EU commission knew all too well that the Greek numbers were doctored, but that a political decision was made to let them in regardless.

The question is, did the Greek government cook the books by themselves or not? And given that the politicians making the decision knew that they were doctored, how come all this is suddenly all only Greece's fault?

Comment Re: Good for greece (Score 1) 1307

Supposedly Greece was a democracy, where did the oligarchs come from?

It's not been a democracy for very long, it was a right-wing military dictatorship until the 1970s (think Pinochet). Democracy is still very much being built day by day in Greece. The fact that they were able to resolve this through a referendum and not through civil war is a win.

Comment Re:removing the right to fight for your life (Score 1) 205

Wrong. There are plenty of published and peer reviewed studies that do show injury, such as adjuvant induced autoimmune diseases. There are also issues of ineffectiveness, bad batches, etc. and things like serotype replacement where bugs mutate into something even worse. We know of several events in history where vaccines HAVE directly caused harm, such as the polio outbreak in Nigeria that was directly caused by the oral polio vaccine and the swine flu vaccine that caused GBS. It's also a widely accepted fact that for a very small portion of population, there will be significant adverse reaction. It's not universal that all vaccines are good, safe and infallible; you can't lump them all together in one basket.

Now, I'm definitely not arguing that all vaccines are ineffective either and agree the anti-vax crew do have a lot of crazy theories that are unproven or anecdotal (including some comments made by the OP). But on both sides of the vaccine debate there is a lot of misinformation. And the problem IMO is that there should be NO area of science where we're not constantly evaluating, but for some reason, this is one of the only areas where questions do not seem to be allowed. Instead of people showing why you're wrong, they yell at you for even asking questions. I've experienced this firsthand on many occasions.

Comment Re:removing the right to fight for your life (Score 1) 205

You knew by posting this here you were going to get slammed, right? When it comes to vaccines, the scientific minded community does not allow any room for criticism, doubt or deviation from their position that all vaccines are a godsend and beyond reproach. Doubts and skepticism are at the core of the scientific movement-- except when it comes to this issue. Instead you're just called a conspiracy theorist and a nut.


Submission + - D&D Monster Study Proves Eyes Have It (sciencemag.org)

sciencehabit writes: The dungeon is pitch black—until the dungeon master blazes a torch, confirming your worst fears. A Beholder monster lurches at you, its eyeballs wriggling on tentacular stems. As you prepare to wield your Vorpal sword, where do you focus your gaze: at the monster's head or at its tentacle eyes? Such a quandary from the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons may seem like a meaningless trifle, but it holds within it the answer to a tricky scientific question: Do people focus their gaze on another person's eyes or on the center of the head? In fact, a father-son team has used D&D monsters to show that most people will look to another creature's eyes, even if they’re not attached to a head.

Submission + - Mozilla misses out on 6-9 million downloads due MS browser choice glitch (wordpress.com)

Dupple writes: Most recently the EC sent a statement of objections to Microsoft for failing to include the browser-choice screen as promised. Our data suggests that the absence of the browser choice screen had the following impact:

Daily Firefox downloads decreased by 63% to a low of 20,000 just prior to the fix;
After the fix, Firefox downloads increased 150% to approximately 50,000 per day; and
Cumulatively 6 to 9 million Firefox browser downloads were lost during this period.

More here


Comment Re:Not just redheads (Score 1) 265

I also had red hair when young, red/brown now. Something similar happened to me as well, woke up early from my tonsillectomy surgery when I was in HS and the nurse ran in and was saying I wasn't meant to be awake yet, gave me some morphine quickly. Not fun.

And I've had the same issue with dental work. Whenever possible, e.g, small fillings,I now go without anesthetic. Because if it's going to hurt anyway, why bother with the numbing in the first place. I can handle intense pain for a short duration, and it saves all the time having to wait for it to wear off. The dentist I have now has hesitantly complied, says it unnerves him to know I am feeling everything. I can tell a difference in how he works when I am numbed versus not.

Do you also have issues with some pain relievers not working, or wearing off almost instantly? I can find some relief from ibuprofen, but acetaminophen is useless.

Comment Re:No meat to this story (Score 1) 290

I'll second this, actually. For the simple reason that dumb, disconnected systems - like native apps and web services - tend to screw the end user less - because their lack of vertical integration leaves them with no motive. Or, more specifically, that by splitting the function into two different roles, you create two different entities who can keep each other in check.

When you control both ends, no amoral business entity can resist taking advantage.

Right now I'm looking at you, Twitter, lighting up my location icon on my iPhone for no apparent reason.


Submission + - Belgian ISPS ordered to block The Pirate Bay (vrritti.com)

cjpa writes: They have been ordered by a Belgian judge to implement a DNS blocking regime in relation to 11 links leading to The Pirate Bay and they will have 14 days to do so, or they will be risking a fine.

The case had been initiated by the Belgian Anti-Piracy Federation (BAF). The parties involved have not yet commented on the verdict.

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