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Comment Umm.. Cars? (Score 1) 330

Nothing has altered the framework of the US like the automobile. Manufacturing, finance, marketing, engineering, regulations, architecture, social mating..... All of them have undergone revolutionary transformations in the post WWII years. Only the existence of the internet has come close (and may someday surpass) to being as disruptive.

Comment Re: Whats wrong with US society (Score 1) 609

Americans need to accept that some people just shouldn't have access to such deadly weapons. The constitution even says so - you can bare arms as part of a well organized militia

People need to accept that that's not what the Constitution means or how it's been interpreted by SCOTUS.

"A well regulated Library, being necessary to the education of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Book, shall not be infringed.", can in no way be parsed to prohibit the possession of books.

Comment Re:Nuclear Attack (Score 4, Interesting) 439

That is the primary mission of the Fleet Ballistic Missile submarine ("Boomers"), but there are the guided missile and the attack submarines in the US fleet as well. Their primary purpose is to deny a potential adversary the use of their seapower. Some commentator once said "A submarine can't perform every naval mission, but it can prevent the enemy from performing ANY naval mission".

Comment Re:Actually the correct fix is far fewer words (Score 1) 1633

'A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.'

I changed two words, which have no affect the grammar of the structure at all.

"A well regulated Library, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Books shall not be infringed."

There is no way you can parse that statement to enforce the idea that ONLY a Library can have books.

So why do people insist on twisting the original wording so it somehow restricts arms to a milita?

Comment Trial, Then Commuted Sentence (Score 1) 822

There's a strong case that he broke the law and committed treason.

Charge him, try him.

Then, if he's found guilty, commute his sentence to whatever time was served during the trial. No pardon. He's still a felon. The give him a beer and throw him a party.

Maybe some administration in the future can pardon him, when he's on death's door.

Face it. He did some wrong For the right reasons, perhaps, but he still did something wrong. That should not affect the guilt or innocence finding, but rather the severity of the sentence.

Comment Re:XBMC ftw (Score 2) 420

I have an Acer 3-core low profile PC w/ Win 7 that runs XBMC 12. The same app is on both of my tablets (Nexus 10). The media is stored on D-Link NAS drives and is accessible across the network from anywhere in my home. Works awesome. Setup was as simple as specifying the SMB path to the NAS, and letting XBMC run it's media scraper to collect all the file names. I have a large collection of digitized anime, and XBMC handles handles MKV files with subtitles and dual audio as well.

With the full range of plugins that can be added to XBMC, I use to to play my Hulu+ and Amazon Prime. I've seen plugins for the BBC iPlayer, but as I'm not in the UK I can't access it.

XBMC rocks.

Comment Re:It's about time! (Score 2) 1431

And if that's the extent of it, I agree. I believe that the use of potentially deadly force is only justified when that same force is first used against you, or you're in immediate and imminent danger of having it being used against you.

So far, nothing in this story leads me to believe that was the case. But we'll see what, if any, new information comes out.

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