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Comment Re:1/3 lightspeed (Score 1) 711

Oh - were you looking for planets?

Not necessarily. Just wondering how an unmanned spacecraft would compensate for gravitational anomalies, but I get what you're saying.

Why would you look for a planet?

What can I say, some of us like the great outdoors. Living in space would mean a limited environment by comparison; the novelty would wear out (personally speaking, of course).

Comment Re:1/3 lightspeed (Score 1) 711

As a side note, your post reminded me of something... How do mission planners take into account solar systems with unknown number of planetary bodies with varying masses? I mean, we have our solar system pretty well figured out in that we can slingshot probes off of planets. Granted, they're going much slower than what's proposed here, but the effects of passing near an unexpected planet the size of Jupiter could cause problems with navigation, would it not?

Comment Re:Don't worry (Score 1) 99

We're in an era where moderate politics is a vacuum waiting to be filled. Probably not a good time to do anything in haste. Besides, the U.S. has adversaries who would just love to partner up with Turkey if it means an opportunity to destabilize relations in the west. So humiliating Turkey by kicking them out of NATO would absolutely backfire. Not to mention Turkey is a supplier of the F-35 center fuselage and committed to buying 116 of the aircraft... An arrangement that would get awkward pretty quick.

The only thing Washington and Brussels can do is sit on their hands and maybe raise concern every now and then. The rest is up to the Turkish people.

Comment Re:It's a beast (Score 1) 105

There must be a new HDMI version in the works

While I wouldn't rule that out, superMHL, which was announced over a year ago, can handle the bandwidth requirements. Lattice Semiconductor already has superMHL products ready for next-gen A/V receivers, and you may see it in graphics cards as early as 2018.

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