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Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 427

It should also be noted that this also includes all the music already licensed through the RIAA, because GEMA is the sole licensor for Germany. So "random boy band"'s own "protectors" have already agreed to a price which Google was willing to pay; only this sublicensor wants more than the RIAA gets. And insists on a per click, which is of course very cheatable. Not that I don't completely trust giant copyright associations on these things.

Comment Re:porn? where? (Score 2) 544

I have also not seen anything in this category. Certainly there are some articles that many parents might not like their children to see, but education and supervision is probably a better solution than any filter Wikipedia could manage to install. Of course, boys of a certain age are going to find it regardless of what the parents do.

Comment Re:Myth? (Score 1) 50

Many think that it's the origin of the cyclops myth. The skulls of these mammoths (once thought elephants) have very small eye sockets and a giant trunk socket. One could easily imagine that it is the skull of a giant with one big eye.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 215

They actually are blocking an awfully huge number of videos. Even home videos with low-quality background music are blocked. But sometimes something gets through -- especially if the user makes a real effort. GEMA wants Google to either (1) come up with a perfect filter or (2) pay far more to show the videos in Germany than they do in the U.S. It should be made clear that GEMA represents basically all music labels in Germany. The money that the RIAA has already received for these videos is insufficient according to them. Google is being asked to essentially pay a second time for the songs, and pay more for Germany than they did for the U.S. At least as I understand it.

Comment Re:Summary (Score 4, Insightful) 50

They've actually been doing this for a while, and it is hurting my search experience. I prefer to read content in English, but I live in Germany, which means that if I want to buy something online, I want to buy it from a German (or at least European) company to avoid having to go in to the customs office to pay taxes on everything I buy (and so as to receive the products in 1-3 days instead of 2-4 weeks).

I used to be able to achieve this very easily by using the German name for what I needed, and if that name was the same as the English term, adding "kaufen" (buy) to the search. But with the translation technology, that means that I get all the first results in English, wanting to sell me products out of the U.S.A. I haven't found a really good way around this. Admittedly, I could change the settings for what language I want every time I do such a search, but that is a lot of trouble for me. If there were an option to turn this behavior off, I would do so.

Comment Re:gema, a slave camp? (Score 1) 349

The problem is that there is a pot of all the money that they collect, and it is divided according to the popularity of the artist. If you buy a CD from a relatively obscure artist who is covered by GEMA, he is going to get a smaller fraction of the money, and some of the money from the CD you just bought will be going to the popular artists (whom you probably weren't intending to support).

Comment Re:gema, a slave camp? (Score 4, Interesting) 349

The youtube thing is really frustrating, I keep hoping that Google will manage to come up with a deal, but apparently GEMA wants more money than the RIAA demanded to make it "legal" to stream those videos in Germany. I must admit, though, that GEMA does have its (rather small) upside: since they "represent" practically all the musicians in the world, you only have one place you need to go to pay royalties. I don't think that very much of the GEMA money gets to the artists, of course, probably less than with the RIAA.

Comment Re:Not necessarily. (Score 1) 1040

I think that the horrors of autoraise can only be understood by someone who has used focus follows mouse (click to raise) for a while. At least on an X-based system, it is really heaven. I am constantly running things in multiple windows and overlapping, and it makes me very happy and productive. But I have had time to learn to work with it. I now have the problem that I am almost paralyzed when I have to use Windows on a small monitor (especially the versions with application grouping in the status bar). However, I do know that my feelings on this are not universal.

More and more, though, we have developers deciding that their opinions are universal. OpenOffice is the big offender in this in the Linux world. They decided at some point to override the window manager, forcing raising on focus, which makes it pretty much impossible to work with severe OOo windows open. I have not yet come up with a good alternative, though. So I am forced to minimize all the OOo windows to prevent them from blocking out what I'm actually trying to do. To be more on topic, I managed to use Gnome 3 for about a day and a half before I gave up and went to XFCE.

Comment No battery (Score 1) 254

I feel so "old-fashioned", but since I'm never really away from a land line, I've never felt a real need to have a mobile phone. I'm probably the most technically literate person (use Linux and still solve everybody's Windows problems) around here, and yet the least capable of composing a text message. It's kind of paradoxical, I know.

Comment Re:Banned books week (Score 1) 229

The lists are interesting in that this year's list includes an item of required reading for my English classes (Brave New World), and last years includes a book that I required for English, even though it wasn't formally required by the government (To Kill a Mockingbird). [I'm teaching in Germany, where there are centralized exams to graduate from High School, so that everybody has to read at least some of the same books.]

I suppose that it is censorship in a certain way, since the libraries typically receive government monies; on the other hand, the publication and purchase of the books was in no way suppressed, so in that sense, censorship isn't exactly the right word here, as it would be, say, in Iran when the controversy over The Satanic Verses came out.

Comment Re:Gnome 3 (Score 1) 249

The solution in Fedora is to just install the rpmfusion repo (there are others, but this is the most likely to keep you stable). There you can get everything you need.except for libdvdcss, which requires installation of the repository.

As to the question at hand, I just switched 2 minutes ago to XFCE, and it is looking likely that I am going to stay here I couldn't take the Gnome 3 "You are currently working on application A, therefore all other applications are distractions and I must make it difficult for you to access them" attitude. I spend far too much time translating texts or composing on the basis of something in another window, and so on, to live with that.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 123

Yep. I had shell access, usenet and FTP from once upon a time. I only had a 386 so didn't try to set up SLIP with them. They literally required you to buy an O'Reilly (or similar) book on SLIP from them in order to sign up for the service. If you could prove that you already owned the book, they would refund a certain portion of the sign-up fee.

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