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Comment Re:Alpha Waves (Score 2) 106

This sort of tool would be useful for people who have permits to drive but are at risk from epileptic seizures or other brain related medical conditions. A car slowing down, pulling onto the hard shoulder and turning on hazard lights as well as calling medical services would be a real boon to people who have this condition but constantly worry about blacking out. It may even lower their insurance to get the device retrofitted.

Comment Tech thats needed? (Score 1) 106

It's all quite useful but the real question is, is there that many deaths / accidents because of drowsiness?

I would think there are statistically higher causes of accidents, like driving without due care and attention or drunk driving.

The tech is good, provided it stops there. We don't need a slew of sensors monitoring our driving habits under the guise of promising lower insurance. Supposing you are in your vehicle and pull into a lay by to have a nap. Is this device going to report you for being asleep at the wheel?

What happens if and when the device malfunctions and you get reported for being asleep at the wheel while speeding down a freeway? How would you fight the hike in insurance? Would you even know or be informed by the insurance company why your insurance premium has spiked?

Comment What worries me... (Score 1) 108

Is Facebook integration. Could you imagine being on your Steambox, playing Modern Warfare 7 using the Oculus Rift and suddenly a message pops up "John has posted something : Having a Kebab for dinner, yum!", not only would it be distracting, it would be annoying, and I bet a Facebook account would be compulsory.

Comment Resentment built in (Score 2) 222

If I were invested in the whole Xbox ecosystem I would resent having to shell out more for a device that basically brings nothing to the table as a gamer. Looking across at my PS4 'rivals' they basically get a more powerful console for a lot less money. To add insult to injury Xbox fanbois try and point out the flaws in the PS4 ecosystem, flaws which the XBox has too.. "Look, you have to pay for multiplayer now!", which although is a new added expense, was ALWAYS an expense for the XBox. Microsoft have already tweaked the XBox OS (Whatever its called) to reduce the CPU and memory usage of this device, but in doing so they admit that their console is the weaker of the two spec wise. All the way resisting the overwhelming public demand that they need to drop the requirement for the device and instead pushing their "living room agenda". In this day and age people are price conscious, Microsoft forgets this. Sure there are exclusives that tempt people to drop cash on an XBox, but the financial difference is so large, this "exclusive" system doesn't have the pull it once had. Microsoft needs to drop the mandatory add on requirement before its too late.

Comment Media Tax (Score 3, Insightful) 198

I assume that if all these governments from around the globe have successfully 'blocked' all these nasty web sites offering pirated content, then it stands to reason that the recording industries tax on blank media no longer would be appropriate or relevant, so we can have cheaper blank media again?

Submission + - Water-Prospecting Polaris Lunar Rover Prototype Built (

Zothecula writes: Astrobotic Technology Inc., a spin-off company of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), has debuted its full-size flight prototype of its Polaris lunar water-prospecting robot. Polaris is specially designed to work in the permanently shadowed craters at the Moon’s poles. Scheduled to be sent to the Moon using a SpaceX Falcon 9 launch vehicle, the solar-powered rover is a contender in the US$20 million Google Lunar X Prize and is tasked with seeking ice deposits that could be used by future colonists.

Submission + - Snes/Nes & Megadrive Perfect Gaming On a Handheld

YokimaSun writes: DCEmu have an article about a Handheld thats been released that will play original Nes, Snes and Megadrive(genesis) Carts. Instead of emulating on consoles such as the PSP or Nintendo Wii, you can play the games on original hardware but whilst on the go. The Handheld comes with 2 joypads and even connects to the TV. It has a decent 8 hours of battery usage and if your lucky enough to own a flash cart for either the Snes or Megadrive this could very much be the ultimate system for you.

Submission + - How to add 5.5 petabytes and get banned from Costco during a hard drive crisis (

concealment writes: "“We buy lots and lots of hard drives . . . . [They] are the single biggest cost in the entire company.”

Those are the words of Backblaze Founder and CEO Gleb Budman, whose company offers unlimited cloud backup for just $5 a month, and fills 50TB worth of new storage a day in its custom-built, open source pod architecture. So one might imagine the cloud storage startup was pretty upset when flooding in Thailand caused a global shortage on internal hard drives last year.

Backblaze details much the process in a Tuesday-morning blog post, including the hijinks that followed as the company got creative trying to figure out ways around the new hard drive limits. Maps were drawn, employees were cut off from purchasing hard drives at Costco — both in-person throughout Silicon Valley and online (despite some great efforts to avoid detection, such as paying for hard drives online using gift cards) — and friends and family across the country were conscripted into a hard-drive-buying army."

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