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Comment Re:"Built to think like a reporter"... (Score 1) 109

Unfortunately, true. Also interesting to note that journalism as a whole is sexist (many more males than females), racist (declining and way under-representative of minorities), and opposed to equal pay for equal work. So while they tend to champion such things as equality for all in theory - they really don't carry through in actions.

Comment Re: Trump! (Score 1) 502

Cool, so we can say more than 1,100 jobs were saved with the maintaining and expanding of the Carrier factory in Indiana as well, then! So now we can say that Trump has already saved 6,800 jobs (using the same ratio of direct-to-indirect jobs saved as for the GM calculation). So around $100 per year per job saved - that's a massive return on investment!

Comment Re:Fake news (Score 1) 502

Again - it's the participation RATE. That's a percentage. I know it's hard to understand - but if there are 100 workers, and 90 have jobs, then the unemployment rate is 10%. If we add 20 more people to the mix, and still have 90 jobs, we have a 25% unemployment rate. If 20 of the 30 that were unemployed are now off of unemployment, and we still have 90 jobs, we now have an unemployment rate of 10% again - but we actually have 20 also no longer "counted". So we have 30 people without jobs, but only "officially" have 10 without jobs. That's why the labor force participation rate matters - not just the unemployment rate.

Comment Re:Fake news (Score 0) 502

Which is why you want to look at the Labor Force Participation RATE - it's a percentage, not an absolute. That has steadily decreased. Fewer people are working, but those who have not completely given up (and thus are no longer considered from an unemployment rate standpoint) are finally finding jobs.

Comment Re:Trump! (Score 0) 502

The average wage of the jobs being discussed is $35,000. That's $1,000 per year to Indiana, $5300 to the Federal SSI/FICA per year, and about $3,000 per year for Federal income tax. So a total of $9300 to various Governments in taxation on that income. What did it cost to keep those $1,100 jobs? $640 per job, per year. So here's where it comes down:

1. Jobs go away. Governments lose $9,300 per year per job in direct taxation, additional losses due to less economic activity (1,100 income streams significantly depleted), and a large increase in expenses due to unemployment claims.

2. Government lets Carrier keep more of its own money. Jobs do not go away. Government retains $8,600 per year per job in direct taxation, the addtional revenue due to the maintained economic activity, and zero unemployment expenses.

Assuming just a 20% gain from the economic activity of the wages, and $15,000 expense for unemployment per job, this translates into a 10 year net gain of $171 million, as compared to a $198 million net loss. All for a $7 million investment. I guess $370 million difference is irrelevant though because Trump.

Comment Re: Define Conundrum (Score 1) 240

A "tax break" is a bundle of cash.

False. It is like the SSI/FICA tax break a while ago. Rather than sending in $3000 to the Federal Government, you only sent in $2200. No money came YOUR way, less flowed out the other way. Giving the tax break in this case results in MORE revenue for the State and the Federal Government than not giving it - and letting the jobs go overseas. Better to lose 3-4 times the tax revenue AND have 1,100 more people out of work? But I get it - Trump - can't say anything good about him, right?

Comment Re: Define Conundrum (Score 1) 240

Actually, he didn't spend a single Federal tax dollar. Indiana gave a $7 million tax break over 10 years, so about $700 per year per job saved. Given the fact that Indiana's income tax rate is a flat 3.3%, that means it "gave up" income tax on the first $21,000 of income per job kept. My guess is that the average wages kept per employee are higher than that, so Indiana will end up with additional income tax it would not have had if the jobs went away. As well as the follow-on spending stimulus that those 1,000 jobs brought. Seems like a good thing all around.

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