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Comment Re: I link it to my car (Score 1) 79

Choice isn't allowed - after all, how would you survive if you showed up at the latest free-trade-coffee/quinoa salad hipster hangout and DIDN'T pull out an iPhone? The ostracism would cause the wax on yourhandlebar moustache to drip down on to your skinny jeans and flannel shirt! No, the choice is simply not there - it's either iPhone of social obscurity. Standing out in the crowd is exactly the wrong way to get noticed!

Comment Re:It might be something but it isn't anti-trust? (Score 1) 121

I can buy Toyota parts at O'Reilly's, Pep Boys, NAPA, and hundreds of other places. And those Toyota parts may be factory original parts or aftermarket parts developed to replace factory parts. How many places can you buy an alternative browser for an iPhone, or an alternative voice agent?

Comment Re:Website is already down but... (Score 1) 280

Some of the best engineering department leads I've worked for had zero touch with the technology itself but they REALLY understood how teams function, great processes for development, and how to motivate people to work properly. I'd rather the person in charge of a huge effort like this one understand more about how to build and manage great organizations than the intricacies of configuring linux servers...

Comment Re:Death of Uber (Score 1) 139

No, I'm talking riders getting subsidies - via Uber paying more to the drivers than the costs support. Once that subsidy to the rider goes away, either the driver loses money (and Uber loses drivers in droves), or the cost of the ride goes up (and the number of riders plumments). Cut the billions that Uber is spending to buy riders - and you have no more riders.

Comment Re:In this economy? (Score 1) 564

Only because people have permanently dropped out of the work force. The labor force participation rate is as low as it has been in 2 generations. And creating McJobs and part-time work doesn't quite make up for the loss in full-time, gainful employment. Thus the push for "living wage" we see popping up all over the place, because people are trapped with either no job, or entry level jobs and cannot climb the ladder - the ladder rungs above are full.

Comment Re:In this economy? (Score 1) 564

To put that in perspective, in the same time period, there were about 240 million streams of Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd alone. Pandora had 5.4 billion hours streamed in Q3, 2016, which would be about 470,000 times more than the cassettes sold (assuming 60 minute cassettes). And that's just Pandora, not including all the other streaming services.

Cassettes are a tiny little drop in a thimble used to fill the swimming pool. They are irrelevant. But I get it - hipster! Now get me my mustache wax and we're good to go, as soon as I can pull on my skinny jeans and flannel shirt...

Comment Re:In this economy? (Score 1) 564

SNR, THD, and bandwidth of a CD is way beyond that of an LP or cassette. And I don't know anyone who's not using DAWs for mixing and editing - meaning it's all coming from the same basic source. There may be a few indie folks doing all analog and cutting tape on their 1" reels, but that number is probably in the dozens.

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