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Comment Re:*The* Quickest, Not *Its* Quickest (Score 1) 157

Unless you want to carve corners - then the GT-R stomps the Tesla. And it's a great car for two people to travel - I loved taking one with my friend (who owns it) from LA to Redwood City and back. Made the PCH a fabulous road to drive. If I want a sedate drive, I'll get something a touch more comfortable and "forgo" that fast 0-60 (I'd be content with sub-6 second 0-60 times, personally). And be able to take the roads less traveled; Route 36 in Northern California is awesome on any sporty vehicle (140+ miles of twisties), but be forewarned - no charging stations along that road!

Comment Re:There is a better Bluetooth audio option now: A (Score 1) 337

BT 5 is still not released as a spec. Expect hardware to follow in Q1 or Q2 next year (meaning not the iPhone 7). And to the best of my knowledge it requires a different chipset as the bandwidth through the modem is 4 times as high. Existing BT sets won't support BT 5 protocols. So in this case - the iPhone 7 will be crippled on an older protocol, without any clean way - short of a dongle - to use literally billions of existing headphones.

Comment Re: *The* Quickest, Not *Its* Quickest (Score 2) 157

Production car means a car in production or PREVIOUSLY in production. That is what a production car is. A car that was mass-produced by a manufacturer for general sale to the public (meaning it meets all rules and regulations of the highway). Just because you cannot buy a Ford Ranger anymore doesn't mean they are not production vehicles. Likewise a Tesla Roadster, which is also no longer produced. It was a production vehicle.

Comment Re:New Technologies... (Score 1) 337

No, those are typically BLE - Bluetooth Smart, and are class 2 or class 3 devices. They are not full-range/full-power Bluetooth like headsets. Yes, there are actually different power levels of Bluetooth. And it's why you cannot use ANY Bluetooth in most airplanes in Asia because of the confusion over it. Technically, you cannot use class 1 devices on an airplane in the USA.

Comment Re:There is a better Bluetooth audio option now: A (Score 1) 337

Most mid-to-higher end Bluetooth headphones (including Beats until recently) have AptX. Sennheiser, JBL, AKG, Samsung, B&O, etc. It runs about $0.60 per headphone. And it has a definite improvement of audio quality, including in double-blind tests. I know Apple doesn't like to pay other license fees - but they LOVE to collect them (try including Lightning support without buying their chip AND paying a license fee...) A bit of hypocrisy. Just leave the 3.5mm jack and avoid it all...

Comment Re:New Technologies... (Score 1) 337

I fly 2-3 times a week - I use it a lot since Bluetooth audio is basically verboten worldwide (you're only supposed to use Bluetooth Smart - BLE - devices, not streaming audio). Also when walking around the streets of San Francisco or riding BART - IEMs in, and wired to the phone. I'd say the majority of people on the BART have wired earbuds/headphones in...

Comment There is a better Bluetooth audio option now: AptX (Score 3, Informative) 337

And it's supported by all the high end phones. Except Apple - they want their own standard (interestingly, just the iOS devices; the Macbooks have AptX compatibility). It consistently rates higher than any other Bluetooth audio experience, and it's low-latency variant is very nice too. And yes, I develop Bluetooth headphones for a living.

Comment Re:Elect Trump for Honest Government (Score 1) 487

I think a bit of both. I think pointing out the facts caused his brain to go into a bit of overload. But there was a few "F Trump!" and "he's a warmonger!" tossed in there. Nevermind Trump opposed the Iraq war from the beginning, our actions in Libya and Syria, and couldn't do anything about them anyway. Of course, Hillary! supported all of them, and was in a position of power to execute on each of them as well... He didn't like the hypocrisy of his position.

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