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Hardware Hacking

Home-Built Turing Machine 123

stronghawk writes "The creator of the Nickel-O-Matic is back at it and has now built a Turing Machine from a Parallax Propeller chip-based controller, motors, a dry-erase marker and a non-infinite supply of shiny 35mm leader film. From his FAQ: 'While thinking about Turing machines I found that no one had ever actually built one, at least not one that looked like Turing's original concept (if someone does know of one, please let me know). There have been a few other physical Turing machines like the Logo of Doom, but none were immediately recognizable as Turing machines. As I am always looking for a new challenge, I set out to build what you see here.'"
The Courts

GameStop Sued Over Lack of DLC For Used Games 345

Absolut187 writes "According to IGN, 'A lawsuit filed earlier this week against retailer GameStop says the company is "deceptively misleading" its customers into believing a used game purchased from the store comes with all packaged downloadable content advertised on the box. This content, however, is only made available for free to those who purchase the game new, as the code to access the content can be only used one time.' I personally don't have a problem with publishers charging for DLC. IMHO, you put in the effort to make it, you have the right to (try) to charge whatever you want. I have the right to take it or leave it if I don't find your price fair (same goes for the main game). But what about the used game market? Should publishers be allowed to destroy the used market for their games by including 'free' DLC with a one-time use code? Should the copyright doctrine of 'first-sale' have any effect here? Or is it up to the consumer (frequently children) to realize that the product will have a reduced resale value due to the one-time nature of the DLC code? Is this any different from the use of unique 'CD-Keys' that are required for online play (e.g. for Blizzard games since 1997 or earlier)?"
User Journal

Journal Journal: [Danny Says] Who wants flies? 5

Danny: Why should I?
Me: You get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.
Danny: Who wants flies?
Me: I have no idea.

Comment pr0n (Score 1) 531

Make sure they understand that Flash pr0n is not as good as mpeg pr0n and that it's OK to wait 10 minutes to get a whole DVD verses just 3:30 of a movie. Also remind them that EVERYONE on the internet is a 45 year old pervert who wants to touch their private bits. Oh and tell them you work on airplanes.

User Journal

Journal Journal: **No Title** 15

So. I was really bored of seeing that other topic. So I started this one. It's not really a topic. It's place holder.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Bill Gates Begs To Be Cracked On Vista 6

In a recent interview here Bill Gates had this to say about security:

Nowadays, security guys break the Mac every single day. Every single day, they come out with a total exploit, your machine can be taken over totally. I dare anybody to do that once a month on the Windows machine.

Listen closely! Can you hear the soft whirring of hard drives loading nessus in No

User Journal

Journal Journal: [According to Danny] Acting Like A Stupid Dog 3

Danny says that Thomas Jefferson holds the world record for Acting Like A Stupid Dog.

I have checked Wikipedia, Google... I can't find any proof that this is true!

BTW everyone wish Danny luck as he's trying to break that record!

User Journal

Journal Journal: [Lost] I'm out 11

I don't care about this show. I'll download it from alt.binaries.dvdr maybe but I'm not waiting 13 weeks to find out anything.

I like the 4 8 15 16 23 42 thing but I'll just read the answer on Wikipedia someday.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Senate Control? 7

I'm confused. I read 51-49 in headlines. However, it's 49-2-49.

What's up with that? Besides I thought Lieberman was a DINO?

Linux Business

Submission + - Microsoft and Novell to Announce Win/Linux deal?

ctaizen writes: According to the WSJ, NOVEL and MSFT have scheduled a 2pm (PT) press conference in San Francisco to announce, as MarketWatch reports; " Microsoft, Novell entering into partnership over Linux: WSJ By Gabriel Madway Last Update: 2:18 PM ET Nov 2, 2006 SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Microsoft and Novell are entering into a partnership that could help Novell's Linux operating system, according to a media report Thursday. Under the agreement, which isn't final, Microsoft will offer sales support to Novell's Suse Linux, the Wall Street Journal reported on its Web site, citing people familiar with the companies. The two companies have also agreed to develop technologies to make it easier for computer users to run both Suse Linux and Microsoft's Windows operating system, the report said. The companies are expected to announce details of their plan later today at a press conference in San Francisco. End of Story
User Journal

Journal Journal: Bill Clinton Is Absolutely Right 8

If you elect the Democrats they'll tax you into the poor house, and on the way, you'll meet a terrorist on every corner, and when you try to run away, you'll stumble over an illegal immigrant.
-- Former President Clinton, describing the GOP's midterm message, 10/29/06

Of course he's literally correct. The GOP is saying that, and they appear to be correct.

User Journal

Journal Journal: ellem's Profound Statement V010.003

Men, if you can't get your hands on a puppy, or a baby... go to the bookstore and peruse the Jounals section and wickedly hot Goth Chicks will think you're in touch with feelings and offer to do amazing things with their tongues to you.

Or so I have heard.

User Journal

Journal Journal: ellem's Profound Statement V010.002

The great thing about Manhattan is that it is always new. When you walk down a block you need to look up and down and even still old things will be new to you as you "find" them.

User Journal

Journal Journal: ellem's Profound Statement V010.001 5

Never show me anything.

My reaction to what you show me is not likely to be that which you expect.

Chances are you won't like it.

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