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Submission + - Google Fiber Dials it Back on Network Neutrality (

Luyseyal writes: Now that the shoe is on the other foot, Google has decided that Network Neutrality only applies corporation-to-corporation. Too bad for you if you want to run a Minecraft server on Google Fiber without violating the Terms of Service. Of course, ISPs regularly overlook all but the most heavily trafficked residential servers. Given that, one wonders whether this provision is even enforceable.
The Internet

Submission + - Your e-personality vs your real one: who wins? ( 1

Luyseyal writes: John Moe of Marketplace Tech Report interviews (listen to the audio) Dr. Elias Aboujaoude regarding his book, Virtually You: The Dangerous Powers of the E-Personality. "[He] says we all carve out what he calls "e-personalities" and they're a lot more likely to be jerks than our personalities who live in the real world.

That, he says, can cause a lot of problems. He sees the e-personality escaping from its cage and creeping into more parts of day-to-day society. He sees the behavior that happened at health care debates last year as being very much informed by the inflammatory rhetoric associated with online forums. And while he won't say that online culture led to the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona, he thinks that the climate in which the shooting took place could be an indirect effect of the Internet. "It was a YouTube video played out in real life."

Submission + - Low Level Format using USB Flash Drive? 1

Luyseyal writes: "Hey Slashdot. I unwittingly bought one of these terrible flash cards at Fry's and have managed to nuke two of them, successively. I have a USB flash card reader that will read/write the current one at USB 1.0 speed, but it locks up every Ubuntu and XP machine I've come across in high speed access mode. I have read that if I low-level format it that it could be fixed, though my current one doesn't support it. My Google-fu must be weak because I cannot seem to find a USB flash reader that specifies that it will do low-level formatting. Help me Natalie Portman's grits — you are my only hope!"
The Internet

Submission + - The Estonian Internet War (

Luyseyal writes: "Gadi Evron, a computer security expert at Afilias Global Registry Services, wrote to the Bugtraq mailing list today, "About a year ago after coming back from Estonia I promised I'd send in an account of the Estonian 'war'" [PDF]. His account details the background, circumstances, and general methods used by Russian attackers, as well as the political fall-out and recommendations for Internet security."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - FBI Raids Liberty Dollar Offices-Linden Labs Next? (

Luyseyal writes: "On November 14, 2007, FBI agents raided the offices of the Liberty Dollar, an alternative gold-backed currency, which has taken great pains to stay within the bounds of US law. One wonders if Linden Labs got in the business of printing Linden Dollars if they would get the same treatment. With the dollar falling, metal-backed, online-usable currencies may see more demand. PayPal Goldstandard[tm] anyone?"

Submission + - Recycle Waste CPU Wafers into Solar Panels (

Luyseyal writes: "IBM has developed a process for scrubbing the data clean from waste silicon wafers, allowing the otherwise highly secret waste to be sold. The silicon quality usually necessary for solar production is very high and the cost of solar panels reflects it. Recycling this waste should help bring down the cost in the long run and add a new profit vector for chip manufacturers."

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