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Comment Industrial Partnerships and Matched Funding (Score 1) 133

With public sponsorship of research dwindling, many governments are forcing researchers to seek industrial partnerships and to work towards commercialization rather than basic science only. Researchers in fields like food and diet must often partner with producers, so as long as they declare all funding sources I don't have a problem with it. The alternative is to increase public funding of research, but that would cut into leader's pet projects...

Comment Re:Mixed, but overall positive. (with one exceptio (Score 1) 577

Really? A lot of innovation comes from small and dynamic enterprises. I expect that big industry would just wait out the hardship of R&D and then reproduce finished produces after a five-year wait (relatively short in the scheme of many novel products), at a fraction of the cost and with the ability to distribute and mass market.

Comment Re:Canada is extremely strict in their customs (Score 1) 298

This sounds terrible, but Canada is far from the strictest in the world. Your experience crossing back into the US is tainted by holding a US passport. Unfortunately Canadian customs agents have fed off the TSA and DHS power trip. The US has actually had a strong hand in changing how US border control is exerted.

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