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Comment where will it end? (Score 1) 76

I won't dream of a single (or multiple) damn quantum thing until I see an equation that describes a real-world superposition scaling limit, species type "immovable object".

I believed in Moore's law because it was on a collision course with the atom, right from day one. Even as a child, I didn't believe in a Laplacian universe, in the sense that the accumulated knowledge required to compute the deterministic outcome could exist in one place—a place smaller than the universe itself—for any value of "smaller" my small mind was capable of entertaining.

I've been reading articles about quantum computing seemingly for decades now, and not a single article has pointed out any practical scaling limit. For all these dunderheads seem to know, we could cajole the entire universe into a state of Laplacian superposition, if only we didn't suck at stacking these tiny little Lego blocks.

No scaling boundary equation widely promulgated = no credibility widely disseminated = very little fantasy action for people who don't believe in giant green men with anger management issues.

Comment Re:It's time for an Android alternative (Score 1) 151

Cyanogen is all but dead friend. I know I'll get shit but you want a tablet YOU control? Get one of those Windows 10 tablets, nice thing about those is since its a desktop OS you can run something like ShutUp10 and run a nice light third party firewall to make sure nothing gets out that YOU don't approve of. You can also replace all the default apps with any programs you normally use on a desktop, replace the browser with Pale Moon or Comodo Dragon, replace the trial of office 365 with LibreOffice, etc.They have them starting at $47 on Amazon for the 7 inch models but personally I'd spend a little more and get one of the 2GB models because you can never have too much RAM.

I'm just glad I hung onto my little netbook, I can run any OS from BSD to XP on it, was easily upgraded to 8GB of RAM, thanks to the AMD APU I can use it as a 1080P HTPC and even after 5 years I still get nearly 3 and a half hours on a battery. Now I just need to get off my behind and upgrade the HDD with an SSD, its a bit of a PITA to do with one of those EEEs but I've seen vids of the performance gains you get on one when you do it so its worth the hassle.

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 493

Or do you seriously think an Apple Intel CPU is more reliable than a Dell Intel CPU?

Never heard of Xeon? At least half of a high-end chip's reliability comes from the post-manufacture test procedure and binning standard.

At Apple's scale, they can negotiate any production standard with Intel that they wish to have. This isn't even uncommon, as companies like Google and Facebook are already negotiating custom Xeons for the datacenter, which certainly involves tweaking some internal chip firmware (e.g. changing cache allocation policies or thermal envelopes), all the way up to possibly adding specialized instructions and/or execution units.

Finally, far more problems arise from the mainboard and assembly quality than the underlying chip quality, but at the end of the day it all adds up.

Welcome to Supply Chain 501. It's not your father's Supply Chain 101.

That said, Apple (the company) is a cult-like Black Box of the highest order. When it serves their agenda, they make good products. When their agenda shifts with the winds of fashion—so long, sweet Mini—caveat emptor.

The New Mac mini is Quickly Turning into a Disaster
Mac Mini 2014 Review: A Terrible Shame

Once upon a time, a very nice product, too bad about the "greatness" removal tool presiding from the glass office.

Comment Re:Relationship of technology to this election? (Score 1) 325

My first degree included sociology and I studied quite a bit about polling. I even followed up with math before switching to computer science for my second degree. So I'm telling you [tbannist] to stop projecting your ignorance or bias.

So, are you a sock-puppet account for meta-monkey? Or are you just jumping on the "polling isn't accurate because I don't like the results" bandwagon?

Short summary: It is quite easy to deliver any poll results you are being paid for.

I would strongly suspect that vast majority of polls are paid for accurate results. In the case of political campaigns, for example, they may only release the results of favourable polls, but deliberately inaccurate polls seem like a waste of money. It far cheaper to simply choose the poll(s) that other people have paid for that most resemble the result you want and trumpet those. Also, few people are going to believe a poll that the campaign paid for that produces wildly different results from everyone other poll. Without a sound procedure and definite reasons for the discrepancies, it would be immediately be dismissed as paid-for-results and it would damage the credibility of the polling organization that produced the results.

The hardest thing is to produce an honest poll that gives you meaningful insight into any deep issue.

There's a qualitative different between biased results and deliberately dishonest results. Most polls have some degree of bias and we can compare polls to each other and to election results to see how accurate they and develop and estimate of how biased the poll is and in which direction. But meta-monkey made the claim that they don't even try to be accurate until the last week before the election and if you believe he is correct, then you're also an ignorant fool.

Submission + - Google interview process big turn off for experienced engineers (

mysterious_mark writes: There's an article in the Business Insider discussing how the interview process at Google is really just geared for recent CS grads, and makes no sense for experienced engineers. Apparently the only criteria to work at Google is one's ability to do white board code problems, actual engineering experience counts for nothing. This may explain why the average engineer at Google is under 30, the problem is partly due to age discrimination, and also because older and more experienced engineers simply don't want to deal with the interview process.

Comment Re:Hoping (Score 1) 265

There's ultimately no way for a portable to match the full consoles in power, right? So this is pretty clearly a departure from the Xbone / PS4 market, which they were only arguably sorta in to begin with.

There has been speculation for some time that Nintendo would get out of the home console business. To me this looks like a backdoor way of doing that, while still saving face by including a home TV dock.

Comment Re:Clever design (Score 1) 265

Really digging the design for it, based on what the trailer shows. What's interesting, however, seems to be the fact that all of the computing is done in the tablet portion, which is itself relatively small, even by tablet standards, suggesting that it'll have some serious constraints in terms of the horsepower they can cram in there.

To me, this looks like Nindendo's backdoor way of getting out of the home console business altogether. This is basically a handheld that you can also attach to your TV. It looks more like a rival to the PS Vita than the PS4.

Comment Re:Clever design (Score 1) 265

curious how it will work in reality.

My guess would be it will basically function as a PS Vita that also plugs into your TV--only with much shittier online capabilities and much less 3rd party games. The detachable controllers just look like a gimmick to me.

Of course, this is Nintendo, so they will sell like crazy at first. Then a year or two later, they'll all be gathering dust in closets as people realize that the games suck, online play sucks, Xbox and PS are still way more powerful, and the novelty has worn off. A new Mario game can only carry you so far, after all.

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