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Comment Re:Republicans (Score 1) 370

Wow, just sad to see on another site supposedly populated by smart people so many still buy into the DemS vS Reps shell game. Perhaps a few quotes from men more powerful then I will ever be will enlighten you...

Abraham Lincoln, Nov. 21 1864 "I see in the near future a crisis approaching; corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed."

Mayer Amschel Rothschild "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws."

Comment Re:Thanks, I'll pass on all of them (Score 1) 235

I'll grant you restaurant variety will suffer the smaller the town. That said I live in a place with a population of less than half a million and we've got several Thai places, numerous Korean joints, at least one Japanese eatery I'm aware of, and a couple Indian places.

That describes one side of a single city block in downtown Vancouver, if you add a Vietnamese Pho, a Starbucks, two decent coffee shops, and a superior French bakery.

Comment Re:It is in the nature of the business! (Score 1) 158

Yes, they stand on that mountain, but they are still building it!

All the more reason to question their overhead since this "mountain" was already climbed in 1969. You do realize there's almost nothing NASA is trying to do today that wasn't already done better, faster, and cheaper by the Apollo program, right?

Comment Re:Can't blame NASA (Score 1) 158

I wonder if Americans will ever figure out that privatization is a con job by oligarchs to get your money for themselves under the guise of efficiency.

I dunno. Americans still haven't figured out government programs are a con job by politicians to get our money for themselves under the guise of efficacy. "Hey Taxpayer! You're too stupid to know what to do with your own money so we will take it from you and spend it in ways we think are best for you! Don't object! It's for your own good!"

This is why I'm a Libertarian.

Comment Re: Can't blame NASA (Score 2) 158

Welcome to Trumponian politics.

You know, I seem to recall there might've been a different guy in the White House for the last eight years who oversaw the ridiculous F-35 program and did...well, nothing. Gosh, what was his name? O-something? But who cares, right? Since he was a Democrat he can do no wrong, and since Trump is a Republican he must be blamed for everything, including things he had nothing to do with.

Comment Re:But but but! (Score 1) 231

And you don't think some other nations might have a problem with that?

You say that as if we didn't have enough nuclear weapons already to wipe out nearly any nation on the planet without fear of counterattack. Why should we give a damn about what other nations think about a mass driver? If we wanted to be a serious threat to them it's not like they could do anything about it NOW so a mass driver wouldn't alter anything.

Comment Re:SJW purges in full swing now (Score 5, Interesting) 607

Um, are you claiming that a gorean lifestyle is associated with being a conservative?

No. For all I know, this guy may consider himself a liberal. But the fact that his lifestyle deviated even *slightly* from the rigid SJW orthodoxy was enough to get him purged. He wasn't fired for participating in BDSM and talking about it. He was fired for participating in a specific type of BDSM that involves men subjugating women. If he had been blogging about gay or transsexual BDSM, the same guy who fired him would be likely be celebrating him for his "bravery."

This sort of thing doesn't even warrant being called a "double standard" anymore. It's crossed over into just flat-out political/social persecution. And it's taken on a quasi-religious orthodoxical tone that's scary as fuck.

Comment Re:While its not my cup of tea (Score 5, Interesting) 607

It looks like everyone not fully embracing the SJW agenda is being purged in tech and entertainment industries in the wake of the Trump hysteria. People thought Tim Allen was crazy for joking to Jimmy Kimmel that being even a moderate conservative in Hollywood was starting to feel like being a Jew in 1930's Germany. But he wasn't just shooting his mouth off. One of the first things the Nazis did with Jews was ban them from most employment.

Let's hope sanity ultimately prevails before we cross into truly dangerous territory here.

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