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Comment Re:Silly. (Score 1) 871

You are wrong because you conflate the meaning og "point" (why we have authority figures, and/or where they derive their, well, authority from) with your beliefs about how (all? most?) authority figures and structures actually act. It seems, solely to provoke a reaction.

Now I agree that you should be highly suspect of any authority figures and systems (having read Frank Herbert at an impressionable age), but that hardly means we should attack everyone who says that the point of having such figures is actually something better than what we have or what we should naively expect...

Comment Re:Police and Judges. (Score 1) 871

And since he spent his formative years in England and Denmark that could have well formed his socialist view of the 5th amendment. The Bill of Rights are for INDIVIDUALS. He probably missed that understanding.

Socialism is about the distribution of wealth and the laws under which you get to create and accumulate it. It is not about (for or against) individual rights, except that it does not value any "right to own" higher than the right to life, happiness, etc. etc.
You may be confusing socialism with Stalinism or Leninism, or some other kind of totalitarian system that called itself communism...

Comment Re:What's the problem? (Score 2) 211

I am so sorry. I thought this was the discussion about a private company owning (and as such companies are wont to do) selling detailed data on all teachers and students, while providing a lock-in platform for serving and tracking all teaching. If they are only recommending a book or other teacher aid, then I must have completely misunderstood the article. Sorry, won't happen again!

Comment Re:What's the problem? (Score 4, Insightful) 211

Since when is the idea of a teacher evaluating a student's abilities an Orwellian concept? Or does it magically become Orwellian just because a tablet is involved?

Not magically and not because of the tablet. But when one actor becomes the keeper, gatekeeper and salesperson through yet another "nice-data-you-have-there-maybe-we-should-hold-that-for.you"-based (ie. cloud) solution, then yes, we are moving closer to an Orwellian concept (with a few corporate, not one state, big brothers).
It is not because the teacher is marking it on a tablet, it is because one big corp is going to be analysing, using and reselling the data from everything both student and teacher does to advertisers, government and related industries that this becomes a problem.

Comment Re:Agreed, it's stupid (Score 1) 737

I believe in equal rights for all. No special rights for anyone.

Who on earth gave you the idea feminism is about special rights for women?

Seriously? That is nowhere near the agenda.

Equal pay is a feminist cause. The right to vote is a feminist cause.

Please point to these feminist organisations saying women should be paid more than men, or be allowed to vote twice!

Comment Re:doesn't help people take games seriously either (Score 1) 737

The endgame of extremist feminists looks very like that of extremist religions, with women chastely covered up and seperated from the lecherous menfolk for fear they will be overcome by their urges.

You should read a dictionary, because that has nothing at all to do with feminism. Nothing. Not one bit.

Feminism is the idea that women are people. Often tied to a sensibility towards the fact that they have not traditionally, and in some ways, in some cultures, still are not treated as such.

Comment Re:doesn't help people take games seriously either (Score 1) 737

Not everything has to conform to political correctness. What's wrong with letting guys be guys, and enjoy things men like?

When the women outnumber the men, are we going to complain then that there are too many booth bros?

The problem is that it signals to all the girls that this is what they are supposed to be, and if they do not like it - this is not the place for them. This is a problem, even if you do not suffer from it, or if it is not (and maybe should not) be illegal.

And if women outnumbered men, we would have the exact same problem as we have now (women parts being used as bling) - because this is a male dominated society and a slow one to change culturally. Look at you arguing like structural,cultural and linguistic oppression is not an issue...

Comment Re: This is SO WRONG !! (Score 1) 297

America suppressed the information regarding its own wrongdoing. Hence, the delivery of information to a non-American entity.

A non-retarded response to this new paradigm would be not suppressing information about your own wrongdoing - and thus gaining some control over its dissemination. An added bonus to doing the right thing, I might add.

Comment Re: This is SO WRONG !! (Score 1) 297

"Post nation state entity" is some kind of made up bullshit, and it's not American.

Actually, the independence and paradigmatic shift of new media was made public in 1996, and no government has of yet responded sanely to the new reality. That the US government is not able to understand the new facts on the ground does not make said facts bullshit. Just because your logic cannot encompass something, does not mean it cannot affect you. It just makes your responses utterly dumb...

Comment The natural end-point to "Intellectual Property" (Score 5, Insightful) 443

In the end, socalled IP can only be enforced in this manner: Control over the machines used by the buyers, ie. the potential buyers, ie. the rabble. Only when we no longer control our machines, can you "sell" access - you need a gateway to extract money! Since the "you need the LP/CD/DVD"-model has died, the only possible gate is access and control over the machine.

So, the Free Software movement asks again: Who should own and control the machines we all use for work, entertainment, living?

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 351

That is interesting... Funny if our laws are not cut out for a barter economy... Though I would still hold that "you are paying..." is true whether the law recognises the possibility of two mutual customers or not. We also "pay" in other senses than the legal definition.

But with the case at hand, we are already talking about a mutual contract - which has, by definition, two mutual, consenting partners, who both take up obligations and both gain something from the other.

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