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Journal Luke727's Journal: Annoying 1

The most annoying thing to me on Slashdot is making a top-level reply. When you are replying to a comment, the form shows the comment you are replying to. When you are making a top-level reply, the form shows nothing. I can almost understand not showing the article blurb since it's usually short and concise, but sometimes I need to reference somebody's journal entry while I'm replying to it, either to correct / clarify something or just to re-read something. I don't frequent many message boards, but I can't think of another system that behaves this way. It's really annoying having to keep an extra window open just so you can reference the material to which you are replying.

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  • I just made myself get in the habit of highlighting and copying any text I wanted to reference, even when replying to another comment. Adapt, adjust, overcome. Maybe you could submit a request to the codemonkeys?

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