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Comment Re:No they aren't denying it (Score -1, Troll) 649

"Tuesday" is a religious issue for people like that. It doesn't help make your case. The fact remains that the Climate Change Alarmism has morphed into something with all the trappings of a zealous religious cult filled with people who would otherwise never ever let themselves be found inside a church, and it is hysterical to watch.

Comment Re:No they aren't denying it (Score 0, Troll) 649

>> promote the notion that they are up against a global conspiracy of scientists.

No. The scientists are just the dupes, the pawns needed to lend credibility to the scheme. The global conspiracy consists of the powers that want to siphon off the wealth from 1st world nations and redistribute it elsewhere, while lining their own pockets during the shell game.

>>global warming denial is almost identical to that of evolution denial

You should not conflate the two in any way. A fraction of Evangelicals, who themselves are a tiny fraction of Christianity, believes in Evolution, while a huge -- and growing, weekly -- percentage of the overall population believes that "climate change" is not the immediate dire threat the Alarmists make it out to be.

>> rhetoric

Careful here. This whole thread arose from the clear and comical similarity between the angry threats, chastisements, indignation, etc. routinely expressed by the Alarmists and the fire-and-brimstone rhetoric of certain Baptist preachers. It's quite striking and humorous.

Comment Re:Does it matter? (Score 0) 302

Online Forum Pro-Tip: When you write "'Murrica," you betray your classist prejudice, weaken your argument, and reveal yourself as a hipster lightweight. Always remember that the little bits that gain you guffaws around the high school cafeteria with other members of the AV Club table don't always translate well to adult discussions with strangers .

Happy to help.

Comment Re:Why do people care... (Score 1) 92

It is illegal to assault you and I'm not even sure I have a right to privacy. But I will first threaten you, and then follow through on the threat, if you are a glasshole and in the same room as me. I will also pull a cigarette out of the mouth of someone smoking near a pregnant woman who is asked to extinguish it and refuses, even though that is "assault" as well. I do both these things in the name of common decency, a notion usually lost on the insistent close-quarter smokers and glassholes. And both these paragons of Law and Order are welcome to call the cops. Unless we're sitting in college pubs in Brooklyn or Portland, I'm not too concerned about how things will pan out...

Comment Re:Just like google glass (Score 1) 92

Dude, I am the furthest thing from a Luddite you will ever meet and I am proud to have done more than my share online and IRL to keep Google glass from becoming a "thing." Glassholes weren't geeks (see how I am able to use the past tense verb there? I LOVE that!) they were self-absorbed hipster gadgeteers. Geeks value their privacy.

Comment Re:Johnson and anti-incumbent (Score 1) 382

He got better?

Seriously, that's the whole point. The only reason the OT is included as part of the Good Book is that it helps provide context and narrative. That, and the fact that the early Christians were Jews first and old habits die hard.

The Bible is a story of civilization's redemption, not a Chinese menu where different sects can take one from Column Leviticus and two from Column Galatians. An overwhelming majority of Christianity gets that, but the butt-hurt and snarky will always point to the one or two sociopath Baptist cults like Westboro as if these in any way represent modern Christianity.

Comment Re:Johnson and anti-incumbent (Score 2) 382

No, actually it doesn't. The OT exists in the Christian bible as an historical perspective. It shows what happened, and where we have been. It's the NT and Christ's teachings there that are the basis for intended Christian behavior. Anything in the OT that is refuted in the NT is, well, refuted for Christianity. This is sort of like Religion 101 and I am frankly surprised that someone would come onto a forum as large as slashdot and get into a theology debate without this barest minimum of subject matter knowledge.

Comment Re:Ah the 90s. (Score -1, Redundant) 228

>>Teachers too are under pressure to cover the material.


>>She stated, "There's pressure on me and the kids to perform at a higher level academically."


>>"decoding word drills, practicing sight words, reading to themselves and then to a buddy, counting up to 100 by ones, fives and tens, practicing simple addition, counting money, completing science activities about living things, and writing in journals on multiple occasions."

All Good.

Thank you, Slashdot, I feel a little bit better about the future of our great country today

Comment Re:Is Donald Trump racist (Re:Stick a fork in....) (Score 2) 610

Racial profiling, like "I bet the guy who blew up the bomb in Chelsea is more likely to answer to the name 'Akbar' than he is 'O'Toole', so let's search the hookah bars before the Irish pubs, we ain't gotta lot of time," that kind of racial profiling? That's not racism, that's common sense allocation of resources in a crisis.

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