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Comment Re:Could you gush a little more? (Score 3, Insightful) 126

No, it's not journalism. It's another in Infoworld's tedious astro-turf-by-story-submission stories. They pay Slashdot, have one of their Marketing Chippies put together a story with a link back to their trade mag, and the skids are greased for it to hit the main page here as scheduled. (snydeq is their usual flunky) The incredible -- or just-precious -- part of it is that InfoWorld believes there is enough of any critical mass of programmers or software industry decision-makers who still frequent Slashdot to make this a worthwhile media buy for them.

Comment Worse Than the Cult of Mac? (Score 1) 110

...is the Cult of Jobs. It's a lot creepier, and you must always remember to run the other way when a cultist appears. Fortunately the true believers always telegraph themselves by referring to him just by his first name, as if they went to the same high school together and were best buds for decades.

Comment Re:Offtopic (Score 2) 156

The stories aren't related. My educated guess is that the promoted articles are the ones with the highest amount of posts or are the "most engaging" as determined by user up and down votes. The number of people responding to slashdot stories has plummeted so dramatically in the past year or so that I think that the powers that be feel they are better off promoting generic stories that mathematically qualify as "what the people want" than creating some sort of metadata-driven recommendations consumers "should" find useful. Plus, it's less work to maintain, and these editors are clearly nothing if not flat-out lazy.

Comment Re:At least they'll announce it in public... (Score 1, Flamebait) 111

You have no reasonable -- or legal -- expectation of privacy *in public* in the US. And I have no problem with that. G'head, catch a bunch of bad guys, knock yourself out. Just don't tap my phone or hack into my e-mail/messaging without a warrant and we're all good.

Comment Voicemail, The Vinyl Records of Communication (Score 3, Insightful) 290

It seems that every new generation feels the need to reach back and resurrect some tech that was painful-but-the-best-we-had 20 years ago and embrace it enthusiastically like they have just discovered a trove of of forgotten Power Crystals from the Lost City of Atlantis.

Note to Hipsters: Next time you want to re-cool-ify some recording medium that -- mysteriously !!! -- died quietly back when you were still wearing plastic pants, please first check with one of us who were at the funeral...

Comment G+: The Social Network for Sociopaths (Score 4, Insightful) 75

Google+ is (was?) a better designed and engineered alternative to Facebook, but it was marketed poorly. They positioned themselves as some kind of social network for cool tech people, forgetting that all the real cool tech people were already active with each other in their own online communities, You *had* to be on LinkedIn, because Business, and you *had* to be on Facebook, because Family, even if you weren't active in either, so you really, really needed a good reason to join another social network with strangers. And all that cringeworthy astroturfing and bought-and-paid-for testimonials by the those who were supposed to be our Nerd Leaders, such as Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, and Guy Kawasaki just made the whole thing a laughing stock.

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