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Comment Re:Depends on price (Score 1) 337

Yes, that's conceivable. But in reality, we probably visit the cinema 2-3 times per year, while this year we have probably bought 100+ hours of entertainment on discs and watched 100+ more using online streaming services, including numerous movies in each case.

The studios might like to think that the alternative to us waiting for their movies to arrive on those discs and streaming services would be to pay for cinema tickets for everyone, but their unrealistic assumptions aren't my problem. If they set similarly unrealistic prices for early access, equating it with going to a cinema rather than getting what we would have got anyway just a bit earlier, then that won't be my problem either.

Ultimately, I'm happy to pay a reasonable price and support TV shows and movies I enjoy, and I've reached a stage in my life where disposable income on that level isn't a problem and I have more I could spend on this kind of thing if I thought it was worth it. But equally, there's way more stuff out there than I'm ever going to have time to watch and there are plenty of other ways I enjoy spending my leisure time that I'll just do more of if it becomes too inconvenient or expensive to watch some things, so it's up to the studios and distributors to make an attractive offer if they want my money.

Comment Re:Microsoft is killing the business use of Window (Score 1) 153

They're just trying to keep up with Google. More than once, I've given a sales person a locally installed demonstrator for some web app that was working when they left the office, and then the demo was undermined when they connected their laptop to the Internet while out of the office and Chrome self-updated and broke something.

Comment Re: Depends on price (Score 1) 337

I'm sure there are always going to be people who can rip someone off so they will, but I suspect that won't change much either way. I also suspect you're right about these people not caring that much about the quality anyway.

However, for those who pirate because they want to watch a movie and simply haven't been given an attractive legal option for doing so, this new idea sounds like it could be worthwhile.

Comment Re:Depends on price (Score 1) 337

I sympathise with your problems with sound quality. My hearing is still, thankfully, pretty good, but it drives me crazy that particularly the big movie studios keep releasing movies on disc that have an audio mix designed for a full theatre. Play that same mix through a private system that isn't a full home cinema with 7.1 surround sound speakers and all that jazz, and often you'll get a movie where the action scenes are deafening yet the dialog is barely audible. It's an amazingly obvious problem once you've become aware of it, and some discs do provide alternatives that are more suitable for a typical twin-speaker or 2.1 home setup, but far from all of them.

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