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Comment Re:Opposite (Score 5, Interesting) 533


I'm a gen X'er and I *know* I won't have a pension. Even if I retire, the government or the pension providers will default on me - either through inflation, or just because the damn pension providers will flatly announce they just don't have anything left in their coffers. I know this because they've already done it to my dad, who was born in the silent generation. So it's nothing new, but it sure won't get no better.

So, I'm not putting any money in a system that'll shaft me and I'm not saving anything for old age - most likely I'll be working until I die anyway.

What I do instead is, I enjoy as much free time now while I'm still young: I found me one of the last "old-style" jobs still available that lets me work 36 hrs/week with unreasonably great pay, in a heavily unionized old company that does business in a market that doesn't know the word recession.

In other words, I've maximized my salary/work ratio and I do as little work as possible to enjoy life the the fullest while I'm still in a condition to enjoy it. Time enough when I'm old and decrepit to kill myself at work for a living.

Comment "Done by 'a' contractor" (Score 1) 199

Ha ha ha. CIA's sooper dooper ultra mega topmost secret weapons weren't compromised by "a" contractor. They were compromised by dozens of contractors, possibly by all of them, and more than a few regular employees too. Most of them didn't publish on Wikileaks though. There's lots of fun to be had and money to be made with tech like that.

Comment Re:But Why? (Score 2) 129 is not /7-aligned. and are valid, but is not.

Even if were valid CIDR notation, it would include -, not - as was intended.

Comment Sadly, he's kind of right already (Score 5, Insightful) 307

If you want to keep unprincipled actors in the datamining sphere from getting (too much) information about you, you *can* avoid patronizing internet services that are run by them. That means you don't get to enjoy 95% of the internet, because every-fucking-thing is run/owned/exploited/controlled by Google, Facebook, Akamai, Cloudflare...

I'm unusually careful with what I do on the internet compared to most people I know, and every year I feel more and more socially handicapped. As in:

"Oh, you don't do Facebook? I'll send you the invite by email then".

"What do you mean you didn't find it? It's the first line in Google search... What the fuck is Duckduckgo?".

"You should have used Waze instead of that offline satnav: it shows traffic jams and speed cameras live! What do you mean it's evil?"

Etc etc etc...

Comment Not political (Score 1) 141

IANA and the RIRs have long-standing policies concerning IPv4 allocation, that they've been enforcing more and more strictly as IPv4 space nears total exhaustion. Addresses are allocated and assigned with the understanding and agreement that they will be used efficiently. Entities that fail to make efficient use of their allocations will not receive new allocations, and may even have their current ones revoked.

Intentional, persistent, complete blackouts are very inefficient use of precious IPv4 space , so whoever does that gets no new allocations.

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