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Comment Re:a BAD sports team will pay for GOOD players (Score 1) 176

If you don't own shares in the company, it's none of your business how much the owners (=shareholders) pay the CEO.

The shareholders don't pay the CEO. The company pays both the shareholders and the CEO. And the company - and for that matter the entire concept of ownership - is legal fiction created by Us The People. We have every right and duty to ensure our creations perform the purposes for which they were created, rather than run rampant or be perverted or looted by parasites.

If a company also happens to enrich shareholders, good for them, but its purpose is to organize economic activity. Shares are just a way to rise capital.

Comment Re:Who cares..?? (Score 1) 692

... and elect a ho-hum stay-the-course centrist....

You misspelled "unprincipled sociopathic war criminal" there. Unfortunately it's not a choice of stepping into a dog turd to avoid a bullet, it's falling on a sword to avoid a bullet.

The only thing to do in that situation is use all available means to push the system into giving you more choices next iteration. Vote Green or Libertarian and demand electoral reform.

Comment Re:In other words, Moore's law will continue (Score 1) 129

SRAM cells are typically 6T (6 transistor) designs, so if your CPU has 16MB of cache, that's 96M transistors right there and then just in the storage array.

That would be 768M transistors, if anybody actually used 6T SRAM for a 16MB cache. (Do they? I see that CPU transistor counts are up over 2e9 now. Whew!)

16 MB * 8 b/B * 6 T/b = 768 MT

Comment Re:companies always say the same thing (Score 1) 94

It's not even too late to mitigate the breach, or at least it wasn't when they were busy composing that mealy-mouthed non-apology. They could have taken the entire site offline, deleted all user accounts, and sanitized all user account info from the comment database. Then go back online and require all users to start over with new accounts. But they clearly don't take user privacy that seriously.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 64

Why does the market bear so much?

Because it's a bear market. And Microsoft is a has-been who can't make anyone want to "upgrade" to their newest OS even for free. So their future, if they are to have any, is in acquiring other, possibly relevant companies, and that's best done in a bear market when they're cheap.

Comment Re:Communism. Right. (Score 1) 506

With any hint of self interest (enlightened or otherwise), and the system eventually breaks down.

So has every other system so far. Capitalism itself only managed to survive it's previous near-fatal crisis by taking a huge step to the left. And it seems to be undergoing a slow-motion collapse of ever worse conditions for ever greater amounts of people stuck at the bottom as those at the top confiscate all the resources for their own use.

Comment Re: competition (Score 1) 506

The point of a basic income is to get power over those receiving it.

How do you use unconditional, inalienable entitlement to wield power over someone? You can't revoke it because it's unconditional and inalienable, after all.

If anything, basic income will make it harder to wield power over anyone, especially the poor. And that, of course, is the real reason why it's opposed.

The idea that its purpose is to help the weak is propaganda for suckers.

"Sucker" here meaning anyone who cares about the fate of the weak, or entertains the notion that they might ever be one.

Of course, in a more socialist society - such as one with basic income - it just plain doesn't matter as much whether you're a "sucker" or not, because the consequences of losing aren't as severe. You'll have a roof over you head, clothes on your back and food on your table no matter what. And that'll make it harder to use FUD for propaganda purposes, like you're doing here.

Comment Re:Welp, I know what I'm going to do. (Score 2) 506

So you're telling me I can get ~everything~ I want and need to consume. Even if I put the bare minimum effort (or no effort.) However no matter what I do, I can not become more than "middle class."

No, you'll get a guaranteed minimum share of the whole pie. If you want that share to be larger in absolute terms, you'll have to grow the whole pie. You can't benefit yourself at other people's expense, you can only benefit yourself by benefiting everyone else as well. On the other hand, all effort you put into growing the pie actually grows the pie, rather than get confiscated and moved to a tax haven by a fat cat.

You can't become more than middle class, but you can make "middle class" mean "my own star system".

In the long term, no one will work, and the whole thing will collapse on itself. As socialism and communism always does.

Russia seems to be failing at capitalism and democracy just as hard as it failed at communism, or perhaps even harder since at least the Bolsheviks did succeed at industrializing the country and beating the Nazis. Should we declare those things hopeless pipe dreams too?

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