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Comment Robots.txt is not only for privacy (Score 3, Interesting) 157

It is also for variable random content. Imagine a service that returns a webpage containing the product (of the multiplication) of two numbers, followed by a list of links to ten other random number pairs you could try. It would take a 1kB page to write, but infinite space to archive *all* the results. For effect, imagine the service generates a video to show a kid how to multiply the two numbers, or drive from one place to another, or whatever use people have have now found for the Internet.

Comment Re:Horrible spelling on Slashdot, again -- not (Score 1) 237

A random AC said:

It's "rouge". Rogue is what old-fashioned women apply to their faces so they'd look healthier.

Umm, no. You got it backwards, and (for once?) the Slashdot editors do it better than the random contradicting AC.

"Rouge" (French for "red", same Latin origin as "ruby") is the cosmetic, and rogue (from Latin "rogare", "ask"/"beg", same origin as "interrogate") is a excellent word to describe the guy in this story. Just because it's on Slashdot doesn't mean it's *wrong*.

I don't care about correcting AC who will probably never see this, but some poor guy might read that and believe it...

Comment Re:Current (Score 1) 300

A boss that gets up and follows you into the bathroom to make sure you are "doing your job" or makes passive aggressive comments to you during your lunch about how he didn't think you were in that day.... or what about a boss who works 9 hours straight (no lunch, no breaks) at his desk and anticipates you do the same without question, while the rest of the company does 8 with breaks and lunch... and micro manages 1 person in the company, which is you.

Because he doesn't trust you. I'm not saying he's right to act that way, he's wrong, but that's the way some people are. It might get better if you stand up to him. Or you might get fired or hit in the face, YMMV. Ask your colleagues if he was like that in the beginning with them and then eased off.

Comment Re:PasswordSafe (Score 1) 415

Schneier misinterpreted XKCD. The words must be chosen absolutely randomly.

(But I still often use Schneier's method of taking initials from a sentence, because that's the only sane way to remember a password when it's limited to eight chars, which is a problem I regularly have to deal with).

Comment Re: Wasting time on fiddly shit (rant) (Score 3, Informative) 165

Yes. Exactly. I just spent 4 hours the other day making a table that is mixed with dynamic controls and an amalgamation of ASP.NET and jQuery pixel fucking perfect when it came to borders for the control because it had to match the look of the old classic website to 'preserve the user experience.' What if I told you the user isn't going to notice that a button is 2 pixels higher up on this page when viewed in Internet Explorer 9? I could have spent the day doing something that adds value to the product, not fiddling with tiny quirks no user is going to notice anyway.

Don't be so sure...

$user complains that she can't open her email.

$me: we did copy over all your settings and your password hasn't changed. Can you show me?

$user: I used to click there, points to blank area on Desktop where Outlook icon used to be.

$me: try moving your pointer up half an inch and clicking there (pointing to Outlook icon).

$user: uhh OK I guess, I don't think i'll be able to get used to this new system


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