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Journal Journal: Things you expect

I have come to expect several things, you can't predict the future, remember the past, or appreciate the present.

Wil Wheaton, this is a call out. I hope sketch is good, and congrats on CSI, but dammit man, I could ask wil wheaton anything, but I'll be damned if he actually answers the /. community! Time to catch up there bud.

My Karma was from terrible to bad with one post that got upped to 1. So, slashdot, my apologies about my previous entry, but anger is a powerful emotion.
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Journal Journal: Slashdot sucks

Here we go! I am letting you know that slashdot sucks. Yes, I am making some enemies, but so what? My karma is still terrible despite my attempts to bring it back to the land of the living.

That said. I tried to post a few tidbits of wisdom up today (and some funny crap) and I got blocked after 1 post, AND it said I could only post 2 times a day! WTF

SO. Slashdot, if your listening, kma, I rtfa, and I think that if I want to post, dammit who are you to tell me otherwise?

fu, fu, fu, your cool (not you), fu; I'm out
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Journal Journal: Self insight

So I have had an insight into myself (wow, that is a wierd sentence.) I now have bad Karma. I have been posting the same as I always had, but going into a little more detail about my stance overall. This has allowed me to be modded up to a better-than-I-was position. I hope that is will be a turning point for my record.

That said. I would like to take the time to notice that the world is off kilter (yes, I really do use the word kilter, if that is how its spelled.) Privacy is being attacked, bills are flying out of W's butt, and everyone has so much access to so many ideas and knowledge that it hurts.

God bless technology. I feel more aware of the world as a whole, and better about myself seeing all those weirdos out there.

Peace out.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Terrible Karma

So recently, I found out that I has (sic) Terrible Karma. What does this mean? According to /. it just means that there is a number in their database saying that I am less of a person. It means that when I do ahve something to say, I better say it fast, loud, and in a refined manner. Otherwise, I will be suppressed to a -1 comment status forever.

That said, I feel that my Karma is not a reflection of me. I have gotten 5s and 3s a number of times. Should I let this karma killer take me down? NO! I am going to continue my posting as best I can, and damn anything that brings me down.

For I will NOT! (start inspiring music now) I will not go down without a fight! I will stand and say "Yes! This is who I am! This is what I believe! and maybe my jokes are underestimated, but one day, you'll be in the mall, walking around, and you'll get the joke, and you'll laugh so hard that your nose begins to bleed, and you fall on the ground laughing, and THAT will be my victory. (Height of the music here, start fireworks and slow moving flag) and Darn it! I will be apperciated for what I have said, and I will have inspired others to be heard, to stand up for what they believe in, and to be their own hero! (symbol crash and Major fireworks bang)


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