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Comment Re:Transcript anywhere? (Score 1) 4

It is. When he is stating how violations will terminate the contract, he uses a rough German accent. When asking you to pay particular attention to a part he has a very staccato delivery that is quiet and forces you to strain to hear. It is a very good example of method acting and delivery. Unfortunately, without video you really are missing out on the performance.

Comment Something is wrong with this. (Score 4, Insightful) 286

Turning it in and then getting it back the next day? Responsible Parenting? Lies! With no kids myself, I can only offer tech to my 3 nieces as their parents see fit. I think teens is a good age, but as always, it depends on when the child can show responsible behavior. Many College students in my town are not responsible enough to own phones.

Comment Crippleware (Score 1) 414

They my have just realized that a year was way too long for a free, stable version of Windows.

Next thing you know, they are going to offer to let you share the software with a friend, but only offer 20% of the capabilities. Free copy of Wolfenstein included!*

*First mission only

Comment Ride the Rails (Score 1) 1385

Our country is unique in the fact that people don't tend to live more than an hour away from their work. This would mean that each trip would be very short, eliminating the benefit of high speed rails.

I would love to see high-speed rail though, if only for long trips. Getting to see other parts of the country in a day rather than 2 or 3 days would energize the travel businesses.

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