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Comment What happens when porn sites start using SSL/TLS? (Score 1) 208

If this law passes, I can see it already:

- Porn sites decide to move to SSL/TLS.
- 16 year old "children" keep watching porn.
- Politicians "denounce" that people are circumventing the system, and Jesus is unhappy.
- Crypto gets the blame! Child molesters are using cryptography to expose our kids to porn!
- Crypto is evil! Let's ban crypto, or "control" it better.

Comment Why do we need skype in 2016? (Score 1) 259

Skype was an amazing thing back in 2003, when we didn't have a lot of options. Today, modern browsers come with video conferencing embedded (WebRTC), so you can start a chat with anyone, on any platform, by creating a simple "conference" in and giving the link using any IM program to the person you want to talk to. Why even bother with skype in 2016?

Comment This may sound unpopular, but... (Score 2) 36

Well yes, I gave up OpenWRT and DD-WRT a while ago. It's not that I don't like those projects -- I've used them extensively and respect their authors. The problem is that they're plagued by bugs that never get fixed and compatibility issues with all sorts of devices. For instance, just try to find the "right" version of DD-WRT to download to your wireless router and you'll see what I'm talking about.

What we need now is an open *hardware* platform, running Linux, with a quality radio and Wireless drivers. I'd go completely crazy for a Linux powered beast like this doing AC1900 or something like that. I'd definitely pay *more* for this platform.

And screw all the TP-assholes and NET-assholes.

Comment Re:Why stay? (Score 1) 729

My point exactly when I discuss this issue locally. Some people from San Francisco have this notion that they have a "god given right" to live there, no matter what. Even worse: They want to live where they want, paying whatever *they* feel is a good price! And when the city wants to build more living units to lower prices, they're the first ones to scream, saying it will "destroy the spirit of the city".

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