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Submission + - Legendary guitar amp builder Jim Marshall passes away (

LizardKing writes: The man who perfected the guitar amps used by so many famous musicians over the last fifty years has passed away. A former drummer, Jim Marshall initially became involved with guitar amplification as an importer of Fender equipment, until he eventually decided to branch out and make his own amps. The trademark Marshall sound evolved alongside the requirements of such luminaries as Pete Townshend and Eric Clapton. The Marshall stack has since become a ubiquitous symbol of live rock music in particular — so much so that some bands perform in front of veritable walls of Marshall branded speakers. In addition to his lead guitar amplifiers, Jim will also be remembered for his great bass amps (as used by Lemmy Kilmister in particular) and the much sought after Guv'nor distortion pedal.

Submission + - Creationist museum nears completion

LizardKing writes: British newspaper The Guardian, is carrying a report about a Creationist museum currently under construction near Cincinnati. According to the report this is a multimillion pound project, with the founders anticipating 300,000 visitors annually once they open to the public. The museum features animatronic dioramas that include dinosaurs frolicking with humans prior to man's fall from grace with the big man in the sky. Visitors of a sensitive nature should note that the otherwise naked Adam will be sensitively positioned behind a sheep, but they "may be scared by the authenticity" of Eve's creation from Adam's spare bits. A section from a plausible version of Noah's Ark is also on display, designed by Navy architects and accompanied by a sophisticated computer model that shows how every species could have been loaded onboard.

Submission + - Sun releases Java SE under GPL. Well, some of it.

LizardKing writes: According to the Register, Sun has open sourced Java, which is news to those of us who have been downloading the JDK source for some time. The real story is that Sun have relicensed the code to key portions of the JDK under a combination of the GPL v2.0 and a revised version of the CDDL. The report does not make it clear whether the class library has also been relicensed, although several other Sun components such as JavaHelp have been.

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