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Journal Journal: You can now download the first part of trolltalk framework 13

Since I'm doing the rewrite from scratch to avoid even the slightest possibility of a certain jerk trying to make any more bogus copyright claims, the user, discussion, e-commerce, etc., modules will be delayed for a bit - but I figure I should be able to get them all out within the next few weeks.

After all, once you've invented the wheel a few times, re-inventing it isn't that big a deal - it's the adding of improvements since your last iteration that gets "interesting".

Submission + - FreeDNS domain siezed by DHS/ICE ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: FreeDNS provides free DNS hosting. Friday night the service provider's most popular domain has been hijacked by ICE — Department of Homeland Security. The popular domain was home to over 80,000 subdomains. No reason for the hostile take over was provided by the DHS. FreeDNS news pages states that the outage may take up to 3 days to fix.

Author speculates that the most likely reason for hijacking is one of the subdomains ( was used to host a Wikileaks mirror.


Submission + - Ruby Dropped in Netbeans 7 (

An anonymous reader writes: Ruby/RoR in NetBeans made headlines three years ago, but after Sun was acquired by Oracle there where fears that support for dynamic languages would suffer, as this IDE would be downsized. This has become a reality, since as of version 7, NetBeans will no longer support Ruby.

Submission + - Verizon $1.4 billion in the Cloud (

hostedftp writes: Putting their money where their mouth is, Verizon is not hesitating at all as they announced the agreement of acquiring Terremark a cloud services and hosting company for a reported $1.4 billion after stating that Cloud will be key to their growth strategy for the new year.
The Internet

Submission + - Best ISPs For Netflix

adeelarshad82 writes: Netflix recently released its list of highest-performing ISPs in terms of streaming video performance. The company posted a chart that mapped out Netflix's streaming performance on U.S. ISPs between October 1 and November 15. According to the company Netflix's HD streams top out at 4,800 kbps and no one can currently sustain that on a stream from start to finish. Of the companies tested, Charter lead the pack with an average 2,667 kbps where as Clearwire was at the bottom of the list.

NSS Labs Browser Report Says IE Is the Best, Google Disagrees 205

adeelarshad82 writes "Independent testing company NSS Labs recently published a report on the ability of popular browsers to block socially engineered malware attack URLs. The test, funded by Microsoft, reported a 99 percent detection rate by Internet Explorer 9 beta, 90 percent by Internet Explorer 8, and 3 percent by Google Chrome. However, Google doesn't entirely approve of this report's focus and conclusions. According to Google not only didn't the report use Chrome 6 for the tests, the current version is Chrome 8; it also focused just on socially engineered malware, while excluding vulnerabilities in plug-ins or browsers themselves. Google defended its browser by claiming that it was built with security in mind and emphasized protection of users from drive-by downloads and plug-in vulnerabilities."

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