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Comment Easter egg in last level sound file (Score 1) 351

I remember creating/modifying Doom & Doom 2 levels/WAD files back in the day. After playing with the graphics and music, I came across that weird sound byte that plays when you get to the last level of Doom (or Doom 2, maybe?)...It's the one where you have to fire rockets from an elevated platform across the room into an opening.

I took that sound byte and reversed find probably one of the most cleverly-hidden easter eggs. It ended up saying "To win the game, you must kill me, John Romero"

Good times....

Comment Don't get it (Score 3, Insightful) 449

i really REALLY don't get this obsession with linking violent video games to violent behavior. Take yours truly:

Born in 1980, I played all the big titles: From Wolfenstein, Doom, Solider of Fortune, to whatever latest titles are out (I can't remember what all the Call of Duty flavors are called, but you get the idea). Hell, I even designed Doom and Half-Life levels based on my old high school (shit, don't tell anyone or they'll come after me next!!!)

At some point in my 20s, I joined the Marines for 4 years, so I know how to use a rifle.

Neither before nor after my service have i EVER had violent tendencies that made me go on a shooting spree. I deal with stress every day (Hello IT, working for an international liquor company that needs to be up 24/7) yet I still score normal blood pressure numbers.

I just don't get this obsession. There are always a few nuts. The rest of us are fairly well-adjusted.

Stupid media. Stupid fear-mongering. Stupid people.

done ranting now.


Comment Re:From a phsychological point of view... (Score 1) 686

nature vs nurture then? that's fair. i would argue that most societal differences b/w men and women at some point come from evolutionary differences. for example, for the longest time (lesser now, but still very prominent) is the male's domination in the household, in gov't, etc. I would say that stems from the biological differences, let me explain....

men, because of their testes, produce more testosterone, which in turn aids in the production of muscle tissue. Men (traditionally) have had the stigma of being the hunters, while women (again, traditionally) had stereotype of staying with the young/children and collecting food. fast-forward a few hundred generations, with men staying in power (if you are stronger than someone, it's easy to stay dominant over that person. in certain ways, we're still cavemen inside) and we have our societal 'roles', that yes in some way are very unfair, but also have their roots in evolution and the differences in our physical make-up.

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