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Comment Re: My intro to operating systems (Score 1) 211

Notes replication over dial-up was far better than Exchange's at the time (1999-2003). Remote workers trying to work collaboratively found it much easier to do it with Notes. I certainly did. My lead office was in Hong Kong and I was in New Zealand. With Exchange, syncing over a 56kbps dialup VPN connection was glacial. Hours. But Notes could do it in a handful of minutes. Once broadband came along fewer people cared how awful Exchange was on networks.

Comment OS/2 was great (Score 1) 211

I used OS/2 from v2.0 through to v4 ("Warp"). But once IBM made it clear it had given up on the desktop, I have up on IBM. The deal sealed when it became impossible to install OS/2 4 on new hardware. Plus it's a 32-bit OS.... I went to Linux (and then ChromeOS and Android flavours). I see ArcaOS 5.0 lacks USB3 support? OK. I might try it on an old laptop, but for sheet usability Remix OS offers me the same thing, more or less, as well as access to virtually all Android apps.

Comment Re: Eh? (Score 1) 161

Microsoft executed a fatally flawed plan and it is the innocent workers in Finland who suffer. This feels to much like the old feudal days where the Lords made the calls but it was the peasants who suffered. Americans may be used to that, but in recent decades Europeans have mostly moved beyond such a lack of accountability.

Comment Re: I know who to blame (Score 1) 166

Of course the sun affects climate. No one has ever said it doesn't. But so do people. The one does not exclude the other. The science makes that very clear. Solar output is a known quantity. The warning being seen on Earth cannot be accounted for by solar output alone. Why do people struggle to understand this?

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