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Comment Rupert Murdoch's Media - fake news for decades. (Score 1) 914

The Wall Street Journal has been fake news since it was sold to Rupert Murdoch in 2007. Fox news - set up by Murdoch after Reagan made the Australian a US citizen - has been fake news from the start. Everything Murdoch touches turns to unreliable, blatently biased info-crud. This is 6 years old, but still worth reading. There are also several books documenting Murdoch's life-long policy of distorting news in support of his political agenda.

Comment Re: Thanks, Obama (Score 1) 364

Yeah. That's the line the nuke industry pedals. Meanwhile, Germany and Scotland and others with much weaker sunlight then the US are able to do what you say can't be done. The US has huge potential for wind and solar. The only mixing link has been grid scale battery storage.....and Tesla is solving that problem. They recently set up the first 80MWh storage facility in California. This has been the missing link in the renewables chain. It's not missing anymore. All of this can be set up in weeks or months, faster by far then any non-EV renewable power sources and cheaper than a multi-billion dollar wishful 'clean' nuclear solution no one knows how to do right now. We can do renewables now. They are faster and cheaper to build. They have reached economy of scale and it's only going to get better. The US has sun power BEGGING to be used. Other countries running on 90% or 100% renewables would give their right arm to have sun power like the US has from end to end in the lower 48 and Hawaii. Plus all the wind that blows up in those mountains and across those ridges.

Comment Re: Thanks, Obama (Score 1) 364

True. The message is getting through to those who are able to think. But solar is clearly the way to go. If nothing else, a modest installation is done in a day or two and generating power almost immediately. Coal plants or gas plants take months or years to build and a nuclear power plant can take almost a decade and cost a billion dollars before producing a single kilowatt.

Comment Re: How (Score 1) 79

You can expect American politicians to lie. Politicians in countries that are functioning democracies are less likely to lie because they know they can be held to account. American politicians are rewarded by the two-party system for lying, so they lie a lot. History could not be more clear: American's prefer to vote for politicians who lie. If they didn't, Dennis Kucinich would have served two terms as President and Bernie Sanders would have been sign in this week. Instead, the biggest liar won, narrowly beating the second biggest liar.

Comment Re: No one ever says that (Score 1) 267

The harm will be drought or floods or harmful infects where food grows. That's all it will take to cause big problems. Just a wee bit warmer overall can have big impacts. Can they be specifically predicted? No. Can they be generally and prudently expressed as avoidable risks? Yes. If you get drunk and drive you may have a serious accident. OK, it didn't happen last Saturday night..... So it's never going to happen? Not so. It will happen at some point to someone who drinks and drives. The more who do it, the more it will happen. The risk is real. The risk is avoidable. A prudent culture would need that avoidable risk.

Comment Re: At this rate... (Score 1) 267

So he was of by a handful of years. He was warning of a possible serious consequence of climate change. One that now looks more certain than ever. Still very serious...And not irrelevant because it's a few years later than one scientist earned might be possible. Step back from the tree and see the forest.

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