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Comment Re: he bet on the winner (Score 1) 820

Electing anyone who has never held any elected office before to the top job rarely ends well. On climate change alone Trump is a disaster for the planet. For anything else he's just a likely disaster for Americans. Freedom of speech doesn't mean no one can disagree with you. It just means you don't get imprisoned or killed for saying what you think. Where people get this idea they can talk drivel without consequence may hold the key to why they talk drivel in the first place.

Comment Bankers get UBI, why not everyone else? (Score 1) 917

The GFC made it obvious that conjuring up trillions of dollars wasn't a problem. Easy. The issue is who gets the money. Bankers got it. They hung their heads for an hour or two then carried on making money hand over fist from the rest of us. Money isn't the problem. Who gets it is the problem. A UBI will be essential. But it has to be aligned with food supply and hiding supply and transport costs. You can't do one in isolation from the others.

Comment Re: Conventional warfare is dead (Score 1) 193

Agreed. Military spending is mostly a waste of money anyway. It's the price the US has to pay for screwing other people over for their resources and then blaming them. Stop screwing other people over. A century of bad US policy in the Middle East should and could end any day now, though the $38 billion annual gift to Israel want a step in the right direction. Almost $700billion / year for the military - and that's just the money we know about. But no money for health or schools or crumbling understructure.... You're have to be a special kind of very dim to support that.

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