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Comment Replace ISS with something larger... (Score 1) 236

It is time to replace the ISS with something larger and circular that can spin and create centripal force to emulate some level of gravity equivalent. ISS has been very useful is testing methods of construction in space, but it hasn't been anywhere near ambitious enough. Too many visionless Republicans in Congress. Get rid of them. They don't even understand today, never mind the future. Climate change is still a mystery to them even when the evidence is staying them in the face. Hopeless.

Comment Re: Obamacare repeal finally imminent. (Score 1) 447

Conservatives will be happy until they or their kids suffer a chronic condition their insurance company will refuse to cover or they have to go to the hospital. Then they may realise they've screwed themselves and their kids. Or maybe they won't realise anything. We're not talking about thoughtful, insightful people here.

Comment Re: implosion sound (Score 1) 238

A Canadian team,, is doing the same thing except using extremely tough inflatable bladders, easily repaired or replaced. They use solar or wind power to pump compressed air into bladders, then later release it to drive generators. The Canadian solution is much lighter and simpler than huge concrete spheres under the water.

Comment Re: so what? (Score 1) 644

For those paying attention, increasing corporate taxes is contrary to the fundamental goals of any Conservative party anywhere. As a group they are typically funded by corporates and senior positions are stacked with corporate personnel. If you want a future for your kids, don't vote Conservative / GOP / whatever they call themselves.

Comment Re: Then when you whiteys are bred out (Score 1) 1149

This line of argument isn't helpful either as the Native Americans who occupied a given piece of land in 1650 may well be the descendents of others who "stole it" from previous occupants. Much better to simply respect each other's humanity regardless of origin. At least far enough to not get drunk and shoot them.

Comment Rupert Murdoch's Media - fake news for decades. (Score 1) 920

The Wall Street Journal has been fake news since it was sold to Rupert Murdoch in 2007. Fox news - set up by Murdoch after Reagan made the Australian a US citizen - has been fake news from the start. Everything Murdoch touches turns to unreliable, blatently biased info-crud. This is 6 years old, but still worth reading. There are also several books documenting Murdoch's life-long policy of distorting news in support of his political agenda.

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