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Comment Re: Back to the future (Score 1) 431

Unlikely. The US is getting steadily dumber, not smarter. Trump is proof if Bush II wasn't enough. Obama was an attempt to recover from The Stupid, but the Congress stayed Stupid, so the recovery attempt failed. America is dead, but it's big and some parts are still alive. The corpse will take a long time to rot.

Comment Re: DAB is useless nowadays, ever heard of stream (Score 1) 303

My Nissan Leaf supports DAB, but I live in New Zealand and there isn't any DAB broadcasting as far as I know. But I rarely listen to FM either because the hilly topography means range is smaller and coverage poor...And any FM networks aren't in the same frequency from town to town and you don't where they are. I'll play music from my phone via Bluetooth if I turn on anything at all.

Comment Re: Consumer Reports Calls the S model out (Score 1) 179

True. And every automaker has lemons. I'd never buy a car from Ford or GM, for example. Been there. Never again. As for electric vehicles generally, the Nissan Leaf is gaining a reputation as the car mechanics never see because they so rarely ever need one. All the stuff that breaks or requires maintenance in regular cars doesn't even exist in electric cars: no belts (cam, alternator, fan etc) no radiator (so no coolant to leak), no fan, no oil or spark plugs because no combustion, no gearbox or transmission fluid because the electric motors are more powerful then gas motors, so don't need gears to amplify the torque......An electric motors are incredibly durable. There is almost nothing to break in a pure EV. I own one. I'll never go back to a gas or diesel car.

Comment Re: Fairy Tales (Score 1) 205

It's not contemporary. Sixty years a long time. I forgot to mention this other really significant figure from 1956 that no one has previously talked about. If we just keep taking about him, he'll eventually seen real in a few hundred years. Then, in 2306 someone can invent a detailed account of his life, just the Gospel according to John.

Comment Re: Exxon + Putin (Score 1) 371

Voting to reinforce a bias implies all commentary is biased. I say that isn't true. A comment confident with veritably correct scientific findings isn't biased. A reader voting down comments they are ignorant or delusional isn't "reinforcing a bias" it's downgrading ignorance and delusion. The problem becomes acute when to many people are ignorant and / or delusional. We have founded our modern civilisation on rationality and intellectual integrity. Opposing that are all the forces claiming a lie is true and / or your don't need evidence to back up what your believe. If those forces (essentially ignorance and blind faith) win, we are ALL screwed. This is why climate change deniers and their fellow travelers truly are the enemy of our entire civilisation. The science now could not be more clear about climate change. The world is now heating rapidly in real time year on year. In the face of this emergency they still deny all the evidence. This is a fight to death against stupid and blind faith....

Comment Re: NOT the same "insurmountable problems" at all (Score 1) 277

This makes sense. But fails to deal with the property problem. A city or province or country owns it's roads and can put solar under on them. It doesn't own all the buildings. So what makes sense from an engineering point of view is scuppered by our increasingly anachronistic ideas around property. Those ideas will be sorely tested as the seas begin to cover the coasts in the decades ahead.

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