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Comment Re: Conventional warfare is dead (Score 1) 192

Agreed. Military spending is mostly a waste of money anyway. It's the price the US has to pay for screwing other people over for their resources and then blaming them. Stop screwing other people over. A century of bad US policy in the Middle East should and could end any day now, though the $38 billion annual gift to Israel want a step in the right direction. Almost $700billion / year for the military - and that's just the money we know about. But no money for health or schools or crumbling understructure.... You're have to be a special kind of very dim to support that.

Comment Re: No more nukes (Score 1) 320

Solar and wind, backed by grid-scale battery storage (as China is already doing right now) make getting rid of nuclear a no-brainer. Cested interests in the US are preventing it from moving forward in whole host of areas, from climate change to energy to reducing bureaucracy to improving democracy. The renewable solutions to energy supply are already there. Just open your eyes and see them. Unfortunately, that seems to be more than too many Americans can manage to do.

Comment Re: Impossible... (Score 2) 332

It's also happening in Australia and New Zealand, though Australia's stronger union's are putting up a better fight. The recipe seems to be: kill the union's then bring in check, throw-away foreign workers. Americans should be matching in the streets. Turn the TV off and stop gaming for a few days and have a look at what's really going on around you.

Comment Re: Incomplete title... (Score 1) 399

The tone you identify is a signal for the frustration felt by someone as they watch others, who don't listen and can't be told, do really stupid stuff. Like smoking. Identified as a major health hazard and cancer causer 65 years ago. Yet people still pay money to look old faster, degrade their health faster and die a horrible, anxious cancerous death that takes years. If you can't get people to stop being THAT stupid, then we haven't got a hope regarding climate charge.

Comment Re: Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

You can pull into an electric charging station and leave 20 minutes later on an 80% charge they'd good for 3 times what you typically drive in a day ( as per the study). Ok, it took 10 more minutes to be zero emissions from a vehicle that requires virtually no maintenance (no air filter, oil or oil filter, no gearbox and no transmission fluid, no radiator, fan or fan belt, no alternator belt, no belts at all....and you don't need to buy gas. That's easily worth an extra ten minutes today. Besides, I'm having lunch while it charges. I don't even notice. I drive an electric car. The charging issue just isn't an issue when you factor in all the other GOOD stuff an EV has over an ICE (internal combustion engine) car.

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