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Comment Lived longer! (Score 1) 157

As others have pointed out the sample size is too small to be scientifically valid, but even if you want to draw conclusions from it, how about the astronauts that went into deep space lived 11.9 years LONGER than those that did not fly, and 9.2 years longer than those that made LEO? Plus many of them are still alive in the 70s and 80s.

Comment Re:Space Patrol Unsatisfactory (Score 1) 180

Suppose you want to go to a concert, in person, rather than watching it in your personal holodeck or whatever. There are a limited number of seats. Who gets those seats? That's easy: tickets cost money.

That exact situation is a major plot thread in Iain M Banks' Look to Windward. Banks' "Culture" is a galactic post-scarcity civilisation (and far more technologically advanced than the Federation in Star Trek), but that doesn't mean that they don't need money.

Comment Re:It's all about who subsidizes whom (Score 1) 1023

So you are saying that if a Walmart employee receives a government subsidy then Walmart effectively received a subsidy?

The government offers free money to people and that presumably allows them to accept a lower wage from Walmart than they would otherwise accept. The employee applies for the job and accepts the wage. The government subsidizes their lifestyle. And that's Walmart's fault?

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