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Comment Re:Commercial Access (Score 2) 80

Twitter have multiple APIs. The Gnip API is probably what's meant here; it's a paid API that provides a filtered feed of the entire stream of tweets.

The regular Twitter REST API is more limited, but it's available to anyone with a working Twitter account, so it's basically impossible for Twitter to block access by technical means.

Comment Re:You may be looking in the wrong place (Score 1) 537

I'm not surprised that you''re befuddled, since you seem to not see the difference between storing data and doing data analysis.

The data sets is in tens of PB, so SSD is way out for cost reasons. But that doesn't matter much, since a small cheap server with 16 7k2 rpm drives can saturate 10Gbit/s networking, in real life use with the storage software written in Java (this position). And we need lots of these servers to make the volume up, so the aggregate bandwidth is pretty large.

The analysis software is up to my users, the LHC experiments, and is mostly C++, but with parts in python and probably some fortran libraries too.

Comment Re:You may be looking in the wrong place (Score 2) 537

Exactly! This is why I work as a sysadmin to support science, instead of working as a sysadmin to support profit or entertainment. I've had to make this call a couple of times in my career, and so far I've chosen to stay on the side that improves the world. Not always an easy choice though, given the incentives of the short term profit side.

You don't even need an academic career to do this either, there is plenty of us that have trouble recruiting competent programmers or sysadmins because the pay isn't as good. Which, I guess, tells us a bit of the priorities of society as seen by rewards structure, where making mobile games and banking is considered more important than making the world a better place.

PS, I'm right now looking for an excellent java developer working on free software that enables storage for huge data science, like the LHC experiments. This is the kind of role that is part of the infrastructure needed to make science happen these days:


House Committee: Edward Snowden's Leaks Did 'Tremendous Damage' ( 278

An anonymous reader quotes a report from NBC News: The U.S. House intelligence committee on Thursday unanimously approved a blistering report on the activities of Edward Snowden, saying his disclosures of top-secret documents and programs did "tremendous damage" to national security. "The public narrative popularized by Snowden and his allies is rife with falsehoods, exaggerations, and crucial omissions," said the report by staff members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Contrary to Snowden's statements that he intended to reveal programs that intruded on the privacy of Americans, the House report concluded that the vast majority of the 1.5 million documents he stole "have nothing to do with programs impacting individual privacy interests. They instead pertain to military, defense, and intelligence programs of great interest to America's adversaries." The report said Snowden did not, as he claimed, try to express his concerns about potentially illegal intelligence gathering in a way that would qualify him as a whistleblower. The report was disputed by Snowden's ACLU-provided attorney. "This is a dishonest report that attempts to discredit a genuine American hero," said Wizner. "But after years of 'investigation,' the committee still can't point to any remotely credible evidence that Snowden's disclosures caused harm. The truth is that Edward Snowden and the journalists with whom he worked did the job that the House Intelligence Committee was supposed to do: bring meaningful oversight to the U.S. Intelligence community. They did so responsibly and carefully, and their efforts have led to historic reforms."

Comment Re:Smart (Score 1) 50

I disagree. I have a Tesla Model S and it drives perfectly fine for me every day in stop and go traffic. At higher speeds it works well too but it is prudent to keep a close eye on it. I think autonomous driving in limited situations is still helpful even if it doesn't work everywhere.

I think within a year or two, Tesla will be able to drive long distances on major freeways with little or no human intervention. That's a huge value to me as a driver.

If my car can handle both stop-and-go traffic and long-distance boring driving, I can handle the rest no problem.


Ubuntu Torrent Removed From Google Due To DMCA Complaint ( 241

Reader LichtSpektren shares a report from OMG Ubuntu: Cited in a DMCA takedown request filed against Google on behalf of Paramount Pictures is an innocuous link to a 32-bit alternate install image Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS. The takedown request seeks to remove links to a number of torrent URLS that are alleged to infringe on Paramount movie Transformers: Age of Extinction. Ubuntu clearly doesn't. All it takes is a quick glance at the URL in question to see that. It's very much a stock ISO of an old Ubuntu release. And yet Google has complied with the request and scrubbed the link to the page in question from its search index.

Comment Re:100% EU access or your money back! (Score 1) 315

Yes, and if the UK rejects freedom of movement, a) Japan won't be happy as per the document referenced above and b) I'm not sure the UK can hope for a better deal than tariff-free exchange of goods. Certainly there will be countries going "well, if Polish plumbers can't sell their services in Manchester, UK banks will have to open EU offices to sell financial services to Berlin". And this still wouldn't be "punishment", but grounds for a fair deal, IMO.

And yes, I know that May has rejected freedom of movement. But she has also rejected border checks between Ireland and Northern Ireland, so apparently there will be free movement of people through that border?

Also, yes, Spain is a bit strange, unemployment is very unevenly distributed. But that's a topic for another thread, I think. :)

Comment Re:100% EU access or your money back! (Score 1) 315

i think all EU countries would welcome a "Norwegian" deal where all four freedoms (including movement of people) are in, and the UK keeps implementing laws and paying without having a vote in new legislation. That's basically what Japan is asking for too. And I very much think they could get it, if they want it. But that would mean accepting free movement of people, and not "taking back control".

The thing is, no one knows what the UK wants. The political leadership is down to "brainstorming" to figure out what to fill the blank page with, under the heading "Brexit means Brexit". I mean, you hear PM May say in the same week that there will be strong immigration controls, but also no border checks between Ireland and Northern Ireland. WTF? The only way I can put those two together is by handing Northern Ireland over to independence within the EU or as a part of Ireland...

And until a clear path is in place, if I was Nissan, I'd not lose time "diversifying" the supply of cars to the EU by opening a second factory in Spain or Poland or Finland or so. All this uncertainty means you have to assume that the worst case could happen...


How G.E. Is Transforming Into An IoT Start-Up ( 115

Slashdot reader mspohr shares an article about "General Electric 're-inventing' itself as a software start-up." Jeffrey R. Immelt, the CEO of America's largest manufacturer, describes how he realized that data collected from their machines -- like turbines, engines, and medical-imaging equipment -- could be as valuable as the machines themselves. Now G.E. is hiring software engineers and data scientists from Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google to try to transform the company into a "124-year-old startup" to take advantage of the Internet of Things and offer futuristic new services like predictive maintenance.

The Times calls it "the next battlefield as companies fight to develop the dominant software layer that connects the machines," adding that by 2020 there will be 100 times as much data flowing from G.E.'s machines. Now G.E. Digital is using the open source PaaS, Cloud Foundry, to develop Predix, a cloud-based operating system for industrial applications like monitoring and adjusting equipment in the field, whether it's an oil-field rig or a wind-farm turbine. To help transform the company into a digital powerhouse, they're building a 1,400-employee complex in San Ramon, California "designed to suit the free-range working ways of software developers: open-plan floors, bench seating, whiteboards, couches for impromptu meetings, balconies overlooking the grounds and kitchen areas with snacks." And they've also launched the Industrial Dojo program "to accelerate the ability for developers to contribute code that enables the Industrial Internet".

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