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Submission + - Two New Mac Malware Attacks Found (

PL/SQL Guy writes: "Security experts have discovered two new pieces of malware targeting Apple computers, making it clear that Mac users are no longer immune from worrying about viruses and security software. The attacks — dubbed OSX/Tored-A and OSX/Jahlav-C — "use social engineering tricks to fool you into installing it onto your computer," says Graham Cluley, a computer security expert with Sophos. Earlier this month, security consultant Rich Mogull wrote on his blog that Apple was struggling to protect users against malware and other online threats. It would appear that Macs are now also on the radar of malware authors."

Comment Re:They got a refund (Score 1) 1002

ever fly from Belfast to the uk during the troubles? There was always a lovely special branch officer waiting to ask you your reason for being in N. Ireland. Certainly this was the case arriving at Glasgow

Can't remember the comedian who made the joke-
"I'm half Irish and half palastinian. We used to spend our family holidays at the airport"


Submission + - SCO to be delisted from Nasdaq

Frosty Piss writes: "SCO has six months to get its share price trading above $1 for a sustained period or it will be delisted from the Nasdaq stock exchange. SCO has been trading below $1 since March 13. It now has until October 22 to get above $1 for 10 consecutive days, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing. SCO's share price plunged below $1 in December 2006 after US District Judge Dale Kimball affirmed an earlier ruling limiting the SCO's claims against IBM to just 106 items of evidence. Just days later Novell filed a request for a partial summary judgment that could cripple SCO's already diminished breach of contract and copyright case against IBM. The company has avoided delisting once before, but perhaps SCO's days are numbered."

Submission + - Skype Stole My Credit

Syphtor writes: "Recently found out that after 180 days if I don't use some of my Skype Credit (which I paid for), I lose it. They don't refund it, they keep the money. I've logged my complaints with Skype, and am hopeful of getting it back, but it does raise the question for these kind of 'buy credit' businesses. How long is reasonable for them to keep your credit open? 180 days? I think that's bad, obviously Skype disagrees."

Submission + - A Last Hope for Internet Radio

Megatronium writes: In light of the ruling in favor of Internet radio royalty fees, Pandora's founder Tim Westergren has sent an email to Pandora listeners pleading for assistance. He links to a petition site where visitors can use a template letter and online submission form to write to their Congressmen. Let's hope it's not too little, too late.

Submission + - M$ Vista DRM lock-in and who to blame

An anonymous reader writes: Charlie Demerjian over at The Inquirer has a brilliant and impassioned rant about DRM infections, who causes them, who wants them and why hardware vendors don't have the spines to stand up for their rights and for the rights of users. From the article: "THE RECENT BILE directed at DAMMIT [ATI+AMD] over the framebuffer lockout is entirely misdirected. Or, at least, the reason to blame the firm is wrong. The hardware providers may be guilty as hell here, but not for this — the real evil here is Microsoft with its DRM fetish. The loser? You, once again". Read the article here.

Submission + - AACS Compromised Again

drrck writes: Days after the WinDVD patch hit the internet Engadget reports here here that AACS has been "hacked" again this time by using the VolumeID and XBOX 360 HD DVD drives.

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