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Comment Re:I know this guy... (Score 1) 513

Chances are a security update won't break your setup, it's entirely possible to update a linux system without breaking most major things. If you can live with not running the most current kernel, not having the newest drivers, and basically not running a bleeding edge desktop you should in most cases be find. This is not always the case, but speaking as someone who's been running linux for a while now and who's tried everything from a bleeding edge system to a less updated system, if you can live without the newest updates for something that aren't for security reasons, do it. Hell, I'd be willing to say that applies with any OS. Not to mention that sometimes the newest versions of things just suck compared to their previous ones. I'm looking at you, Amarok developers.

Comment Re:I know this guy... (Score 1) 513

Assuming ubuntu (considering that's what was discussed before), pulseaudio or possibly alsa-base. I recently had some major issues with my sound on ubuntu, and they were fixed by doing sudo apt-get purge alsa-base pulseaudio && sudo apt-get install pulseaudio alsa-base and installing some packages suggested in this guide.

Submission + - Sniffing Browser History Without Javascript (

Ergasiophobia writes: "I'm just going to quote the page itself here, as it gives a pretty good description.

It actually works pretty simply — it is simpler than the Javascript implementation. All it does is load a page (in a hidden Iframe) which contains lots of links. If a link is visited, a background (which isn't really a background) is loaded as defined in the CSS. The "background" image will log the information, and then store it (and, in this case, it is displayed to you). Is a demonstration of a method to find out the browsing history of a visitor to a website, no javascript required. It seems the only drawbacks to this method are the increased load on your browser, and that it requires a list of websites to check against."

Data Storage

Journal Journal: 50 terabyte flash drive made of bug protein

A prototype USB drive using bug protein to store data in the neighborhood of around 50 terabytes worth of data could be here in less then 18 months. This idea first started out by coating DVDs with a layer of protein so that one day solid state memory could hold so much information that storing data on your computer hard drive will be obsolete, says Professor V Renugopalakrishnan of the Harvard Medical School in Boston while reporting on his findings at the International Conf

Comment Re:Frist MNNGG (Score 1) 262

Yet another great literary work of art from Mrs. Keller. This one belongs right up there next to, "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure."

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