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Comment End Screens (Score 1) 61

End screens are used at the end of the video to show you other videos you might want to watch. The video is essentially over at this point. The old way of doing this was to embed previews of the videos into your video and then put annotations over them so they become clickable. This was time consuming and there was no way to change what videos were being promoted once the video was uploaded. Now you can create an end screen with just a few clicks and swap out the videos if the need arises. They work, too, which is why people would go to all that trouble before. The click-through-rate on the end screen elements on my channel is around 2.5% overall. That includes the subscribe button that is hardly ever clicked. Some are as high as 10%.

Comment Still using mine. (Score 1) 243

I still use my Asus EEE PC. Most of the time it is a glorified mp3 player for my workshop that I don't have to worry about charging. It also runs the controlling software for my cnc. When my PC psu died I used it as my primary PC until I got the new machine together. It actually ran my CAD software (Vectric VCarve Pro) just fine, other than a long initial loading time. It has outlasted every other piece of hardware I had at the time I bought it. Ironic because I bought it since it was cheap enough I didn't care about it living in the dusty environment of my shop.

Comment Re:China is reaping what they sowed (Score 1) 233

" Now however, the thought that the U.S. would retaliate for South Korea becomes less credible when North Korea can then (in theory) take out Los Angeles or Washington D.C. Everyone realizes this, so if the North gains a credible ICBM capability and if the U.S. lacks a credible defense, the American guarantee is gone and South Korea is left to the wolves (North Korea)"

I don't believe North Korea has the ability to observe US missile launches and get their missiles in the air before ours hit. China or Russia telling them they are coming so they can launch would be the same as launching themselves and we can trust that China and Russia are sane enough not to do that.

Comment Re:Well there goes my (Score 2) 136

I imagine that once self-driving cars become the norm you'll be able to have your car drop you off at work and then you can rent out your car to do things like pick up other people's groceries and other goods, or to drive other people around. My local grocery store chain is rolling out an online ordering system with its own parking spots and you just walk in and pick up your order. It's not a big leap from there to having your car go there to a special drive thru to pick them up without you. I can also see standardization of loading heights on vehicles to make this process fully automated. The trouble is getting your refrigerated or frozen foods taken care of at the other end without you being there to unload it,

Comment An alternative never going to happen plan (Score 1) 1368

Rather than threatening to pick up our ball and go home when we lose, let's acknowledge that the country is divided on what we should be doing. It's hard to compare the different ideas because we have no control group to compare to when one party's ideas were in use. Comparing different times periods is difficult because the US is part of a global economy and has technological and societal changes.

So I propose we let the Democrats and Republicans come up with their own plans for taxes, entitlements, health care, and any other parts of the budget where practical. Add in a third non-partisan group of experts for an alternative plan.

Then we have a referendum with instant runoff voting. Each state gets to chose which plan it wants to implement. In order for a plan to go into effect it must have some threshold of states/population.

The debt is then split proportionately by population to the groups of states and we let the experiment run its course. Changes to the plans must be approved by the voters in the states currently on the plan. States can change plans on the same schedule as the Senate. 6 years, staggered so that 1/3 happens every 2 years. Continue until only one plan remains.

Comment Re:Only its "Prime" customers come first... (Score 1) 110

I've heard that the sitting around is mostly them using their own trucks to bring the items from your order to a nearby fulfillment center. I notice this more when I order a bunch of unrelated small things. When I order a single large item it still ships fairly soon but spends longer with the shipping company. Either way it gets to me within the shipping estimate time. You just have to be aware that the shipping estimate range is not the same as what you get from a normal shipper where it's usually going to get to you at the early part of the range. From Amazon with free shipping it's always going to get to you at the end of the range.

Comment Re:Let me be honest (Score 1) 343

"I'm not giving up any freedom. I'm still covered by the Constitution."

When the Constitution can be set aside whenever it suits the government then no, you aren't still covered. They've already shredded the 4th. They would like to take away the 2nd based on your name being placed, without any due process,on a secret list that you aren't allowed to know you are on.

It's fine to be in favor of changing your Constitutional rights. But they have to do it the right way, by actually amending them rather than just doing whatever they want whenever they want or the whole thing becomes meaningless.

Comment It didn't ban just political calls though (Score 1) 191

It banned commercial and political campaign calls, but not all political calls. " The court, applying strict scrutiny, held that the statute was not narrowly tailored to protect the governmentâ(TM)s purported interestâ"to protect residential privacy and tranquility from unwanted and intrusive automated calls. Id. The statute restricted two types of automated callsâ"consumer and politicalâ"but permitted unlimited proliferation of other types, so the statute was underinclusive. Id." The AG argued that those were the only types of calls they received complaints about but what people actually want is of course irrelevant. Then after saying the law wasn't broad enough he went on to say it was too restrictive. Yay for contradictions!

Comment Getting lucky is still just as important (Score 2) 428

Social media is an echo chamber. You have to be lucky to get someone with a big enough following to share your content and then someone else and someone else after that. Once you are big enough then your success builds upon itself. Otherwise you are invisible in a sea of other people. Better work still gets drowned out. Then we add in the fact that instead of corporate types directly picking the creators that will be put forward instead they are controlling the algorithms that decide which content you are going to see. It's the same thing just done more indirectly.

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